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  • Spiritual Sci-fi with a heart

    The new Battlestar Galactica manages to trade one of the most epic adventures my parents had the chance to watch into a story that evolves a step further from the "I think therefore I exist" to an "I have faith I have a soul, therefore no one can prove me wrong". This way, the existential tale of the race that found their divine purpose intertwines with the tale of the humans that built them in a manner that forces us to face our basic fears, hopes and dreams. We met the incarnation of flawed humanity in Gaious Baltar as well as the perfection the cylons could offer in model Six and through their alienating interactions the most perfectly reasonable answers to a variety of questions.

    It’s amazing to fit such a complex existential drama within an adventorous Sci-fi show and yet is their war the very catalyst to the human quest to deserve one’s survival as well as the cylons quest to met their one true God in a most unprecedented rebellion any creature could have had against the one who created it in the history of Sci-fi, a rebellion that ultimately leads both these races to a dramatic search of an elusive 13th colony of their long lost brothers in a distant planet known as earth.
  • An awsome rebirth from a classic show. BSG (2003) rules!

    I watched all the old BSG episodes when I was a kid and when they decided to do this new version I was a bit sceptical. After the first season of BSG (2003) I loved it I was so happy they did an awsome job, great plots, awsome battle scenes, and really good acting. The cast was great and I loved how they made StarBuck a woman, that was a change and a good twist to the new series. The SFX were well done and the space battle scenes were awsome. The BattleStar looked like the origonal but more stylized to now, same with the Vipers.
    Season 1 and 2 "awsome" season 3 started falling apart at the end thou. The season started off great but the last 4 or 5 episodes started getting a bit boring. They were like all filler episodes, no action, no real plot, just BS. The final episode was a disappointment too. Everyone I know who watches BSG loves it, but if they dont get it together with an awsome 4th season opening episode, it will hurt. I and other fans have said they may not watch season 4 depending.
    So please guys go back to its roots from 2003 and make an awsome 4th season.
  • Ron D. Moore + amazing-but-overlooked actors + intriguing points in society + sci fi = Battlestar Galactica

    This show reminds me that I was a sci-fi geek ever since I was 4-years-old. I was born way (way) after the original series premiered and I haven't watched it, but the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica gave me an insight on how to tell a story. It is an intelligent and entertaining piece of work and you can take it seriously, you can analyze it, or you can enjoy it. It makes the viewers think and makes us aware of how it mirrors our society. Great characters (and developments), great actors (y'all deserve an Emmy! Especially James Callis, Mary McDonnell, Michael Hogan) and great scripts.

    The characterization of cylons and humans are very complex. The writers didn't try to make either races to be very cartoonish. The cylons are trying to eradicate the human race because they think that humans are naturally destructive and by them destroying us, then we will not have a chance of destroying ourselves. Episode by episode, the destructive side of humans are shown, but the human race continue to overcome this nature. The cylon nature is also changing and its really amazing to watch this all play out on the television (or computer). Its amazing to watch the actors interact with each other as their characters-- watching James Callis as the treacherous Gaius Baltar interact with Mary McDonnell's President Roslin is like anticipating a bomb to go off-- exciting and unpredictable. Plot points mirrors the events in our society and its eerie sometimes. It makes us wonder what we're doing to each other.

    Tired of all the mindless eye candy out there? Watch Battlestar Galactica. You don't have to be a sci-fi geek to enjoy it.
  • One of the best shows ever.

    I started watching Battlestar Galactica a few months ago after my bother bought the first and second season. At first I though it would be another bad Sci-Fi show but form the beginning I loved it. It has become one of my favorite shows and I will join the forum here once I get caught up with the show.
  • What I like and what I don't like.

    The miniseries were very good, but that's not too special, I could mention 10 other sci-fi's as good as that. It really got my attention when we found out that those people headed to find Earth, that exact moment was like, mind-blowing. The sci-fi part is alright but it's this mystical flavour that keeps me watching this series. The very best scene ever was when they found Kobol and they were looking at the star constellations. It's like when you wake up in a dream in a deserted place, everyone's gone, you're totally alone and it scares the hell out of you so much that you still feel it when you wake up. Now imagine that it's not a dream, go to your window, look at a star, imagine how f*very far away that is, and imagine that one day you wake up there, and what bravery, desperation it would take for you to find your way back home. I felt the same when I watched the movie The Fountain when Tom was flying towards that nebula and he had to be alone, especially without his love for such a long time. So, given this, what I don't like are the episodes when there's nothing mystical, and too bad that a lot of episodes in season 3 were like that. But at the end of season 3, they were finally back on track, the last few minutes were as good as the Kobol scene I mentioned above. Looking forward to season 4!
  • Science Fiction at its best!

