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  • A lot better than the 80's Galactica series!

    This is the most well mafe Sci-fi Channel series ever made. It shows a lot of sci-fi mecha action and suspense. Really love the special effects. Plus, for these past few years they have been getting great reviews from , "The New York Times", "Rolling Stones", "TV Guide", etc. I watch it on I-Tunes with my dad whenever I order a new episode that was already shown on TV. The series is about humanity being pursued by what man created is THE CYLONS. The cylons won't stop killing until the entire human race has ended. Right now there are over 40,000 people left. Desperate battle for mankind.
  • One of the best.

    I love the revival. Maybe even secretly more than the original. But lets not compare those too.
    In comparison to most modern Sci Fi shows that are airing at the moment, BSG is certainly in a league of its own. There are definate story arcs and the characters are very well developed, even in the first season. What i love most about it though is its relevance to today's society. It says so much about what is going on in our world in the present, but also what may happen in the future. It discusses our Fears, and our incredibly will to survive. It examines community and how we create our own societies. The military aspect of it may be also be symbolic of the social heirachies we face in day to day life. Also, Jamie Bamber is the sex. And Edward James Olmos kicks ass. Plus the Cylons are so much more better to look at than ever before. Long Live BSG!
  • Great show

    The new series of Battlestar Galactica is excellent!! It's well directed, produced and acted. It's got a new depth and excitement to it. It's visually stunning, and has the ability to completely absorb the viewer into each episode. In short, it's a breath of fresh air!!
    The characters are wonderful, the relationships are very interesting and, as it's basis is the original story line, there's an oddly comforting familiarity there too. Anyone with doubts should give it a go. It won't disappoint
  • What's with all the hating on Starbuck?

    Are there nothing but guys reviewing this show? Why is everyone so down on Thrace. She's a darn interesting character to watch. Would you tune in if all the characters were perfect and noble. Yawn! So she's had sex with some other characters. And they have had sex with her. People in the future are going to be just like people now - messed up, normal, psychotic, stupid, whatever. Yes, she's got problems but she don't take crap from anyone. She's my favorite character and I hope they haven't killed her off. Personally I find Gaius tiresome and why they haven't flushed that traitor out the airlock is beyond me. But that story line continues to aggravate me, which is fine. I am concerned that all the major female characters are Cylons. What does that weird little bent say about the writers, men in general? That any woman with a brain is an evil robot? Hmmm. A bit ham-handed don't you think?
  • Great Show!!!

    I really love this show. I never watched the original series before but I really like this one. I am just a little dissappointed here lately because of the Sci-Fi Channel. They have really hurt this show. First off they decided to not renew Stargate SG-1 which was paired up with BSG and Stargate Atlantis for Friday nights. They then this year didn't air BSG paired up with Stargate but instead paired it with Doctor Who. That lasted only half a season. Sci-Fi wisely dropped Doctor Who and then tried to pair BSG up for it's second half of the season with The Dresden Files. A lot better show than Doctor Who, but they moved it from Friday Night to Sunday Night at 10pm ET which makes it less of an ideal time to watch it for people whom must go to bed early for work on Monday. And Now we find out that they have been renewed for a fourth season, but stripped down to only 13 episodes rather than 20. Sci-Fi channel has no respect for the 3 shows that Put them on the map!!!! BSG, SG-1 and Atlantis..
  • You can't hit people in the head with a hammer all the time.

