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  • Terrible. Makes me want to throw up.

    This show is probably the worst sci fi series EVER MADE! So freaking boring, I fall asleep while watching it. And the action scenes make me gag. When I saw the first action scenes in the mini series I threw up my dinner, it was so awful. Sci Fi Channel's best move of the century would be to cancel this show and take it off the air. They should have never remade this show. It should have stayed in the vault where it belongs. Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis both surpass this show by several million lightyears. If you want to see a REAL sci fi series, check those two out. Especially Stargate SG-1, now THAT'S a classic.
  • This new remake Of BSG is now part of "the clasics", the only this that makes me sad , is that they butcherded in 2 parts the final season. Why did they stopped so quickly?, only on 4 seasons, . oh freak it...

    I start ed watching Battle star galactica, last year, and to be honnest, i was impressed, it just mouved me out of the chart, I never believed that this could be so frelling interesting !, anyway, im just dissapointed that the end is near, and about the characters, i just love them, baltar, That naughty Cara, lets face it, we all havce our mind on her .... ) ) So to be brief, this joined the clasick s, along TOS, Enter prise, Star gate, and much more .... And i wonder what will be he next Sf Succes, and i dont mean here that **** Heroes and 4400, i mean real SF, like Andromeda, Babylon, series with space schips, and ugly m t f creatures....
  • The best Sci-Fi show of the 2000's - gritty, well acted and very different to other space based shows.

    Galactica is easily in my favourite five shoes of the 2000's - and a worthy show to the truely magnificent Sci-Fi decade of the 90's. Unlike previous shows - this one's man strength is it's grit and lack of fear in showing the true human condition, often at it's weakest.

    Season One remains my personal favourite so far - intelligent, and very thought provoking episodes, with a wonderful subplot on Caprica which I missed when it left the show. The second season is somewhat hit and miss, but it's highs are tremendous television, such as 'Pegasus'/'Resurection Ship', 'Downloaded', 'The Farm' and the final episodes 'Lay down your burdens' with an all-mighty and risky final few moments. Season three is again hit and miss, with a superb first five episodes focusing on the occupation, the season loses focus during the final section, only to kick back with a superb final few episodes such as 'Malestrom' and 'Crossroads'.

    The acting is superb throughout, with no performances sub-par. I particularly enjoy watching the way Starbuck has changed throughout the series, the Cylons have 'humanised' and Baltar has 'de-humanised'. A great show, maybe not the most "fun", but it's a welcome change of tone to some other great Sci-Fi shows, that never felt able to be this dour at times. Recommended.
  • Simply the best S.F on TV today

    This is one of the best of all time series. To finally have it back on TV and for it to be even better than the original is awesome (not that i want to take merit away from the original series, but its a bit outdated in todays times). Pity that they decided to end it so soon,but hopefully it will follow trend of series and be the best season so far, and heres hoping they finally find Earth, although I do have some theories on this and I think we may all be in for a surprise by the end.
  • A good sci-fi show, probably the best thats on TV now.

    Man invents machine, machine revolts.....familiar? Thats Battlestar Galactica for you. Apart from that the show is really good. The suspense is well maintained throught the show. The show is simply unpredictable in many ways....who is the last cylon( ADAMA?) ? There are like million answers
    and I'm sure they would come up with something unpredictable.Season 1 finale was really unpredictable and so was season 3.
    There are times when the show is really good....way up there and there are times where nothing is really happening. The show really gets going only in last few epiosodes of the season. Anyways the best sci-fi thats on TV as of now!!
  • The Concept is simple: lets take Battlestar Galactica and completely butcher it. Changing characters, erasing plots, and spitting on the franchise. All this and being called a Classic by today. Disgusting, really.

    I have not much to say about this rehash. It's mediocre, dull, and it completely ruins the series. Besides changing characters completely and destroying plotlines set by the original this show just loves trying to think its so cutting edge.

    Truth is, it's not.

    This show may have some interesting concept plots, but it does not save it. Its characters are uninteresting and cliche, and all of the things that made Battlestar truly timeless is desecrated and removed. Despite this, many people call this a classic. Such a thing is foul. I honestly do not understand why this show has gained so much water in television today.

    Avoid this show.
  • Battlestar Galactica for our generation.