    Battlestar Galactica deserves the title of "one of the best shows on television." From its start, BSG has attacted a large and devoted fanbase, mainly because of its mix of actioned packed space battles and entertaining drama.

    A 'reimagining' of the classic 80's series, BSG has delivered blow after blow in twist endings and shocking revelations. Some themes come from modern day issues. Terrorist cells become cylons; the occupation of Iraq becomes an occupied New Caprica; abortion. At the end of each season, a final blow is delivered. Without ruining it, it is always worth watching. Just like the show.
  • Battlestar Galactica: A spoonful of every kind of personal issue you can think of; a cup of genocide; a pinch each of humanity and inhumanity; a dash of religion; a gallon of fate. Mix well and serve cold. In space.

    Rating: 10 (because these people have seriously addicting issues)

    I never saw the old BSG (I was too young for the first airing and never had the urge) but I knew it existed. The stuff I'd heard about the old series daunted me a little, but after a little while the new BSG intrigued me. I had to download the first season to catch myself up and I was very glad I did.

    I've mentioned before that I love flawed characters, and the BSG characters are indeed flawed. It's outer space and war and personal issues up the wazoo. It's perfectly wrong on so many levels. It's the human race at both its worst (the end and the fear that comes with it) and its best (the beginning and the fear that comes with it). Kara Thrace is the tough-as-nails flygirl, but she's beautiful and broken in ways that make her unique. Karl Agathon is the moral compass, a man who seems black and white with a side to him, Athena and Hera, that no one fully understands. Lee Adama is a boy with daddy-issues and sibling-issues and command-issues and girl-issues and more issues than you can think of. Laura Roslin is a woman who has taken command by becoming the kind of leader everyone forced her to become, she was a school teacher and now she's the president of humanity. Bill Adama, Dee, Gaeta, Chief, Cally, Anders, Col. Tigh... everyone, living and dead, they all have their parts to play, both good and bad. And then? There's the cylons.

    Things I've Learned From Watching:
    - Never trust the guy who looks like Jesus.
    - C-Bucks Rule!
    - If you love someone, scream it to the sky.
  • A complete make-over, not just of the old Battlestar Galactica series, but of science fiction in general. Ronald Moore and David Eick have created a masterpiece of sci-fi television with the new BSG.

    From the outstanding miniseries to the controversial scenes on New Caprica, this new version of Battlestar Galactica brings realism and a close examination of human foibles to the Sci Fi Channel. A key difference from the original 1978 series is the explanation of the origins of the Cylons. Whereas they were a generic, evil enemy in the original show, the Cylons in the new series are sort of a fallen angel or prodigal son. They were a creation of the humans who were banished or fled harsh treatment, only to return to administer a barbaric revenge against their former masters.

    The Galactica is not staffed by the "best of the best" as you normally find on many sci-fi shows. Adama and Tigh have had a checkered past, and the Galactica itself had been scheduled to be mothballed.

    Without getting into too many spoilers, the writers reveal the divisions among the humans as they flee the Cylons. Humanity is not portrayed as a monolithic culture. Some protest the military. Others see enemy spies behind every corner. Humans show themselves to be deeply flawed, although most still press on, in a search for the fabled Earth.

    Battlestar Galactica also contains a heavy dose of religion. Not any one religion in particular, but an in-depth look at the nature of religion in all of its complexities. Another key theme is the uneasy alliance between the military and democratic government in a time of war. Though there are some obvious parallels to the current situation in the U.S. and its war on terrorism, this show is not a simplistic one-on-one allegory of the modern day. Rather, it takes on various issues within the context of the overall story and explores different angles.

    This is a sci-fi series for grown-ups. Many of the episodes contain realistic depictions of violence and sex, so young children probably shouldn't watch. For mature viewers, Battlestar Galactica provides an intellectually stimulating thrill ride. Religion, philosophy and politics. Realistic and complex characters. Engaging stories. Gun battles and outer space missile attacks too. What more does a fan of quality television need?
  • I like sci-fi, but these series need to move a little.