    That was the sentence Kim Deal of the Pixies said about their softest album, Bossanova. If you're not familiar with the Pixies, they are to surf-alternative-SF music what, say, apple pie is to America. They made the first album or two very aggressively, following it up with a truly Brilliant one (Doolittle) and then came the somewhat beautifully subdued Bossanova - which enraged the "hardcore Pixies crowd". However, looking back at it, you can honestly see how well the whole spectrum of music thay made looked and that the beauty of the softer touch was an essential part of the overall opus.
    Now what the heck does this have to do with BSG??
    Guys and gals, you should all remember that BSG is a drama as much as it is an SF. It would function just as well on the streets of New York, hospitals of Chicago or courtrooms of Boston - which I can't say for even cult SF shows like Star Trek.
    The point is, to all the nay-sayers who are complaining about the lack of Cylon-human space intrigue, look at the SHOW, NOT the SF in the show. YES, I am expecting the continuation of the main story, and YES, these are fillers but let me tell you, the moments with the chief and the mining ship or the drama of often eroding state of the human race are all magnificent and very important to the overall feeling of the series - which in its base deals with all the primal fears, ails and pitfalls of the human specias - and I for one am still on the edge of my seat, more so because it's caused by drama and not an adrenaline-filled shootout. In the end, it is in no small part because of such episodes that BSG will stand as one of the most important TV shows in history of television, with hammers and lullabies alike.
  • this is a killer show. i like this show heapz because of the use of Animation FX used and its wide range story that taked the viewer all over the place to differant events! this show totaly rocks on!

    i like this show heapz because of the use of Animation FX used and its wide range story that taked the viewer all over the place to differant events! this show totaly rocks on! i like this show heapz because of the use of Animation FX used and its wide range story that taked the viewer all over the place to differant events! this show totaly rocks on!
  • What happened to the brilliant show of 1st season?!?

    In the first and second seasons, this was some of the best tv on tv. The third season is struggling and going downhill fast. I don't know whether to be pleased or not that it was just renewed for a fourth season! If it could be another season like the first or second season, then this is some of the best news I have heard. On the otherhand, if the decline seen in season 3 is to continue through the rest of season 3 and into season 4, then I will not be watching it so it won't matter anyway. The obvious plot holes and the failure to move the story forward has plagued season 3 causing one to wonder... 'What happened to the brilliant writing?' I know that Battlestar Galactica has a strong female viewership, but remember, you got these female viewers with excellent storylines, believable characters, and fast paced action. You are not going to keep them by turning Battlestar Galactica into a daytime soap opera.
  • What has happened with BSG it starting to look like Dallas?

    What has happened with BSG it starting to look like Dallas?

    Can they stop making it so f.....g boring?

    From being one off the top series in the world to becoming the lamest!!!!!!! The first two seasons were great and the series hade such big hopes to becoming one of the best sci-fi series ever!!!

    But no we got another Dallas.

    Stop this fu...g depression wave and and make it the series that inspires sci-fi fans.

    Soon Adama will wake up and see that he dreamed the last two seasons...... lol I still think the characters are good and has a lot of potential.

    A worried fan......
  • suspense of the highest quality

    Battlestar galatica For as long as I can remember I have being a sci fi fan going back to the original star trek. Having watched the original battlestar which was pretty good for the era that it was on. Even with a programme made that many years ago, and the manor in which it was made, there was still trepidation of a remake. But what can I say dispite being a stargate fanatic, battlestar has been on an equal footing with it ever since it started. Right from the very start with the cylon attack the suspense has been gripping to say the least. From the hardnosed starbuck (nice to see that not all the main characters are not men, pleasant surprise to starbuck played by woman),through, adama, Sharon, 6, to the conned, and self preserving baltar, all of the main characters have strong parts, and great storylines. Like with stargate the fact that there is an underlying story with the search for earth makes the next episode worth waiting for. If there is a down side it is that the makeup between series 2 and 3 was on the internet but could not be seen in the uk. Fat lot of good that was. It is going to be interesting to see where this series is going with everyone back together in the fleet, one thing it sure to keep the fans glued to there tv’s, and hopefully for a few years yet.
  • One of, if not the best Sci-Fi show television has to offer

    Never seen the original...and I don't feel I need to, because Battlestar Galactica is the greatest show ever to have graced the television set. The themes presented in this masterpiece are not only thought-provoking but completely relevent to our day and age. The characters are sublime (I don't care what they say about Starbuck...she is the best female character, I think, on television, past and present) and acted to perfection. The creators, producers, directors, story-writers, actors and everyone that work on the show deserve every award they ever get. Congratulations on such an amazing show, I can only hope that you never stop making it.
  • Read this!

