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  • Completely overrated. Below is a list I made of points that I dislike about this remake (in no particular order)

    1. The metallic Cylons are so obviously computer-generated to the point of being non-believable. And only the human counterparts have dialogue. No robotic "by your command" for the metallic Cylons.. nope, not a single word.

    2. In the flashback sequences on their home-world, everything looked identical to earth..the homes and vehicles.. even down to the shirts, ties & glasses. (the original went out of it's way to make everything look different and not of this earth, despite their limited budget). And telephones? And Baltar with an English accent? If this remake was about our future and us looking for a lost colony of Earth, then it would be more believable. But a race, millions of light years away, identical in every conceivable way to us? That's just ridiculous.

    3. Where's the fun and excitement? All that's here is just an ongoing battle between them and the Cylons. The old series had new worlds and new races almost every week. But not in this remake. It takes itself too seriously and is simply too depressing.

    4. What's with the shaky external camera views? It looks like a news reporter's footage. Ugh.

    5. No catchy tune here at all. Just a mind-numbing cacophony of repetitive drumming. ok, so that's in the spoiler scenes at the start of the show. The other choir-like music doesn't do it for me either.

    Now after reading all of thet, you might think I am not a sci-fi fan. Well I am. I'm 34 this year and grew up with stable sci-fi shows like the original BSG, Buck Rogers, all incarnations of Star Trek, both Star Gates, Sliders, Andromeda, Earth Final Conflict, even Lexx and the X-Files and whole load of others. Modern sci-fi however is starting to lose it completely. Compare any of those shows to the following:
    I don't waste my time with any of those or anything like it. And I fear that this is the way of all sci-fi in the future. After StarGate ends, almost everything will be purely earth based, dark & depressing. The remake of BSG has done absolutely nothing to calm my fears, just make them worse if anything.
  • The new show is really dumb & lame

    This show is a JOKE! The original series had a realistic feel to it; the new one is too Earth-like; they wear glasses, use 12 hour clocks, use telephones, wear suits & ties....give me a break! Hire some writters that have at least a 3rd grade level of science!!!

    The original was FAR BETTER; better stories, and really seemed to be alien (the final season got pretty bad tough).

    It seems that every time they try to remake a CLASSIC show they try to 'over-modernize' it and depend to much on computers instead of TALENT!
  • It is about a bunch of space bums in search of a new home and that home is here on earth. Fleeing from human tyranny a group of people run from BSG.

    It really is a waste of time in my opinion if you watched the orginal. If not then go ahead it has it's good points, just watch this first then watch the orginal after the New BSG is finished. I feel that will give you better pleasure. They changed to much for those that grew up watching the show waiting for the next time it was going to show and those that watched it when the star trek did not even have next generation. Now I said it had its good points it made it gritty which is a great way to work and made great advances on the graphics and even the actors do not let you down. I feel the script does a lot of let downs and the fact that it was a space oprea in the orginal now is now just a military scifi. I feel this is to big of a change ,but I advise you it is a very good Military Scifi. The orginal I would watch with children and they would enjoy it now I am afraid to let any young children watch this show. That is my opinion.
  • GNDN series, Go Nowhere, Do Nothing

    I have to wonder, how did they get to Kobol when the show goes nowhere. The episodes are slow filled with moments that should not be on screen. People think it is more real, the including the characters. Well who ever said that must have a very messed up home life. There are no friendships, no causal times, and no bonds, no honor no respect. The action, it is disjointed and poorly shot. The Camera bounces so once you focus on what is going on, the action is in a different part of the screen. They use nose hair shots, meaning I can't get into the action. Worst of all they give me no information like Starbuck saying, "Let's do this" they just shoot people and the plan unfold, I never quite understand the plan either. What is the point of this stupid series.
  • Olmos is right. I never thought that anything could be worse than Glactica 1980 to this francise. Well 20+ years, bad writing, character rape and a complete and total bastardization of the original story pretty much did. It's not worth the celluloid or el

    Olmos is right in stating that if you watched the original you shouldn't watch this one. I respect him for his opinion. It's refreshing to hear someone in the industry tell a block of fans what to reasonably expect.