    Those who are used to SciFi's standard fare are likely to be a bit bored by the realism, character development, intelligent dialog, and lack of explosions, mutant organisms and/or poor special effects. This is REAL science fiction, not cheap shock effects strung together with a mediocre plot. Hand-held photography- pioneered in groundbreaking series like ER and Firefly - has started to become cliché. Nevertheless, it works in this film partly because it is not overdone. The shots alternate between a hand-held documentary feel and a more standard dramatic presentation.

    I was never a big fan of the original Battlestar Galactica TV show, and I have only seen a few SciFi originals which did not embarrass me on behalf of the entire genre of science fiction (Farscape and both Dune Mini-series being the exceptions). SciFi hypes their productions heavily, and they are almost always disappointingly silly. So, I was not inclined to go into this with an open mind. If anything convinced me to give it a shot, it was the fact that E J Olmos was hired to play Adama and that Mary MacDonnell was on-board. To say the least, I was very pleasantly surprised by the production quality, intelligent script, and the cast. This is more than a reinvention of BSG, it is a vast improvement over the silly cowboy histrionics the first series devolved into.

    The story begins just before an invasion of 12 planets colonized by humans. The invading force has infiltrated all of the defense networks by positioning key agents positions where they can easily exploit vulnerabilities, and has basically disabled all planetary defenses, leaving everybody and everything vulnerable. There is no battle. The few vestiges left of the once thriving human population are those who were fortunate enough to have been in space at the time of the attack. From this dire premise, Battlestar Galactica proceeds.

    All considered, this is a film about the human will to survive, redemption and the spirit of hope. Though dark, moody, and as fragmented as life often is, BSG is also driven, suspenseful, and very well written. The cast is as talented as it is visually striking - mixing weird beauty, youthful energy, and hard-edged agedness. None of the actors misstep, and each seems to know their character particularly well. This is an unusual quality for SciFi originals, and shows that the network invested in quality directing talent and worked with reasonable production deadlines (as opposed to rush-jobs).

    I strongly recommend this film for serious science fiction fans.
  • Every episode gets better.

    The show seems to be good at having excellent episodes starting off, then lulls in the middle, and ends the season with excellent episodes. This most recent season was by far the best and not seeing the season finale definitely leaves those that haven't been watching religiously are definitely missing something.

    The next season definitely brings up some new questions, one of them definitely being how much longer can the show go on. Right now we know the ultimate goal is to find Earth, but what happens when they get there. I can't wait to see how they tie in their arrival to either. That is if they decide to keep the show going.
  • Remarkable, fresh, first-class all the way.

    I discovered Battlestar Galactica halfway through Season Two. Since that time I have purchased all DVDs AND every episode on iTunes. I have turned my entire family into BG fanatics. This is truly one of the most remarkable television series ever. The scripts are brilliant and constantly fresh. The actors are ALL first class. This series raises many questions. For example, what does it mean to exist as a sentient being(human or otherwise)? Is one species/ethnicity/race more special than another? We all come from the same atoms which are eternally recycled throughout time which would suggest that indeed we are all the same. The characters reveal to us that we all have good parts as well as bad parts, and we all are and always will be both heroes and villians.

    That said, one can also enjoy this show even without having to think. There is intrigue, drama, suspense, joy, happiness, betrayal, comedy, tragedy and most important of all, hope.
  • Battle Star Galactica

    he Best Show on Television in 2005? Yes, according to Time Magazine, Rolling Stone and New York Newsday. Praised by The New York Times, The National Review, The New Yorker, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Chicago Tribune and many other publications, Battlestar Galactica won a prestigious Peabody Award in the spring of 2006.

    Ronald D. Moore, the producer of Carnivale and writer for Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, boldly re-imagined the original 1978 space opera of humans versus the robotic Cylons. He teamed up with co-executive producer David Eick on a powerful and dramatic update of the Galactica story.

    Gone are the technobabble, disco outfits and Egyptian helmets of the original series. The modern show introduces new elements to the Galactica story. The Cylons have developed human-form models that are indistinguishable from real humans. The Cylons have a monotheistic religion in contrast to the polytheistic religion of the human Colonies.

    In the miniseries, the Cylons launch a massive attack against the humans and wipe out the Twelve Colonies, sending the 47,000 survivors on a desperate search for the fabled 13th colony--Earth.
  • The best thing on TV.