    Battlestar Galactica, just impresive!

    A diferent world from original galactica..

    Humans lost they oportunity to survive against an enemy created by thirselves...
    What happened here is a mind revolution because this machines believe in god like us, love like us, fear like us...and want to destroy us...why? Simple...If they are like us, they know that we are... like them YES... evil machines...with heart...with the capacity of reprodution that they nearly have... just for go on whith the human spirit at they way... killing forget that their father are auful beasts like them... and believeing that they do this things..for the love of god...
  • One of the best, original and innovative shows I have seen on TV!

    Battlestar Galactica is one of the most exciting shows that has ever aired on television. The show has had some yawn-episodes like almost every other show, but that does not matter when you are served such a fresh, original and delicious story line! I have never really been a fan of Sci-Fi series, but Battlestar Galactica is one hell of a big exception!

    You are drawn right into the show from the very beginning with the massive and propelling storyline. There are not that many shows out there that can offer you such a complex and interesting story with not to mention truly outstanding CG-graphics! And it is the originality of the storyline that has made me fond of this show, because some people seems to forget that we want to see an evolving story, a beginning, a middle and an end. And the prospects of the show tells us that it will not linger in the middle to earn some extra money. Battlestar Galactica propelled from the beginning with immense intensity to the middle, and is seemingly on its way to the end with an excitement level up among the legendary!
  • Battlestar Galactica is the best show I have seen in the last 15 years.

    Battlestar Galactica is the best show I have seen in the last 15 years. Some arguments which support my affirmation: it has lots of interesting, credible, rich characters. It has action. It has spaceships. It has robots. It has an interesting plot. And it has one of the most brilliant characters I know. Gaius Baltar is clever, but also naïve (concerning women, specially). He can be funny sometimes, but intensely dramatic in other occasions. He is deeply egocentric, but you can not hate him because he is not trying to hurt anybody really.

    The show had its best moments (in my opinion) in season 2, but it is still my favourite!
  • Wow!

    When I was a kid I remember watching a rerun of the original Battlestar Galactica show and even if so many details escaped me and now are totally forgotten I can say for sure how good and influential it was to me, but I never imagined that its remake could get the same elements and come so beyond its own roots.

    If you want science fiction, you'll sure get it.
    If you want action, bet it will come.
    If you want drama and tension, breath slowly.
    If you want mysteries, make sure you'll be prepared for them.

    And most of all, stay put since the show from time to time makes clear that there are no precepts in its story and it is not afraid of really going where no other science fiction show I've been watching ever was.
  • A must see!

    I'm not a great fun of star trek and such kind of shows that are a little bit even childish but Battlestar Galactica has everything...Has the drama,the intrigues,the special effects,the story..i guess about everything that makes a show great and a must see.I mean it shows that this show is not some kind of a cheap thing that the big channels fool us from time to time...millions are spend and for our eyes only and it's worth it.Let's hope that the show keeps this thrill and excitement that makes us feel and give us some kind of answers ...because we can handle only one masochistic show that currently is Lost!
  • Quite possibly the single greatest show on television. TV doesnt get any better than this.

    Battlestar Galactica is a dream. It is quite possibly the most powerful drama on television. I am never fearful that the cast and crew of Battlestar Galactica will let me down. Every single episode of this show has been amazing and i am completely hooked. The gritty nature of the drama at the very least amplifies its majestic glory. The characters are portrayed to a shockingly realistic extent. The best of which, in my opinion is the sociopathic Dr. Gauis Baltar played by James Callis. I have difficulty trying to put in words the utmost respect that i have for this show. It is truly a shame that BG is experiencing a downward ratings slump. More people should give Galactica a chance. In conclusion, if you have ever seen a glimpse of BG, you can already feel the power of this drama and if you have never seen it, give it a chance and prepare to be exhilarated.
  • I'm a believer! A show that must be seen!

