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  • Amazing show.

    This show definetly is the best out there. Its kinda sad that you know it has to end when they find earth. and i would strongly recommend that they leave it at earth. trying to carry the show on would probably send it downhill. quit while you\'re ahead. but still. by far the best television series ever. (besides the old star trek, and no i\'m not a trekie but it still rocks).
  • I don't like it. I can't stand starbuck bad enough a woman but just an idiot. The original was more for a younger audience but it just was better.

    This show isn't sexy it shows sex. I don't find it good at all. Starbuck and Boomer had more interesting characters in the original. Apollo, I wouldn't follow him across the road never mind the galaxy. The admiral of the Pegasis was more interesting. Show should of went with her instead. President another woman total jack ass. Admiral Adama boring no one respects the big cheese. I bashed enough. Of course they cancel a great show like Firefly. At least Stargate SG1 is still on for alittle while. I say these scum bags of humanity with cylons in tow need a detour. When they get to earth's solar system we turn the lights out come on. We leave a sign on Pluto earth 3 jumps ahead. Put em right into a 2 sun system.
  • While I felt the first season was fairly generic and overrated, season 2 and 3 have progressively improved dramatically.

    I was never a big fan of the original BSG, and because of my memories of it I put off watching this version until recently when I find out one of the producers of Carnivale was behind it. All in all, I'm glad I waited. The series starts off fairly slow, with little particularly interesting happening in the mini-series and first season, but quickly gains pace in the second. I couldn't have imagined watching it as it came out without losing interest. Sticking with it however, I have come to like it a great deal, and more with each passing episode.

    There are quite a few logistic issues I have had with the series, certain things that just don't make sense, but as long as you can suspend disbelief as per most television shows it won't bother you much. One of the most obvious things is the strange blend of modern day earth technology and designs with the advanced sci-fi setting and tech. It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to see someone drawing on a white board with a marker on a space ship. Also, the lack of minor cosmetic differences for the Cylon agents is just odd. Obviously the 12 models corresponds with the theology of the series with the 12 gods/colonies/etc., but for them to not even make minor cosmetic differences is just absurd when they are supposed to be infiltrating humanity as spies.

    Stupid little stuff such as that aside though, there are few complaints aside from the slow pacing here and there.
  • Evil Robots, Genocide, Spaceships, Violence, Suicide Bombers, in fact, everything a sci-fi classic should have but seems to be so lacking these days!

    Having been a fan of the first BSG series I eagerly awaited this revamp from the mind of Richard Hatch (The original Apollo in the original series) and I can say I was not disappointed.

    From the outset the plot is interesting and involving. The "new" look Cylon foot soldiers are scary enough to be believed and their masters come in all shapes (some of them in shapes that make the eyes water).

    Hatch himself even appears later in the series as a less than shining character and pulls it off very well indeed. The rest of the cast is excellent.

    The only thing that prevents me from giving this show a higher rating is the recent development of the plot to drift somewhat and the soap-opera moments are coming a bit to thick and fast for my liking.

    The original series owes its success to the fact that guys like watching epic space dogfights and ship to ship battles which are somewhat thin on the ground. When they do appear they are fantastic though!

    Watch the series in order from season one and you will have picked up one of the greatest gems of out time.
  • 12 colonies on a mission to find earth. Wish I was on earth to meet them all.

    This show is by far one of the best. Every episode keeps you in suspence, and it brings the viewer into the programme, through the emotions of the what the characters go through in this series. I for one is happy with the decision for this programme to be remade. The special effects are fantastic as well as the acting/music. All of these makes the Series seem real. I for one would like to be a human on the 13th Colony meeting the other 12. Fantastic show, one of my favourites.
  • Too bad this show's on Sci-Fi. Not that that's a bad thing.

    This has to be one of the best shows on TV today. Nothing is as emotional, as energetic, as thought provoking as Battlestar Galactica. I remember looking forward to watching the mini series somewhat reluctantly and hoping that Sci-Fi would at least do a decent job. I was blown away after the mini-series and so sad that it was not a series. Sci-Fi knew it had something hot and thus the show!