    I had watched the original via the sci-fi channel and really liked it. Now this new version i love it. It pulls you into the story and makes you think. You quikly relate to a character or two which always makes the show that much better. It has done some stuff i was like o no wait and then i was like wow. Because there was no other way they could have done it to make the outcome that great. I highly recomend this show if you ever wondered what its like out there or just are looking for a good sci-fi drama.
  • A dark take on Sci-Fi that few shows dare.

    The overall darker tone of Battlestar could put off many potential fans, however, they are missing out on one of the best sci-fi legacies to ever show on television. Battlestar has it all. There are some outstanding special effects, a civilization in peril, an enemy bent on destruction, courage in the face of adversity, cowardice and betrayal, and romance. Battlestar also incorporates fundamental questions about humanity. What makes us human? What sets us apart? Is it merely a biological designation (e.g. Homo Sapien) or is it something more. The Cylons were machines created by human beings that evolved to appear just like humans. They have human internal organs and appearance. They feel, they think, they love. They believe in their God. They can have a conscience and feel regret. They can have children. Yet, they are not human.

    There are a lot of deeper themes in this show then I have found in others of its genre. There are twists that I never would have expected and others I saw coming a mile a way. If you have some time and like sci-fi, I would definitely give this show a couple hours of your time.
  • If depression is your idea of entertainment, this is IT. You gotta love noir, destruction, and mindless writing.

    As a lifelong fan of science fiction, I desperately wanted to like this. And in desperation, I had to stop watching it, because it wasn't really science fiction, but an amalgam of fantasy storylines that went from one depressing scenario to the next. If watching the pain and suffering of people is entertaining, then perhaps, "de Sade" is your patron saint.

    One might wonder that the writers / producers think that it's trendy and amusing to drag us into the void, but I can find better things to do with my time.

    This is a definite kill. Sadly, for those who enjoyed the gee-whiz and sly references to antiquity of the former BG, this is not going to fly in the new BG.
  • Simply the best Sci-Fi Show ever!

    I always wonder why BSG were never nominated for an Emmy or Golden Globe for Best Drama. Maybe it's because it's a Sci-Fi show. But Battlestar is (most of the time) a drama more than a Sci-Fi. And that the differential of show, because it's more character-focused than most of the other shows of the same kind, like the Stargate shows, that sometimes have so many science dialogs that you get confused. When I first saw the mini-series I was not too much into the show... But I decided to give it a chance, and as the storyline progressed I was so addicted that I saw the first 2 seasons in 2 or 3 weeks. It's a nerve-wracking, intense and dramatic show with great special effects. It's nothing like I ever saw before! Too bad that season 4 it's the last one... I really gonna miss BSG!
  • Amazing edge of your seat!!

    Battlestar Galactica is an amazing show, with so many different locations like Galactica, Pegasus and New Caprica the show has endless oportunities. With so many characters also you are not just dependant on one alone to provide the entertainment. The cast are strong and play off each other really well. Gaius Baltar for example was first set up to be a hero with only the viewers knowing his true identity. Then the entire crew find out, then he becomes President! Also both the Adama's are perfect for the part that they play with Kara Thrace stuck between them as an almost daughter in law and sister in law. I really do hope that the next season is not the last.
  • Simply the best 'pure' Sci-Fi ever!

    Quite frankly BSG is the best, most well thought out sci-fi I've ever had the privilege of watching. BSG is filled throughout with plot lines parallel to the world today and the writers skilfully manage to express the best and worst of our race, via the human vs. human vs. Cylon conflict.

    All of the characters are fully rounded; even the supporting cast who, whilst having less focus on them than the main staple players, convey the same level of acting excellence as everyone else in the series. The direction is deft and never stale, the acting is superb and the plot beats 24 hands down and with more of a 'real life' morality that seems lost on the writers of that same series. Characters in BSG are challenged not only by the war, but by their relationships, friendships, colleagues and environment. Their battles and trials are as much with themselves and coping with the flaws of their race; emphasised by their close proximity to everyone else and the pressure cooker political situation they are under.

    Other than Willam Odama and Starbuck, Jamie Bamber (As Apollo) is perhaps the most interesting character throughout the series, his father/son relationship with Odama and his 'flaws' (No Spoliers in this review!)making him an everyday Joe despite the sci-fi surroundings and Starbuck seeming to be the fans favourite.