    I have watched a lot of TV shows, but it is the strength of the stories on BSG and the characters that this show ranks as my number one. Easily usurping the positions once held by (the once seemingly untouchable but now dragging on a bit) Lost.
    The greatest justice that I can do this show, and the best way to recommend it, is to say that even if you do not appreciate sci-fi, this show will appeal to you. The stories mirror real world events to some degree. The characters add depth that most other sci-fi lack. You really feel for these people as they are harassed across the galaxy. Sure there are times when the pacing is incredibly slow, but it tries for a bit of realism here. If it was exciting every moment then you wouldn't appreciate those moments when they happened. These episodes also serve to focus on a particular character, and you really get to know them and realise that the struggle is not one of survival on a species level, but also on a more private and personal level.
    The effects are some of the best I have seen, not because they are spectacular, other shows do them better, but because of how they capture the ships. The indomitable Glactica, scarred from numerous encounters with the Cylons, a relic from the past, but now the main hope of a race. The way the camera zooms in and out the action is a "gimmick" that I love, and brings back fond memories of the much missed Firefly.
    But my favourite aspect of the show is that the Cylons, the ones portrayed as the enemy are also given time in the spotlight so we can learn about them. This show is not one-sided. Both sides are capable of atrocities and there are times when the humans seem more like the enemy. A choice borne out of vengeance can make anyone evil.
    The soundtrack is inspired and captures the mood amazingly well, it never seems out of place. The main theme in particular is one the best I have ever heard.
    There are not enough superlatives for this show. Just watch it and become a fan yourself.
  • This show is 100% worth it.

    I started watching BSG in the second season. I live in Australia so we get it later on after the US. So I had taped something before BSG and fast forward to this and I saw this big metal things walk out of the building the episode I am talking about is the farm, and I was intreged. It was interesting and very different. In a good way of course. After I had finished the farm I had to watch more and more so I rented the mini series and the first series and I felt that it is so addicted. Man this show is awesome it is nothing like anything I have ever seen. It set a massive bar for all other scif fi shows.

    Wonderful show.
  • Checking out this show is worth your time! I have never rated a show a perfect 10 before this.

    I had heard about Battlestar for a while. When a friend lent me the first season on DVD I was easily hooked. It is now my favorite show. Unlike most other shows, Battlestar offers a great plot concept, terrific episode writing and a tremendous cast. It effectively combines the best elements of so many genres--not just sci fi. The cast is wonderful and includes tremendous stars like Edward James Olmos and newer talents like Katee Sackhoff. I personally appreciate the significance and complexity of the women characters and the various social issues each episode explores. I know I sound like a gushing fan, but this show is so entertaining! The season finale left with exciting revelations and the quality was outstanding. I can't wait to see more. Check it out and you won't be disappointed!
  • Absolute classic. I never liked the original BSG, but this update has made me a very big fan of the series.

    From the get-go, you have to watch the mini-series, then onto Season 1, Season 2 then season 3. I thought it was going to be a boring series about a bunch of idiots in space running from the Cylons, the bad guys. But it is nothing like that.

    Just watching the mini-series should make you want to watch again and again. I was impressed, but still a die-hard Stargate fan. Until Season 2 when everything kicked off. There are some sequences that blew me away (Battle on New Caprica being one in particular). That was when I knew that this series is the one for me. It's very serious about itself. I love the drama, the action, emotions, all seems so real.. Hope this series carries on for years to come, and can't wait to see what's in store for Season 4 =)
  • Fun show with great characters. One of the best all around sci fi shows ever done. Viewers are not overwhelmed by "tech" stuff all through it, very believable series and very enjoyable.

    BG has been one of the best sci fi shows ever done. As of late however it has really been "dark" and the mysterious spiritual overtones have become a little confusion. Time in the writing to return to fighting the cylons. The premise of 40,000+ surviving humans fighting the cylon attacks off continually would offer a little more of humanity to the show, uniting the people in a common cause, this inactivity of late has bred a much slower less interesting plot for the show. Palm readers and soothsayers are a little lame at this point in the show. Don't get me wrong, i love the show i just don't really like the plots being so slow lately, by the way ENOUGH already of starbucks personal problems, there are 40,000 + other people.
  • Best Sci-Fi show since Star Trek the Next Generation.