    I must give props to the writers of this show for creating the juggernaut that is Battlestar Galactica. A show will succeed of fail on its writing and this show is excelling. Space/sci-fi shows are great and all, but with no good writing or character development to back it up, you end up with Enterprise. With great stories, engaging characters that are just as messed up as we all are, this show continues to impress. And that's without the battle scenes! There's nothing more heart-pounding than watching the battlestar go into battle, guns a-blazin' and chaos all around. (Wrath of Khan, you're great and all...)

    I think it is sad that people will avoid this show just because it's on Sci-Fi. If it was on a big network, this show would be pulling mondo ratings.
  • One of the best shows on television---ever.

    Battlestar Galactica is one of the best shows ever made for television. It certainly has a familiar theme: race of AI beings created by man who is trying to destroy them. What makes BSG so good is its ability to bring the human element to the forefront. It is the show\'s exploration of the human condition that makes it so powerful. In the midst of the destruction of the majority of mankind, one would think that the show would focus on \"macro\" issues. It certainly does that, but also explores individual human beings and their struggle to remain \"human\" in the face of devasting circumstances. As you watch each season, you can see the progression (or regression) of certain characters as they struggle to deal with the world around them.

    The fact that the series is set in space and has incredible special effects is just the icing on top. In the past two seasons, the number of space battles has decreased, which has actually made the show better in my opinion. If you haven\'t checked this show out, you really need to.

    Last word--the fact that the show and its actors have been snubbed in the awards (Golden Globes and Emmy\'s) is a testament to the bias that exists in relation to science fiction. I for one think that BSG is a much better show that Grey\'s Anatomy or Lost, or even Heroes; all three of which are very formulaic. But I guess formulaic wins out.
  • Battlestar Galactica has made many sci-fi haters turn their heads around and stare in amazment. It is by far one of best shows airing today and i hope that its ratings go higher!

    Battlestar Galactica has made many sci-fi haters turn their heads around and stare in amazment. It is by far one of best shows airing today and i hope that its ratings go higher! The critics love it; simply because the acting, led by Edward James Olmos is stunning and it makes the amazing studio effects seem like a secondary concern. This is why this show is unlike any other. Set in a period where the cyclons, an artifical race created by the humans, wipes out their creators leaving only 50,000 souls to be protected by the battlestar galactica and its commander(later admiral) Adama. This is their struggle to find a new home; to find Earth.
  • One of the best shows on TV.

    One of the reasons I really enjoy this show is because of the creative way the characters are developed. Within a story about chaos, unanswered questions, and ultimately survival - there are characters that are so far removed from my life and what I know as reality and yet at the same time, I find myself relating to them, putting myself in their story and hoping they will find happiness. Even the way the writers portray the Cylons amazes me. We should hate them and yet, not all of them are evil and want to wipe out the human race. Some of them want to coexist (i.e. Sharon) - and many could probably be happy to do so. Yet, we're supposed to hate them. And I do, but I don't - not always.

    It's that tugging back and forth that makes me watch each episode with eager anticipation! I love sci-fi and this is the best sci-fi series I've ever watched! No wonder it has been voted as the best show on television!
  • This is by far the best show i've ever watched! It has great writing, acting and special effects.

    When I first saw the original I thought the show was somewhat lacking, but I loved the "rag tag fleet" idea.
    Now that it has been remade I've fallen in love with it. I never miss an episode and buy all the DVDs. Although a very few episodes lack the vast majority is great. And unlike most Scifi shows it is driven by people not effects, but the effects are GREAT!!! Now in season 3 it just keeps gettin better. This is deffinately a show to check out if you like scifi or drama. So all in all it is the best show I've ever seen.
  • Give the show writers some credits

    Clearly BSG has turned into something more than a conventional SciFi show .Let's put aside these childish arguments about the correctnss of science in the show.This is a great TV drama about human nature ,meaning of war ,faith in your beliefs ,tribal discrimination ,survival in adversity and identity .Passage was about identity .Remember the film Somersby starring Richard Gere and Jodie Foster .Kat has become a memorable character .it does not matter who you were but it matters who you are now .
    I can understand th frustration of hard core SciFi fans with this season which is lacking abundant exciting actions so far but I am sure it will get better .Come on, give some credits to the writers for their good attentions .The show will pervail .
  • I love this show I have been a faithful watcher since the first episode. I hope everyone gets to watch this show because they dont know what they are missing.