    I was a sceptic, I will admit. "The name is nerdy." "It's on SciFi." "It's a geek show." "I'm a dirty tramp."

    I was finally convinced to watch this program by my brother, who had all the DVDs, and I tell you, I've never regretted it! Battlestar Galactica is one of, if not the, best show on television. For those suspicious of a typical science fiction show, you are in for a surprise.

    BSG is, first and foremost, a drama. An amazing, superbly acted, wonderfully crafted, human drama, dealing with everything from religious extremism to human rights to politics. The cast is first rate and are, dare I say it, overqualified for television work. Let me put it this way: they raise the standard for ALL television dramas.

    That being said, I believe that this show is, at it's best, too good for television. With a compelling story line that keeps getting better and better, and a dynamic cast of characters that carry this amazing program, BSG has quickly become my favorite TV drama ever.

    Oh, and did I mention it's a great action show? Just thought I'd bring that up.

    A must see. Whoever strays away from this excellent series due to their pride should seriously do the world a favor and just stop watching television.
  • Colonel Ty is Sagat from Street Fighter

    Battlestar Galactica is definetly the best piece of TV that I have seen a while. Lost got somewhat mediocre during the third season and a bit predictable. There is one thing that links both Battlestar Galactica and Lost though. The two main characters are borin as hell. I can't stand Lee Adama and Jack.
    Three main reasons why -
    1. Can't stand their teenage type personalities, especially when they are upset.
    2. They cry all the time bcos they don't know how to deal with woman.
    3. They're just boring. Boring to watch, boring to hear and do the typical predictable boring stuff.

    I would love to see a 'Riddick' type character replacing them. Lee Adama is probably a cylon anyway.

    I also hate Starbuck, Dualla and the big guy that is mackin that asian cylon. I hate her as well. The other characters in the show are much better entertainment. Admiral Adama is a bit like Wolverine without the claws. Laura Rosilyn, because deep down we all know she is evil. Baltar is just so unpredictable and funny. The dominatrix woman in his head is such a b***h Im lovin that cylon from quantum leap. So ruthless and cold, a perfect villain. I wish they maintained the Xena Warrior princess character though. She was such a strong dyke until Baltar macked her. Number 5 is definetly gay though. Gaeta im not too sure about. Stabbin Baltar in the neck with a pen is very disturbing coming from someone who doesn't talk much.

    All in all the show is real good entertainment with some broing episodes now again. The main storyline is what keeps me interested though. One thing I've noticed though is the lack of people from different backgrounds. Will most people in the future be white? Even the cylons discriminate against their own. One black guy and a asian girl. Just like the power rangers.
  • Easily my favorite show!

    I have been watching this show from the very beginning. I can't get enough of it!!! This is by far the best show on the sci-fi channel right now. I could never get into these types of shows before but this one is diffrent. It has a great mix of story and action. I find myself becoming attached to certain characters. This is definately worth a watch! If you do decide to check this out, get the mini series first before watching the first season.
  • Perhaps the most amazing show on television, especially in respect to it's amazing commentary on ultimate philosophical issues such as existence and god. People who don't get this show are likely too small-minded to absorb it's content. THUMBS WAY UP!