    I would recommend BSG to anyone with a love of realistic drama and/or war based series.
  • Best Scifi Show Yet

    The show has been going on for along time now and is a big hit over the UK and other parts world.
    The show has given me somthing to watch then other then Stargate that i think is a waste of time.
    Battlestar galactica has been one of the best shows i have sceen in along time and the creators for this show have put this show much higher in graphics then 1978 show.
    But both was good and great for myself to watch over and over again and never get bored with it.
    Good works creator and i look forward to Season 4...
  • Who's the bad guy here? ARE they really bad? Or is that just a plot device?

    I never got this show. My parents watch it. I tried to watch the DVD's we had, and I never got into it. You've got the humans, but then they might NOT be humans, they might be Cylons (I'm SURE I spelled that wrong.) But then the Cylons are the bad guys (Or are they?), and the mad scientists, and the government (Who's against EVERYONE, even the humans)... I really tried to understand this show. I honestly did. But I just couldn't latch onto the concept of the show. Who are the good guys, and who are they fighting? And what's the prize if they win? I really and honestly tried to understand what's going on, but I really was lost for the most part.
  • it's one of the best scifi has ever made!

    from the beginning in 1972 the series battlestar galactica was a direct hit , altough many people thought it was a ripoff from star trek . . . . . .

    I diden't watch the old show ( duh! i'm 14 ! ) but i did watch the new one in 2007 ( i live in belgium we are a little behind ) and it's amazing! who could have thought that it would be so good! the characters boomer, appolo, starbuck and adama are my favorite ( altough some of them changed their gender from the old show.... *cough* starbuck *cough* boomer ... ) anyway i look forward for the new season and frak you all if you diden't like this review :p
  • Battlestar Galactica truely brings science-fiction into the next generation!

    Well, where to start? Well, I guess in the beginning. In 1978 the original Battlestar Galactica aired, and brought in spectacular ratings. Although the original had an excellent premise, it still felt somewhat empty. it was canceled after one season, but still has loyal fan base to this day.

    Then, in 2003, Ronald D. Moore "re-imagined" the Galactica's premise, giving the new series an edgier and more mature plot. Many of the characters were also updated, while others were simply dropped.

    The new Galactica inclues many concepts we see in the real world, that have been brought into a science-fiction world. This allows the viewer to relate to the characters in the show, even though they live billions of miles away. This is personally one of my favorite aspects of the show.

    Others may enjoy the action that the show contains, or the personal drama, but whatever you enjoy in a TV show, you can more than likely find it here.

    So, if your a fan of drama, action, mystery, or just want to see a great scifi show, Battlestar Galactica can and will provide you with hours over viewing enjoyment.

    New Battlestar Galactica episodes will begin in January '08, with a special episode entitled "Razor" airing in November.
  • Battlestar Galactica can only be described as one of the most underrated shows on television. A combination of 24, Lost, and Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica sheds a fresh, new light on the science fiction genre.

    -~-~Table of Contents-~-~ In case you don't want to read the whole thing, I have split this review into easy-to-access sections. Just find what interests you!-

    1. **The Lowdown**: For those that want to know what the fuss is about, without hearing about "the plot" in the so-labelled section below, and possible [though very minor] spoilers.

    2. **The plot**: For those that want to know what the actual show is about, and don't care about minor spoilers as much I probably would.

    3. **My take**: For those that want an honest opinion about the show as a whole, and why I think you should watch it!

    Okay, now for the review!

    1. The Lowdown -- On the surface, Battlestar Galactica is seemingly yet another Star Trek knock-off. In actuality, however, this show is unlike Star Trek, Star Wars, or any other science fiction piece (including the original Battlestar Galactica) in nearly every way.

    There's a reason why this show is considered "Gateway Sci-Fi." Unlike other shows of the genre, Battlestar Galactica doesn't focus on technology or newly-discovered races and lifeforms; it's easily accessible to today's public, and is quite believable as a possible future. Focusing on themes such as politics, religion, the military, and technologies' pro's and cons, the show doesn't make the future seem like a giant, impossible leap from today. Granted the some of the technology is more advanced, the people are familiar.