    The show is great. I dont know how else to put it. The characters are great and the acting is great. There is also a great plot. Who could ask for anything more? I love the fact that this was an old show that was revamped. This one of the shows that I can not wait until the next episode to see whats goign to happen. The special effects are great. You know it is a good show when the catch phrase is referenced on tons of other shows and networks. I hear my battlestar family saying the phrases and that makes me have hope that there are still some of us who knows good tv.
  • love the show

    i love the show. i like how they have changed the format from the original show so that everything is so different. i feel that a couple of things need to be explained, but overall i cant wait to watch another episode. all i can say is it\'s excellent.
  • 10
    a wonderfully done show, BSG is not one of those corny ,star trek like shows that seem to have no plot, and no depth for the characters. The characters are well thought out, each one has their own past, and it is well thought out and absolutely stunning. My brother turned me onto this show, being a massive sci-fi geek, the both of us, I\'m happy he did.
  • I watched the episode twice - I loved it so much!

    I must confess I was wondering if it was smart of the writers to jump to the future and to skip so many unsolved issures. But in this episode the thing I wanted to see most - the Apollo / Starbuck thing - was addressed so beautifully. I was so happy to see it in this episode. It was simply PERFECT! I really liked the fight-metaphore. It was so fitting. Just perfect. Also it showed Adama's role in the whole webisodes theme. I thought it was great he got up in the boxing-ring and got his ass kicked. The speech was great! Still: the I can't wait to see what is going to happen between Lee and Kara...
  • Battlestar Galactica is a superb re-imagining of the cult classic from 1978. Beginning with a stellar mini-series in 2003, BSG was picked up by the Sci-Fi channel and is now in its third season.

    A TV fan couldn't ask for a better show. Intricate plot lines, fascinating mythology, excellent character development, and Peabody Award-winning writing makes Battlestar Galactica one of the best TV shows ever produced. While that sounds like an exaggeration, peruse the web for more critical acclaim than you can shake a stick at.

    Going right for the throat after the captivating mini-series in 2003, Ronald Moore and Co. have consistently produced gripping plot lines and deep character arcs for two and half sublime seasons.

    Unfortunately, a larger mainstream audience is undoubtedly turned off the show due to its location on Sci-Fi and recollections of the original 1978 series. Despite desperate pleas from major backers like Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone, the larger audience that would love this show still isn't tuning in. For those of us who've been avidly watching, we know what they're missing and we can\'t wait for next week's fix.

    If you're a fan of 24, Lost, ER, or any great drama do yourself a favor and Netflix the 2003 mini-series; I promise you won't be disappointed.
  • Naked and raw sci-fi, activly probing political social and pressing themes from our everday life and world.

    BSG is a sharp show. iluminating themes from our real world like war politics ethics religion etc...and reflecting them in this sci-fi setting of the 13 colonies. on top of that we have a setting of raw huge metalic spaceships, a cast of good actors, and a armada of villians we fear. The characters are in a image of realism, and the villians a reflection of them. This show is revolving arounde humans in a state of crisis and how we react.
    It helps me think, and reflect...i hope im not the only one.
  • Very rarely does a remake out do an original; this is one of those times.

    Battlestar Galactica (the modern version) has redefined itself as a serious, well thought out, adult drama. The characters are engaging, the story-line is rich, and the episodes are very satisfying! Don't get me wrong, this is not meant as a slight to the original series. I still love the characters I grew up watching, but this revival feels like it has grown up with me. It offers a hard edge where the original series provided a campy flair. The real beauty behind this intriguing beast is that it proves that the Sci-Fi channel can air quality first-run television when it wants too. It is really nice to get a show that puts good actors together with a great script.
  • Fails to live up to its own ego.

    I was skeptical even before it aired, and have been critical in my appraisal during its first seasons. For a show of this magnitude, frank appraisal is necessary. While it does take you beyond the limitations of the original series, it tries too hard to go over the top of itself. Without the CGI, it begins to unravel. The characterizations fail to deliver and are very contrived and lack heart and therefore credibility. While the Cylons are intriguing, they put you in the mind of Blade Runner androids, but without the depth. And that is the crux, its a Blade Runner wanna be, and doesn't have the calibre of great Sci Fi. It takes heart, and it is sadly lacking here. Season 3 and the story is predictable and stale. It doesn't bode well for next season.
  • The best TV show ever!