    This show maybe Sci-Fi but it's physics realism and the Character realism is such that it could almost make a genre all on it's own. The fact that Battlestar doesnt get the press it should here in Australia is a bit disheartening. But the fact that it's going for a 4th season gives me hope that it'll hang around for awhile yet. Season 3 was by far the best out of the rest so far. The characters are well developed now, and we even found out about the final 4/5. I think that next season we will find out who the fifth is. But it would make a good sub-plot if they hid it for a while.

    The absence of Starbuck for a few eps this season certainly raised hell from it's foundations. Forums were going nuts with specualtion and nastigrams from fans. It certainly gave the show a boost in my opinion. How could the get rid of Starbuck? She's an integral part of the show. Next season is most definately going to be something i look forward too. Ad well as the stand-alone-ish set to screen sometime later this year.
  • All the good days are so far behind.

    Series is built on one of the best known stories of mankind, a son betraying his father.

    The issue with cylons being the betraying sons and another dilemna of the feeling of distrust amongst people is implemented in addition to the old series. The cylon potential of any person on the fleet makes a very good substory. Also it is a very good and brilliant TV idea as for the knowns/unknows issue. And this is played extremely well that it doesn't turn into watching Scream for the first time and asking yourself "is he" but having enough of doubts.

    Also a sci-fi drama is an easily messable issu as you try to keep possibilities wide range and on the otherhand adding a new exiciting episode each week. The series doesn't try to invent stupid toys to keep audience busy. This is extremely important for me in todays shallow TV industry. Indeed most of the features are so simple. Many episodes can be called drama than sci-fi.

    As for those who want those this show will be dull as they need to have some kind of laser show, super, mega, ultra weapons revealed week after week. But if anyone seeks those they should better look into other standard sci-fi shows.

    In my opinion this is probably the best ever use of "robot" concept in a movie/tv series and etc. Because it is a story that can't be told other than using robots.

    But after the season 3 Exodus part, the series got unbelieably boring and irrational with respect to the standards of the show.
    Season 3 finale is a total disaster. It's sad to see a once favorite show in such a situtation.
  • Battlestar Galactica is one of those movies that just gets better and better as it goes along.

    I wasn't a fan of this when it first started. I loved the mini-series, but Season 1 wasn't that excellent. I actually dropped out of this show, but on a recommendation from a friend I came back in at Season 2. I now own all the DVD's and have just finished watching Season 3.

    For a show that didn't win me over at first, the show has grown in leaps and bounds, in character development and plotting. It is one of the finest examples of drama on TV, but an excellent sci-fi series as well. Who says the two can't live together.

    BSG is one of the best shows on TV and highly recommended to everyone.
  • What started great has since slipped.

    I really enjoyed this show when it first started. Then it got a really late time slot in Australia.

    Once I missed a few episodes I found it really hard to get back into it.

    I mainly started watching this show because I liked some of the actors which in turn made me interested in the characters that they played. I do not however enjoy watching all the characters.

    When you miss a few episodes some of the storylines can be a bit hard to follow but that might be just me.

    If something interesting is happening I will tune in and see what happens.
  • Show based on the original Battlestar Galactica from the 1970's.

    This show is written so well. I watch a few of the original series and did not like it very much and actually had low expectation for the show. When I started watching, OMG, it was so great. The new twist with the cylons being humanlike was gernious. I have watched this show from the start and got hooked during the miniseries. Have just watch the season finale of season 3. Was so great. I can not wait for season 4 to start, but I have to wait for over 9 months. Darn. Hope to see whats going on with the new cylon revalations.
  • Have we really seen the end of one of the most popular characters? Will we ever see Starbuck again someday, in some other form? I think we just might, though I doubt it will be as one of the missing 5 personally.

    I was blown away by this. While I accept that this is hardly based upon the original show anymore (By your command), there was always this thought in the back of my head that most of the old characters were "safe". Tigh I wasn't totally sure about, but Adama was safe. Apollo was safe, Boomer was safe. And Starbuck, of all people, was fraken safe! Boy, I was too stunned to even cry! The set up was perfect, the acting was stunning. And as I said in my summery, we're not done with Starbuck yet. I don't think she's a cylon, I really don't. But how she'll be a part of things again, I don't know. We'll see. Great episode, and wonderful character piece to set up what's coming next for the fleet.
  • Re-imagining of the classic series. An outstanding suspenseful action/drama in a sci-fi setting.