    It's clear that the crew behind this show is aiming for a believably realistic appearance. From the mechanics of the ships and how they operate and function, to the fact that there are no square objects (books have cut corners, mirrors are hexogonal, even military briefs are hexogonal), it's obvious that focusing on even the minor details are a key factor in this show's production.

    2. The plot -- For those that want to know what the actual show is about, and don't care about minor spoilers as I probably would: Without giving any major points away, Battlestar Galactica takes place in a distant region where "13 Colonies" (tribes called Caprica, Geminon, Tauron, etc.) have solidified. Years have passed since humans created the cylons, robotic beings that eventually rebelled against their masters. Every year since the wars, the people send a human representative to discuss peaceful terms, but the cylons never send anyone- at least not until one fateful day that they return. Unfortunately, discussion isn't on their agenda, and the colonies are brutally attacked and reoccupied by the cylons.

    Follow characters such as Commander Adama (Edward James Olmos), President Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) - (and yes, there is a woman president, but in this context it's understandable, and not annoying, no offense ladies), Kara "starbuck" Thrace (Katee Sackhoff), and Captain Lee "Apollo" Adama (Jamie Bamber), as they fight for their lives to escape human extinction, and find a new place that they can call home. The battle becomes much more difficult, however, when cylons become only a part of the problem. Issues such as food distribution, fuel, and water rationing also become vital.

    3. My take -- for those that want an honest opinion about the show as a whole: Battlestar Galactica has quickly become one of my favorite shows. I'm guessing that those who haven't watched it yet either haven't heard of it, or are thinking that it will be another "nerd show." I can assure you that it's not.

    For those that are still sceptical, check out the Battlestar Galactica "Miniseries" (a 3-hour "sort-of-episode" that provides a great introduction to the series that can be bought at $25 [yikes!] by itself, or rented. It comes with the season 1 dvd as well). Either way, it's a MUST WATCH before watching the show itself, and Battlestar Galactica is a MUST WATCH for just about anyone!
  • The remake of the 70s series about the struggle of humans against the cylons has turned a cult series into an even bigger cult phenomenon.

    Although the original series had tons of merchandising and received cult status, very few people watched it.

    This remake, with a brilliant cast of actors, scripts that feel like every word counts and brilliant overall execution does justice to the original concept in a way that no one would have immagined.

    There is something in there for everyone, from the die-hard science fiction fans to those who would never dream they would be watching one in a million years. The perfection lies in good balance between the elements tied together by the strong performances.

    It is very refreshing to watch a show where you get the feeling that the producers really knew where they were going with the show. The progression is very well paced and totally keeps you wanting to go back for more. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it does.

    Even if you don't think this would be your kind of thing, I would strongly recommend you watch it.
  • I'm rooting for the robots.

    Good special effects can't save this show from its uninspired dialog, sleepy stories, mediocre acting, and two-dimensional characters.

    The show's central failure can probably be attributed to its inability to break the mold. There's nothing really new to see here. The main characters behave in predictable ways to predictable conflicts. The mythology behind Galactica is about as shallow and underdeveloped as the characters that inhabit it. For instance, why are there so many references to Earth culture in a show that does not originate from it? In an early episode, someone mentions that Apollo's call sign is a reference to a Greek God. Unless Caprica is some parallel-universe variation of Earth, it's pretty unlikely that they knew about Greeks, much less Greek Gods. This example among many others displays a lack of attention to detail that good science fiction relies on to make the viewer believe that what they are seeing is actually happening.

    Fundamentally, good storytelling depends on convincing you, the viewer, that these characters are real (and that the environment they live in is real) and you should care what happens to them. For me, the writers have failed to do that. I think the Cylons might be right: These humans ARE inferior.
  • Ive only seen the Pilot mini series so far but it is awesome!

    To tell the truth i have only ever seen a select few episodes of the orignal battlestar, and i watched an episode of the first series of this new one and it was awesome, so i was reading about it and people were saying to get hold of the Mini series and watch that first as it bridges the gap for series as they are the pilot episodes!

    I hav not watched a good sci-fi/space based show in awhile, well to be honest the last one was probably Firefly, i just dont hope i see myself trying to compare this to Firefly when i start the first season!

    Good show so far! i shall see if the actual series lives upto the mini series!