    Battlestar Galactica (2003) is definitely the best TV show ever. I have to admit that I only started watching the show this past summer, and I am completely kicking myself for not discovering this gem of a TV show sooner. I became completely hooked on Battlestar Galactica (2003) when I was only an hour into the miniseries which was very well done I might add. I really like Star Trek, but with Battlestar Galactica (2003) who needs it. In my opinion, Battlestar Galactica (2003) has one of the best casts for a TV show. Mary McDonnell, Tricia Helfer, James Callis, and Jamie Bamber are my favorites actors from the show, but everyone in the cast are all very talented. Like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica (2003) does a very good job of addressing real life issues and creating intriguing storylines. Here's to hoping that Battlestar Galacita (2003) is around for many more years.
  • I feel like Battlestar Galactica was written for me. I find many sci-fi shows on TV to be like childrens cartoons in their maturity level. Battlestar has an amazing storyline which feels real and has bought maturity back to sci-fi.

    I remember seeing Anikan Skywalker jump out of a speeding space craft , landing on his two feet and running off in one of the new Starwars episodes. He should have a least skidded a bit when he landed, or tumbled, or made a creator at the speed he was travelling... basic physics should apply to any show even if it is sci-fi.... it really put me off for a moment.
    That\\\'s where Battlestar shines. Everything seems real and even though it\\\'s takes you into an unrealistic, unlikely world, you are forced to believe it and to feel what the characters are feels real.

    I\\\'m not a religious man, but in season I, when they found the arrow of Apollo and the scriptures started to come true, I became obsessed by Battlestar. It would be like our world being in danger, and Jesus coming down to save us..... such a momentus, life changing story. ... saved by a religion that was thought my many to be just a story.

    I find it funny that now when I see negative reviews of the show, I want to argue with them (especially the stupid ones).

    The show has been showing late 11:30pm in Melbourne Australia.... and now it has been dropped. The TV network hasn\\\'t given it the respect it deserves. I\\\'m having to buy the DVDS. I feel sorry for the people who are missing out on this gem.

    so battlestar galactica has become my new obsession, so i figured i\'d right a review expressing my absolute love for it.
    i can barely go a day without watching this show [thank you iTunes]. it is SPECTACULAR! it probably has the best characters of any show on televison right now [adama && roslin are defff my faves] its got great drama, something you probably wouldn\'t expect out of a show set in space. its not stupid and all \"lets battle green slugs, shall we?\" like some other sci fi shows. i think this show should be on forever and ever and ever.

    I really like scifi shows and this is one of my favorites, I really like the plot to it, with all of the cylons trying to find earth to make it there home and these humans trying to fight off the cylons, it is a whole huge game of good and evil and I love to watch it, this is another show that I watch every single week and haven\'t missed one show yet. There are a lot of different people going through a lot of different things in thier lives and I love to watch this show it is very suspenseful.
  • What an amazing show. Keeps me on my toes every time. I can't wait for the new season to come back out!

    AWESOME! This show always seems to keep me interested no matter what episode it is. It has a clever way about making sure you pay attention or you just might miss something. I can't wait until it come back. I have watched this show since it first came on. I missed a whole season and had almost giving up on being able to catch up on it. But, then i found the DVD and watched it. I was caughtup quick and now I am addicted. I was a little concerned that it ended so abrublty the other night. I wasnt ready for it to end ....
  • A show that simply should not be missed!

    The first thing that I noticed when I started looking at Battlestar Galactica was that there was no tricorders, no teleporters. The crew aboard the ship wasn't afraid of getting dirty. And that (and the story) is what I like with this show - it's sence of realism.
    The story is interesting at all times, with twists and turns that makes you want to see more (and more, and more...)
    The last thing I will bring up here is the music. One word: fantastic. The second season has the best music I have ever heard in a TV show. So go ahead and give Battlestar Galactica a chance!
  • This was my favorites series in the first two seasons, but they have been get more preachy and less believable. Now most episodes just annoy me. Read on for specifics, but there will be spoilers.