    Initially I wasn't sure what to think about the camera-work and editing in this series. Now that I've watched a couple of more episodes I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the over-all directing! It isn't exactly a "taken by camcorder" feel, but the camera work is A-typical and does give you the impression of being right in the thick of things. It is sometimes as though you could crane your head around to pan the view further to the right or left.

    The acting is very well done. The characters seem like real people, with real problems unrelated to the Cylon war. You won't find any "perfect" people here. Everyone has flaws in their character that they need live with. There is conflict, love, desire, friendship, sub-plots within the bigger aspect of the series... you name it.

    Nothing two dimensional about this series, including the special effects, which are some of the best that I've ever seen for "just a television show". I also find that the "science" of this sci-fi series is plausible, an appealing aspect of the series.

    I recommend this show to everyone, not just sci-fi fans. The characters and story-lines are deep enough that anyone willing to have an open mind about "all that impossible sci-fi stuff" will enjoy the actual story presented.
  • over all Galactica is one of the best sci-fi show

    So far Season 1 and 2 were awsome, season 3 as its up and down, but if you look overall at season 3 it's a good one. makes me look forward for season 4 and the dvd movie (if it gets done)...
    So many possibility for story, cylon univers, colonial univers and the crossroad of both culture, well very different, similar to our own earth today.

    Lots of action, drama, great FX, very strong caracters (human or cylon) and deep story lines.
    This show is very complete, not just smoke and mirrors. If you like well done shows watch this one, keep an open mind and don't expect happy endings all the time...

    so say we all !!!
  • Starbuck Dead?

    I can't beleive they killed off Starbuck! I hope it is just a crazy twist to the show and end up bringing her back. I will still watch it though! The third Best Show on Television in 2007 next to Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis! I didn't get into the show until season 2 but now I can't stop! I missed all of season 1 but I am caught up now thanks to Universal HD playing reruns of season 1 this summer. Every sunday I impatiently wait for 9:00 to roll around! Then when it does finally start I don't hear the phone ring, my wifes chatter, or any thing but BG!
  • it is so fantastic tale

    this movie sounds kind of mytologic it is so fantastic tale I guess they inspired from mystic kabala belief and combanied it with greek mytology the most annoying part is cylons especially cylon rider ships they are resebling another relgious symbol ! they exactly look like cresscent symbol of muslims this movie sounds kind of mytologic it is so fantastic tale I guess they inspired from mystic kabala belief and combanied it with greek mytology the most annoying part is cylons especially cylon rider ships they are resebling another relgious symbol ! they exactly look like cresscent symbol of muslims so it is kind of ideologic movei to watch
  • When good shows go bad!

    Any more touchy feely and I will be ill. Please less kissing action between the crew and more fighting with Cylons. Writers please watch old series for action storylines. What is it with shows like this the only action we get is when its the last episode and they want a hook to get renewed . Well I say if this continues no exciting finale will revive this dying show for another season. The other wee problem all the human terminology. eg Wedding rings please they are supposed to be aliens and where are the Black crew members? Please ship up or ship out.
  • By far my favourite show……10 out of 10

    I love this show.

    I live in the UK and we got the first series first. Which was great since I hate spoilers and I could check out the net without having to worry that I would accidentally going to read what was going to happen next week. Anyway the first series was amazing, every episode was brilliant I hated having to wait a whole week to see the next one.

    The second wasn’t as good I feel with more filler episodes thrown in.

    Now the third series and current one is back to the same level as the first series episodes, totally amazing.

    So say we all.
  • Borring....

    This show started off good. It had action, some romance and even Lucy Lawsless (Xena) joined the cast. It was original and the scifi was good. I liked the fact they made Starbuck a woman (yeah for the females!) and she was tough. The stories were good at first, I liked the 1st season. But then it all went downhill fast. They settle on a planet, humans working for the cylons. Come on get real. The second in command (can't remember his name) kills his wife for treason. They start to kill people who worked for the cylons. Starbuck gets married but she really wants Apollo, gets married after she realizes she wants Apollo. She wants to be with Apollo but not get divorced. This is turning into a soap opera. Geez, that was it for me. My husband still watches it, I don't know why. Maybe it's now just a guy show now, I'll skip it...
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