    Battlestar Galactica, '03 edition...between my rating and my summary, you might be able to glean that I absolutely adore this show. The questions it raises regarding the definition of existence and the origins of god(s), not to mention it's startling and often upsetting portrayal of the human race/condition...the show deserves a far larger audience than it pulls...not to mention a boatload of respect. All I can chalk it up to is the sheer lack of enthusiasm this era has for philosophy, beyond the level of fast-food celeb quasi-philosopher/quasi-psychologist types like Dr. Phil & Dr. Laura etc. Disgustingly enough, that is what the noble pursuit of philosophy has devolved into. Which is the main reason why this show shines like a beacon of truth in the dark sea of the quick-fix/instant-gratification oriented B.S. which plagues the airwaves on an epidemic scale. Most people just don't seem to want to think these days, at least not about the classic questions that face us in the most ultimate senses. We have our Christianity and like I said, we have Dr. Phil and all the rest, we've put that baby to bed! We know who we are and how we got here and were we're going, right? Anyway, enough about all that, I could go on for pages and pages about it. But Battlestar manages to entertain in the most commonly appreciated ways while also managing to weave in actual thoughts & ideas of a rather revolutionary nature. Why the entire human race cannot see that these are the questions we should be asking daily, and the answers, we should be ever-vigilant in our pursuit of. Battlestar Galactica illustrates the frailty of the whole design while highlighting the strengths & the potential of humanity. It shows that a lot of the time, the ugliness outweighs & overshadows the beauty, BUT...that ultimately , It All Boils Down To Point Of View. Aside from he philosophy, the sociological implications of Galactica's universe are always either timely or timeless. It especially revs debates of prejudice & racisim; all manner of hatred. And in the midst of all of this, the show elegantly manages to never preach, it never claims to have any answers, but it makes you think. Also, aside from all that intellectual crap, Starbuck and Dee are stone foxes, not to mention Boomer, #6, and #Xena...or 4 or 8 or whatever she is! And yeah, I guess there's some hot guys on the show too, but...Starbuck...ooh! *CeNsOrEd* And now I feel better! I'd like to be in a Starbuck, Lois Lane, Aeryn Sun, Inara Serra 5-decker sandwich! (You other sci-fi dorks guys, like me, should know who all those hotties are). Anyway, in conclusion, Battlestar Galactica deserves to be placed on the highest pedestal and should be required viewing for all humans! Or are we cylons who've forgotten where we came from? Or maybe we're all cylon/human halfbreeds? (Potential Spoiler Alert...kind of) - That's actually my theory on the overall point of the show...the characters are all supposidly characters in a cosmic play which repeats itself over and over again. I figure in the race to earth, since both the humans & the cylons are running for it, and since the human/cylon child Hera is "the shape of things to come", I figure that eventually, they somehow need each other or something and interbreed on Earth, which will eventually lead back around to the 13 tribes and the flight away from Earth to Caprica and all the other planets. i guess we'll have to wait and see if I'm anywhere near being right. Watch this show, buy the passed seasons on DVD and educate yourselves!!!
  • Look to the future! Cylons, robotic beings, have nearly eradicated all of humanity and only a small fleet of about 20 spaceships remain, one of those ships is the Battlestar Galactica, it's sole duty now is to defend what remains of humanity.

    Battlestar Galactica's Edward James Olmos wasn't kidding when he said "the series is even better than the miniseries." As developed by sci-fi TV veteran Ronald D. Moore, the "reimagined" BG is exactly what it claims to be: a drama for grown-ups in a science-fiction setting. The mature intelligence of the series is its greatest asset, from the tenuous respect between Galactica's militarily principled commander Adama (Olmos) and politically astute President Roslin (Mary McDonnell) to the barely suppressed passion between ace Viper pilot "Apollo" (a.k.a. Adama's son Lee, played by Jamie Bamber) and the brashly insubordinate Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff), whose multifaceted character is just one of many first-season highlights. Picking up where the miniseries ended (it's included here, sparing the need for separate purchase), season 1 opens with the riveting, Hugo Award-winning episode "33," in which Galactica and the "ragtag fleet" of colonial survivors begin their quest for the legendary 13th colony planet Earth, while being pursued with clockwork regularity by the Cylons, who've now occupied the colonial planet of Caprica. The fleet's hard-fought survival forms (1) the primary side of the series' three-part structure, shared with (2) the apparent psychosis of Dr. Gaius Baltar (James Callis) whose every thought and move are monitored by various incarnations of Number Six (Tricia Helfer), the seemingly omniscient Cylon ultravixen who follows a master plan somehow connected to (3) the Caprican survival ordeal of crash-landed pilots "Helo" (Tahmoh Penikett) and "Boomer" (Grace Park), whose simultaneous presence on Galactica is further evidence that 12 multicopied models of Cylons, in human form, are gathering their forces.
  • This show is about the courage of people who have survived there planet being taken over by the machines they built to serve them. And they now must band together to find Earth and rebuild.