    I never thought that anything could be worse than glactica 1980. Well 20+ years and bad writing, character rape and a complete and total bastardization of the original story. It's due to programs like this that I cancelled my subscription to sci-fi. I saw no point to providing them with money to make this kind of trash. Sadly most people don't have the freedom of true al-la-carte programming. If they did Sci-Fi would go under so fast it would make your head spin.
  • This show is painful to me.

    Imagine something that you love and hold dear. It could be a book, a movie or a TV show. This thing that you are imagining is flawed but is entertaining and and has a certain charm. Twenty years go by. You still love the thing and wish there could be more of it. A guy comes on to the scene and says he will bring it back. Yoo Hoo! Soon, however, you learn that everything you loved about your special thing will be changed. You hope for the best and watch it when it airs. It is worse than you feared. You hate everything about the new show. You get angry. You pitch a stink. You co-miserate with other fans. To your profound dismay the new show is a hit. The press hails the new show as the greatest TV show ever created in the history of drama. The world says that the original was crap and the new show should be required viewing by law. You get depressed. A little part of you dies. Fans of the new show laugh at your pain. This is pretty much my story in regards to the \\\"reimagining.\\\" The new Galactica is a big hit and has legions of fans. Personally, I can\\\'t see why. I have watched the show and find it depressing. It is basically 9-11 in space. The people on this show have no hope. Adama\\\'s call to find Earth is a placebo to keep the masses quiet. How sad. It also looks cheap to my eye. Making the Cylons look Human must have been a great hit at the budget meeting. I am not a prude but I think there is too much cheap sex on this show. I could care less about Baltar having an orgasm every time he sees Six. I have followed Olmos\\\'s advice and have stopped watching. It really does hurt too much.
  • Why would they do this?

    Why would they remake this and change everything. Starbuck a female? Oh, why can\'t they just make a different show? They think they can get more viewers by using the name of a popular show? I don\'t understand why they can let this happen. The first Battlestar gallactica had humor, this has none. It doesn\'t have me watching it either.
  • Terrible ending to a once great show.

    I used to love this show, but watching the last season was just dreadful. I was hoping that the story would return to something resembling the first season, but no... In the end it was a massive cop out. God solved everything.
    Yeah right... In order to break the cycle of violence, let's do the following: destroy all our technology, make sure our immortal enemies still keep theirs, and lets live in caves for the next 150,000 years. Surely that's a massive improvement. There were so many things wrong with this ending I can't even begin to mention them all.... some of the other reviews might have tried, kudos to them. I just don't think my fingers can type that much. To be honest, I might not even be qualified to write a review, I gave up about halfway through this monstrosity of an episode and started fast forwarding through to the end. The only good thing about this episode is that they finally ended a show that was getting worse with every single episode. Now all I can do is hope that the planned prequels/sequels either don't come off the ground or are written by someone more qualified. A drunken monkey comes to mind...
  • Drivel.

    I was addicted to Battlestar Gallactica when I was young and had great hopes for the new series, unfortunately it is completely different. I find the new Battlestar Gallactica to be worse than drivel. Worm excrement, maybe, even that sounds too good for it. The characters are not compelling, the plot lines are atrocious and it is a complete waste of time and money. Why on earth they put so much effort into a horrible re-make of a really good show is anyone's guess. It has been posed to me, by my teenage daughter, that maybe the writers' brains have been on strike for the whole of the new series, perhaps she is correct....
  • Terrible. Makes me want to throw up.

    This show is probably the worst sci fi series EVER MADE! So freaking boring, I fall asleep while watching it. And the action scenes make me gag. When I saw the first action scenes in the mini series I threw up my dinner, it was so awful. Sci Fi Channel's best move of the century would be to cancel this show and take it off the air. They should have never remade this show. It should have stayed in the vault where it belongs. Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis both surpass this show by several million lightyears. If you want to see a REAL sci fi series, check those two out. Especially Stargate SG-1, now THAT'S a classic.
  • I'm rooting for the robots.

    Good special effects can't save this show from its uninspired dialog, sleepy stories, mediocre acting, and two-dimensional characters.