    When i first heard about battlestar galactica i thought oh no it's going to be somthing like star trek,people with mad ears and weird foreheads,but it's nothing like it.It has a terminator feel to it but in space.The special effects are excellent,and the storyline keeps you wanting more.The only thing i found hard was trying to watch the 3 hour mini series,which you really need to watch before watching the first series.The mini series just has'nt got the excitement that the 1st or 2nd series has,but once you get by the mini series it just gets better & better to watch.
  • Being in my last year of High School when Battlestar Galactica first came to screens in the UK. I expected it to be good but it was a big surprise by just how good it was.

    I do warn people i tend to go on a bit during reviews so it may be long. The thing that i found most impressve during the show which was still preasent in serise three and i believe will know doubt be in serise four is that the charecters are Human not like in other Sci Fi programs where the characters are often portrated as larger than life. In Battlestar Galactica you could re;ate to the characters because and the outstanding quality of its acting i know doubt believe its legend will live on long after the forth season which as will all know will sadly be its last but all good things. The Episodes each gave somthing knew and never stuck to the a formula which each episode idivual in its own wright the characters were also quite unquie and when you though you had one figured out they would do domthing very different from how you believed they would act. The storys are very smart and contrast many things together and i feel one of the best things about the show its self is the way it delt with contravsal issues like Sucide Bombers and Terrisom which made the show stand out and showed it wouldn't shy away from matters people believed were a bit inaprobrated. I dont believe ther'll be a show of its standard agian on Television for quite some time but i think Season 4 will offer enough to keep us talking and wacthing but most importanly remenbering for years to come.
  • Great reimagining.

    Certainly better than the original BSG. This "reimagining" is very good. The fact that Starbuck is now a woman and Boomer changed from a black man to an Asian Cylon woman doesn't bother me anymore. I really enjoyed the miniseries. But, the show isn't exactly up to that par if you ask me. I haven't seen every episode, and I've been forced to watch then out of order thanks to Sci-fi's rerun schedule. That might be the problem. My favorite episodes are Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down and The Hand of God. I'm eagerly anticipating season 2 and the DVD set. This is must see TV. I only wish it could have aired alongside Farscape. That would have been a great two hours of TV.
  • Wow, this show totally surprised me. I hate these type of sci fi shows where everyone is in space, but this one is not only watchable, its also a really good show.

    I thought I would totally hate this. I don't necessarily think the whole scifi in space theme makes a terrible show, I just think its been done the same way too many times. I decided to give it a try anyway. To my shock, I thought it was great. It wasn't all full of stupid futuristic blather and all sorts of weird aliens and crap. The people seemed very much like normal 21st century people in many ways, despite the fact that its like the end of the world and galaxies away. My favorite thing about the show is its commentary on politics and existence in general without trying to hand out answers. It makes good points without throwing you in a certain direction and it purposefully raises questions about the setting that simply aren't meant to be answered. I also like it that it isn't over the top with futuristic stuff. For all the viewer knows, it could be the present day. I also liked the scenes with Gaius and his akward moments, though they got a little old after a while. All in all, the show wasn't as geeky as expected and I might continue watching it.
  • The best Science Fiction based show of the past 10 maybe 15 years!

    This show is simply amazing! It corrects all the things that have been bugging me about other space based shows. For example; explosions in space (should be implosions due to being in a vacuum), more realistic looking spacecraft and interiors, no space sound effects (sound does not travel in a vacuum), the goodies not always winning, problems not being solved tidily by the end of the episode, etc. The list goes on!

    The show is beautifully shot to make it look amatuerish and realisitc, it's dark and gritty, and shows humans at their best and more often their worst.

    The characters are fundementally flawed, which just adds to their appeal and humanity. You find yourself caring for them after a fairly short time, and you are with them through all their ups and downs both personally and as part of the greater storyline.
  • Fantastic show with intense and personal involvement from cast and the entire production team. Manages to look authentic through deliberate anachronism – such as a Citroen DS 10 in a remotely future garage on a colonized planet. Great acting!