    What can I say about this show, GREAT. I watched the first one and loved it, This one is even better.

    At first when the mini seris came on and i saw starbuck and boomer as women i was upset. I had thought they were just doing the same show again with some new technology. I'm glad I was wrong. Every week they keep you wanting more and more. I can't wait for them to find Earth, i just hope that it doesn't happen to fast. Some of there supporting cast like,
    Lieutenant Anastasia "Dee" Dualla should get more air time i think. She seems to be a good actress.
  • Well what can I say about Exodus (part 2); actually the only thing that can be said is 'I want MORE'. It was amazing, and now I'm nearly on the floor with excitement for the next episode. Who are the 5 other Cylons...?

    It's great that Baltar is finally back on Galactica, and I can't wait to see where that goes but the episode in my opinion should have been followed by the next one. Yes, it was that good! The only thing I didn't like about the episode is that it was too short and that is no good reason at all.
    What I would like to see is the faces of the 5 Cylons. I wonder if it's 5 of the main characters. Interesting...

    Who are the 5 Cylons? Please tell me...
  • BattleStar Gallactica is some really good stuff. Takes on a similiar storyline to that of the original battlestar gallactica...which i cant say i really enjoyed, but the new series is quite good.

    BattleStar Gallactica is some really good stuff. Takes on a similiar storyline to that of the original battlestar gallactica...which i cant say i really enjoyed, but the new series is quite good. The environment is worn and old, unlike many space/sci-fi films and series. Recently, the only reason why i would tune in to sci-fi is to watch battlestar gallactica. Adama is still the same good captain, and the crew. . .well, i'll let you decide for youreself whether they are devious, funny, or both. lol. The people in charge of the show have recently announced that a leading character will "kick the bucket." I'am not sure why they would announce this at all and partially ruin a good surprise...but anyways...
  • Old Testament Redone!!!

    About BSG it is a great show, I have to admit. As a great sci-fi fan I must say I haven't seen such a great cast, with well written, balanced characters. VERY, VERY realistic space combat scenes and incredible battle tactics, esp. in the episode when Pegasus and Galactica attack 2 cylon ships and in the episode when Pegasus was trapped between 3 cylon ships. Beside all the perfect sci-fi properties BSG has a very disturbing script. No offense but the whole script sounds very jewish. Here is the story:

    A prophet doomed to flee from his (her!) mother land in search of a promised land. A journey dangerous, long and tiring. And an army so strong chasing our blessed travellers.

    So let me write a last episode for BSG. Just about to find earth the fleet meets a huge cylon army, desperate to escape from them they reveal the location of the earth. As a final attempt they decide to fight back. But with a brilliant idea of the president they do an astrophsical trick to lure the cylon to a artificial black hole where they all get lost.
  • one of the best shows on tv anywhere