    The show's central failure can probably be attributed to its inability to break the mold. There's nothing really new to see here. The main characters behave in predictable ways to predictable conflicts. The mythology behind Galactica is about as shallow and underdeveloped as the characters that inhabit it. For instance, why are there so many references to Earth culture in a show that does not originate from it? In an early episode, someone mentions that Apollo's call sign is a reference to a Greek God. Unless Caprica is some parallel-universe variation of Earth, it's pretty unlikely that they knew about Greeks, much less Greek Gods. This example among many others displays a lack of attention to detail that good science fiction relies on to make the viewer believe that what they are seeing is actually happening.

    Fundamentally, good storytelling depends on convincing you, the viewer, that these characters are real (and that the environment they live in is real) and you should care what happens to them. For me, the writers have failed to do that. I think the Cylons might be right: These humans ARE inferior.
  • I have tried to like this show I really did watched the miniseries, season1, and about 90 percent of season 2 but I\\\\\\\'m sorry I don\\\\\\\'t like the revamped version.

    I understand the creator of the new version got tired of clean techno babble filed Sci-fi after his work with Star Trek but apparently he also grew tried of all the positive aspects of the trek universe too. Instead of survivors working together to escape their enemy and doing their best to save the last elements of their race we see a bunch of degenerate misfits devolving into every base behavior you can imagine. No one seems to give a damn that there are only 47,000 people left crammed into slow civilian ships that make perfect targets oh no the males on the show are too busy beating their chests in measuring contests while women either stand around looking lost or are furiously bed hopping. Its clear Ron More has a dim view of humanity and it shows in his “revamped” show.

    More points that to me make no sense what ever

    Faster then light Star Ships armed with missiles and machine guns… totally nonsense. any civilization capable of FTL flight would’ve devloped some form of directed energy weapons.

    Baltar’s imaginary cylon pal

    This is just about the dumbest part of this show this fool is running around talking to a voice in his head like a psychotic madman and no one notices… Common!!!!

    I so wish Richard Hatch’s version had been the one made not this crap.

  • My Gripe: Of What I think about this so called, "new version", of "Battlestar Galatica".....

    Of course many of those here whom like the new series don't see as to what is wrong with it: While you can see that anglo males are carrying on hot and and heavy, with female of all races and colors, [opposite of thier own] you do not see any [small part] black male actors doing the same..... Yes there may be a "wide diveristy", of females of all races & colors, and a small sample of a few, of black, asian, and hispanic male, on the show: But how many of them, [that are minority males] or more so BLACK MALES, will you seeing "carrying on", with Starbuck, {Katee Sackhoff's' character] replicated, Sharon "Boomer" Valerii, {played Grace Park} replicated #6, {played by Patricia Helfer] President Laura Roslyn, {played By veteran actress Mary Donohough} or "Crewman Specialist" Cally... {Played by Nicky Cline} All I see, are the the "leading male" actors characters having "intimate" relations with females of all races & colors, even if the may be replicates, but no males of colors doing such.... As usual, with hollywood,. directors and producers, to have the anglo male, "come out on top", [figuretively, and literally, speaking] and the minority male actors of color, at the bottom... This show is yet another one that is racial biased, depicts such, not trying to break the interracial barriers.. {In love, and relationships} Nothing ever changes in the small minds of anglo males producer & directors in hollywood, just the time and era's...
  • If depression is your idea of entertainment, this is IT. You gotta love noir, destruction, and mindless writing.

    As a lifelong fan of science fiction, I desperately wanted to like this. And in desperation, I had to stop watching it, because it wasn't really science fiction, but an amalgam of fantasy storylines that went from one depressing scenario to the next. If watching the pain and suffering of people is entertaining, then perhaps, "de Sade" is your patron saint.

    One might wonder that the writers / producers think that it's trendy and amusing to drag us into the void, but I can find better things to do with my time.

    This is a definite kill. Sadly, for those who enjoyed the gee-whiz and sly references to antiquity of the former BG, this is not going to fly in the new BG.
  • An uniteresting sci-fi remake flunkie.

    I hate it. It was an excilent mini-series! But then they show this bloody crap and it IS crap.
    They turned the President into this crazy raving lunatic, that is clearly overdosed with her meds. Apollo has been turned into a stupid crazy person as well. All of them have been!!!!!! They have all been turned into stupid, naiive, crazy people!!!!!!!!!! The show is a bloody saopopera, complete with stupid bloody music. The episodes are choppy and go nowhere. I mean Adama is the ONLY sane one for God's sake!!!!!!!
  • Final moments made the struggl;e of the whole series pointless, at least in the grand scheme of things.