    The strange thing about this show is that it manages to look authentic by completely ignoring realistic demands, i e through intentional anachronism. In one episode on a future planet, in a garage scene, I saw an old car favourite of mine, a Citroen DS 19, from 1955, then a very futuristic creation. They also manage to build FTL one man ships using what seems like some scrap metal, some wires and some spare engines. But it is so well done that it actually works. It turns into a future of true grit, and certainly a major factor is good writing, great acting, all of which contributes to the intensity of the viewer's experience.The characters are real people, who make mistakes, but at times also learn from them, not cardboard heroes. It will probably become a classic among TV shows. Strike out probably. I am sure it will. From a sci fi point of view the idea that synthetic people could be reborn when they die if a database kind of ship is not too far away is a nice one. A problem with all shows involving space travel, as with most of sci fi-literature, is the fact that basic astronomy has to be violated. But the jumping ships is a nice solution to that problem, better than Star Trek's (otherwise also a great series of shows) seeming ignorance of the true distances in space and the size of actual nebulas and such stuff. And there are some interesting females to boot. I can't wait… Who are the hidden Cylon leaders… what is their plan?
  • the best show on television.

    so there's this show called battlestar galactica, and it FRAKKING rocks! like, a ton. it's the most underrated show in the universe and it should be mandatory for everyone to watch it. it's got social commentary, great drama, and the greatest compelation of characters i've ever seen on one show. it should have like a billion trillion gazillion emmys. it did get the peabody though, which is much more than most emmy winning shows can say. i love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love this show. and baltar is a stone cold fox, but it would still be a great show even if he wasn't.
  • Intelligent Sci-Fi

    I was only ever a casual fan of the original BSG series, and woe betide he or (however unlikely) she claims to have enjoyed the big screen outings and BS 1980. I was also very dubious about whether resurrecting the show, making Starbuck a girl (I expect there were geeks around the world spinning in their single beds over that one) was a good idea.

    Now in it's third season, Time magazine got it dead right when it said it was the best thing on TV in 2005. I think the same goes for subsequent years - the perplexing and poor 'webispodes' notwithstanding. Never has there been a fiercly intelligent and gripping science fiction drama been made. It deals with such contemporary issues such as faith, love, betrayal, politics and even a little armchair philosophy - what is it be human, why are we here and so on. It so effortlessly drops this all into an entirely credible universe, with a great script and a superb cast headed by the impressive Edward James Olmos. The fact that BSG is a science fiction series is almost secondary, such is a quality of the story telling and production. Andf this serves only to reinforce how poor a lot of science fiction is. Science Fiction (On TV at least) has grown up, this is not kids stuff, this is not Doctor Who. The viewer is always challenged by the themes. Most strongly by the political analogies it draws with the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq by US forces at the end of Season 2, early Season 3. At times this theme is too obvious a parallel which has made some viewers uncomfortable. This can only be a good thing. Well written, provocative science fiction drama that makes you think? Yes please, and long may it continue.
  • Not only one of the best science fiction shows on TV, but one of the best shows period.

    I had a mild interest in this show when I saw the mini series a number of years ago. When I actually watched the show from beginning to end a few weeks ago, I was amazed at how much I enjoyed it. The actors are top notch. There have been a number of moments when I was just like, "Wow..." (Edward James Olmos as Admiral Adama, anyone?) So many great actors, and the show has never failed to keep me interested. There are a lot of times where I find myself imagining that all these things they are dealing with would really be issues if this, or a similar, situation were to happen.

    This show has been called the best science fiction show on TV, but really it is one of the best shows of any genre on TV. The storylines, the acting, the sets and special effects, all exceed what you see in a lot of shows. I'm glad I found this show.
  • One episode good enough for whole season.

    Battlestar Galactica is a proof that remake of a cult show can be even bigger cult show... BSG is one of the few shows on TV with not only good adventure and humor, but also intelligence. Even though third season was a little bit slower then the rest of the show, season finale was most amazing episode, showing me once again that BSG is show that with qualities not many others have.

    The most fascinating thing about this show is it's cast: the way lives of seven main, and countless recurring characters, all filled with their secrets, obsessions and fears. It's hard to pick a favorite amongst them, but if I had to chose it would be Kara, then maybe Apollo and Gaius. Thing I love most about them is that they're all so impossibly human - they make mistakes, and they often run from their responsibilities. They are so not heroes, and that makes it much easier for us to feel for them.

    Another reason I love BSG are plot twists, like the one in first season finale. No one is 100% honest, so you never know what to expect. I could never say for BSG that it's boring.
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