    It all went downhill for me in the season 2 finale. They jumped a year into the future and just about everyone came across like a sad parody in this episode. Starbuck grew her hair long and was living in a shanty playing house, Adama grew a mustache and was shuffling around an empty battlestar. Apollo was the worse, they put him in fat suit. It was like a bad SNL skit. Basically everyones character seems to have short circuited to do nothing sloth while Baltar and goes completely nutso, but off course everyone else is in self pity apathy mode so nobody stops him. Then the cylons show up. BSG runs away. That was beginning of the drek.

    Cylon occupation seems to have only served one purpose, preaching sympathy with the Palestinian cause. Occupation leads anyone to suicide bombers see... Barf, more drek.

    Now to the present. Occupation over, They discover a potential super weapon, which is of course a reason to be preachy again. They don't really want to use it. I mean killing all the enemy who nearly killed all of humanity so far and is mopping up the rest is bad, even if it might be your only chance for survival. Barf... (sarcasm on)
    But hey, Starbuck cuts her hair and she is now back to normal military starbuck again, Apollo hops a treadmill for 5 mins and he can ditch the fat suit, and is military buff again. It's all normal again. Yipee! What a cool device to have everyone look different while they were sad sacks, then return to normal appearance when they got their act together. Losing 20lbs in one episode no less.
    (sarcasm off)

    Preachyness, lameness is all I remember lately from a a once great show.
  • Don't let the name deceive you, this show is about a lot more than space battles and killer robots.

    Battlestar Galactica is in one word: Brilliant. If you watch the series from the beginning you can really see the progression in the plot and the development in each and every character. The plot twists keep you on the edge of your seat and aren't cheesy or lame in the least. The actions sequences are top notch, however, the action takes a backseat to the drama in this one, and the blend of both is partly what makes Battlestar Galactica a great franchise. You can tell that a lot of care goes into the creation and development of the character as each and every one of them have their own distinct personalities and traits. James Callis is particularly excellent in his role as Giaus Baltar. If you're thinking that this is going to be another Star Trek you're dead wrong, this show is what Star Trek wishes it could be, BSG is an compelling series that you need to go out and watch ASAP.
  • One of the smartest shows on TV

    Though Battlestar Galactica may have a legion of dedicated fans, it has never been able to gain mainstream appeal despite being hailed as one of the best new shows on TV.

    The premise of the show is simple enough. Man creates artificial intelligence in the form of Cylons. The Cylons rebel, leave, and eventually return and destroy the human's home. The crew of Galactica is left to seek their revenge and find a new home for all of humanity.

    However wrapped in this sci-fi story is much more than another iteration of Star Trek. There are no purple monsters here. BSG is all about using its space background to parallel real world symbolism.

    There have been story arcs that tackle religion, prisoner's rights, when does machine become man, genocide and war as a whole. The stories are told much in the format that Lost is accustomed to, always revealing something new about a character and not falling into predictability.

    Hopefully NBC/Universal realize the gem they have in their writers and actors here and move the show to NBC to try to give it some life.
  • No wonder why this show is so popular!

    Three years ago, I caught this battlestar movie up on this tv network calling, "nbc". I'd thought to give meself a chance to see what is all about.

    This movie happens to be three hour long and it didn't bored me already. I sat down and watch the story and I love the minute how this happening!

    Now, for three years, I enjoyed watching this great season of battlestar galactica.

    All I can said, WOW! Best show ever in the world, I just cannot miss this show, not at once! I hope that I can contiune to watch this great season that will keep me down and watch of the story following in the years coming!
  • Brilliant. Again

    Like many others, I was a fan of the original 70's BSG. And when talk of a remake was coming I gave it a chance, and have to admit I was not happy with what they had done to the formula in the pilot. I gave the 33 minutes episode a go and now 20 odd episodes later BSG is by far my favourite show on TV.
    The Cylone/Human conflict is first class and now with Cyclons gaining morale ground from their experiences a new battle has emerged within the war. Top stuff. I hope this goes on for at least another 3 seasons and then it can really go head to head with other sci fi greats like Babylon 5.
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