    Hrm. Loved the series overall, though some of the New Caprica stuff was rather pointless. The las part of the finale just generated an incredible sense of futility. Ok, *these* particular humans survived, but their culture, civilization, knowledge, etc., gone. Poof. There was utterly no point to them running to earth. Humans were already here, so the race survves regardless. They get rid of their tech, so humanity has a "clean slate", which is pretty illogical, actually, no, it's idiotic. They guaranteed that mankind will have no knowledge of the evils of making machines as slaves, yada yada, so they accomplish the exact opposite of their intention. "Going native" was selfish, stupid, and worst of all, made their entire struggle to keep human civilization alive, pointless. They may as well not have come to Earth at all, since there wera already humans here, and other than the fact they didn't have language yet, they seemed to be doing ok. I'll leave out the various angel/God/destiny drivel, since it ended up being mostly fluff, and portrays God as someone rather like a child using a magnifying glass on ants....over and over.
  • The Concept is simple: lets take Battlestar Galactica and completely butcher it. Changing characters, erasing plots, and spitting on the franchise. All this and being called a Classic by today. Disgusting, really.

    I have not much to say about this rehash. It's mediocre, dull, and it completely ruins the series. Besides changing characters completely and destroying plotlines set by the original this show just loves trying to think its so cutting edge.

    Truth is, it's not.

    This show may have some interesting concept plots, but it does not save it. Its characters are uninteresting and cliche, and all of the things that made Battlestar truly timeless is desecrated and removed. Despite this, many people call this a classic. Such a thing is foul. I honestly do not understand why this show has gained so much water in television today.

    Avoid this show.
  • I don't like it. I can't stand starbuck bad enough a woman but just an idiot. The original was more for a younger audience but it just was better.

    This show isn't sexy it shows sex. I don't find it good at all. Starbuck and Boomer had more interesting characters in the original. Apollo, I wouldn't follow him across the road never mind the galaxy. The admiral of the Pegasis was more interesting. Show should of went with her instead. President another woman total jack ass. Admiral Adama boring no one respects the big cheese. I bashed enough. Of course they cancel a great show like Firefly. At least Stargate SG1 is still on for alittle while. I say these scum bags of humanity with cylons in tow need a detour. When they get to earth's solar system we turn the lights out come on. We leave a sign on Pluto earth 3 jumps ahead. Put em right into a 2 sun system.
  • Depressive, but addictive show

    This is a dark and depressive space soap. The show just keeps moving backwards. There is never any positive progression in these peoples situation, hence the dark and depressive characterisation.

    Although there is no positive development, the show has a constant, but slow, negative course. I believe this is the source of the addictive element. If you have all the episodes, you will keep watching, hungering for some progression. Though, it never comes.

    Not a recommended consume of time.
  • some things need to be left alone to die a silent deatch.

    I grew up watching the original, and I liked it then. However, some things need to be left alone to die a silent deatch. It was fine when I was about 10 years old, watching it on the small black and white TV with the turnable knobs, but now days F/X has gotten so much better, it can no longer stand on solid ground.
  • Constantly bleak music

    I have watched 16 episode in one week and cannot handle the bickering among crew members and the mournful background music. It's bleak. It sounds similar to wailing. An occasionally mournful soundtrack would be fine, but it's pretty much a constant. Even when something hopeful happens, the music remains fairly gloomy. I cannot bear it. Reminds me of a funeral.
  • This show would be a lot better if it had less romance.

    It just seems like this show will never end but this show does have a lot of action and I love a good action show. But the thing that annoys me the most is all of the clones in this show. And another thing this show has to much twists and turns that why I do not like this show. Maby someday I will work up the courage to start watching this show again when this show starts getting better. And I don't get the storyline for this show. The characters are alright but their are to many characters to keep track in this show.
  • Borring....