    the one thing i see is the effect of war on the various levels of humanity. battlestar seems to pit military against political man against technology and religion and against science. the struggle brings out the best qualities of all casr members but the one person i find most intriging is lt.boomer aboard the galactica. she is torn by the programming to destroy galactica and the sense that she is as human as her targets. this is best illustrated when she grabs a 45mm puts it to her mouth and pulls the trigger. but she really can\'t complete the act because she is too human to kill herself.
  • An excellent show that just happens to take place in a Sci-Fi world.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the sci-fi genre but what I like even more is a good story that has some science fiction elements. Just like Pixar isn't animation so much as a great story that is drawn instead of live action. I remember the original series (sorry I'm that old), and this is much better. The original was effects driven without much in the way of plot. Here we have a great story almost every week with no character a saint and most with a past that haunts them. I don't feel the desperate struggle to save the human race, I'm just assuming it will go on so I can continue to watch this show. Sure the Cylons are a threat to the existence of the human race but I just don't feel the constant pressure that I think the producers are trying to create. The political commentary regarding the Iraq war and freedoms is fairly straight forward. It is still unclear as to where the religion angle of human polytheism vs the Cylon monotheism is going. All in all a great show, enhanced by the space action.
  • The diversity reviewer is an idiot...

    First, I'll just respond to the guy who said that the show is not diverse: by my count, two out of six of the primary characters (Edward James Olmos and Grace Park) are non-White. This is a higher percentage than most shows, I should think. Also, when you consider that half the regular cast are women and that there are a number of other "people of color" on the show (such as Candice McClure), this is a particularly idiotic criticism of this show. It is not inaccurate when talking about many other programs, and perhaps television in general, but it does not apply to this show, which is an exception to this rule if there is one.

    There's a reason why this show has such a good reputation: it always stays truthful to its characters. There aren't artificially happy endings, there aren't (usually) other good guys over the horizon, there is no backup--this is the story about a group of flawed, broken people who have no choice but to trust each other and work together to find a planet that may very well not exist. It is rare to find a show that doesn't constantly work to make its characters always likeable--indeed, many of the show's characters (such as Starbuck) often inspire complex and ambivalent feelings. However, the characters are compelling, and despite their considerable personal demons, they generally do the right thing. The show is very much character-driven, as opposed to the plot-driven likes of the Star Trek spinoffs (Deep Space Nine excepted), and a good (or bad) decision will continue to have consequences for episodes (and seasons) afterward.

    There are a couple of times where this show has so far exceeded any possible expectations that they must be mentioned. The first is the Cain Trilogy of episodes (Pegasus and Resurrection Ship, Parts I and II) that pit Adama (Olmos) against a harsh senior officer whose imperious nature could spell disaster for the Fleet. These episodes are remarkable in that, while Cain is certainly a stubborn and arrogant foe, is not wholly unreasonable--in fact, she has reasons for everything she does, and some of them are uncomfortably correct. The show does not turn Cain into a villain, but rather she becomes a sort of tragic hero who has lost perspective and is able to justify anything she does as preserving her crew. Michelle Forbes does an excellent job as well--I can't imagine another actress creating such a complex but ultimately brutal figure.

    The second is the sequence of five episodes that begin the third season. Although it has been denied in some quarters, these episodes show the effects of an external occupation upon a group of humans, and it draws many uncomfortable parallels with the Iraq occupation (and unseen military tribunals, too). It is perhaps the gutsiest television ever to hit airwaves in the United States since the original Star Trek, and it does exactly what good sci-fi should do: challenge our assumptions.

    Ultimately, this show is not reputed to be one of the best on television without reason. Watch it and find out why.
  • Fantastic, Phenomenal, Intriguing

    If I were Fran Drescher I would be saying OH MY GAWD!!!! This show is sooo incredibly fantastic. The writing is terrific, the character relationships and the relationships between the fleet are phenomenal. The storylines are intriguing and full of adventure, torture, and a little bit of mad fun. The cast is well suited to their characters. The tension between crewmen and the relationships between the skins and the humans really makes you want to stick with them to see how it all turns out. The political aspects are wrought with inuendo, corruption, and blatent stupidity. (gotta love Baltar) There's been a lot going on this year, but if BSG stays true to form we'll see a lot of interesting new planets, new life forms, and things of that nature. There are a LOT of avenues that the writers can use here. I'm looking forward to a nice long life span for BSG!!!
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