    This show started off good. It had action, some romance and even Lucy Lawsless (Xena) joined the cast. It was original and the scifi was good. I liked the fact they made Starbuck a woman (yeah for the females!) and she was tough. The stories were good at first, I liked the 1st season. But then it all went downhill fast. They settle on a planet, humans working for the cylons. Come on get real. The second in command (can't remember his name) kills his wife for treason. They start to kill people who worked for the cylons. Starbuck gets married but she really wants Apollo, gets married after she realizes she wants Apollo. She wants to be with Apollo but not get divorced. This is turning into a soap opera. Geez, that was it for me. My husband still watches it, I don't know why. Maybe it's now just a guy show now, I'll skip it...
  • 1)Dialogues and characters are caricaturized. 2)Flaws in ambiance and cultural infrastructure 3)Some unnecessary filler episodes

    May include spoilers for those who have not watched yet...

    Ok, I have just finished watching season 1, and there are a few things that are bothering me about this show..

    1)Why does the whole presidential paranoia and the system of government of the 12 colonies so much resemble and remind me the current US governmental system? The press-room, flags, the bodyguards, elections, over-praising of democratic system of government, power/authority struggles etc...Why don\'t the people of twelve colonies have their distinct/specific governmental system?

    2)There are at most 50000 people in the fleet yet there are already more than 10 reporters and journalist flooding the presidential press-room. Why the need for reporters, are there any tv, radio channels broadcasting to civilian vessels? Considering 50000 population is about the population of a town, is it usual for a town to have 10 different media groups and hence journalists? What do the journalist gain from continuing their job? DO they get paid? Do they get bonus supplies/rations in return? Where do they operate from? Does the fleet happen to have a broadcasting vessel?

    3)The fleet is fleeing and struggling for survival yet people are over-enthusiastic about trivial issues such as the (vice/)presidential elections and pay overdue attention to it. Does it really require a president to govern 50000 people, 3000 to 5000 of whom are alrady military personnel?

    4)What can a president achieve without its core personnel of officials and advisors?

    5)The president already have 3 bodyguards aboard. I find it ridiculous that they have so many people to spare for such a job among 50000 people? Who among 50000 people, who are struggling for survival amidst of a war, would try to harm the president? What would happen if someone did? Would the fleet fall into disarray? Do they have any other option besides sticking together?

    6)Why do the president, bodyguards and some civilians wear earth-style clothing? They are wearing suits. I can understands the suits but ties? Ties are only accessories, what\'s the odds of two kin cultures to develop the same style of clothing when having been seperated from each other for more than 2000 years?

    7)Why don\'t they use their own system of measurement, units etc... Where is the cultural background and diversity of the 12 colonies?

    8)In episode \"hand of god\", there are about 50 cylon raiders swarming on galactica yet after the mine installation is destroyed, they suddenly vanish. Why don\'t they take out galactica, which has only 10 vipers onboard and is a sitting duck at that time?

    9)Why are the raiders have an organic core? How does starbuck operate the wrecked raider given that she has carved the organic core to get inside it? How does its hull sustain itself with a punch of baseball size on its side? Given that its organic core is destroyed, how does the ship keep functioning?

    Unless these (and any other) gaps in the infrastructure of the show are redressed, I believe it won\'t be able to go beyond an action series with a loose background...
  • Cause they were/are mad. (And not the good kind)

    I have dim memories of being about ten years old and after sunday lunch (or was it before)of watching the original Battlestar Galactica in all it's seventies fashion crime, cheap SFX, slightly sexist glory. The point of alot of Sci-Fi of that time was to entertain, not be too complicated and generally be a lot of fun. Whilst TV (And thankfully fashion) have evolved it seems to me that TV exces have taken a title and a few names, slapped modern all over it and turned it into a TV series. Don't get me wrong I do love a good bit of Science Fiction but it seems that the new Battlestar Galactica would have been better off being a brand new Sci-Fi series rather than a supposed 'reimagining' of an old one.

    'Realistic' and 'Gritty' have been used to describe the show. The only 'Gritty' thing about it is the feeling your eyes get from all the mixed-up highly over done non-realistic storylines.

    The polictics of it, Very modern, female president and all, focus on the non-engaging politics of the
    military/government power struggle taking us away from the point of the original show - To shoot crazy robots.

    Some of the storylines are totally beyond belief. Anybody situation like we're supposed to belive these people are in, who believed that they may have planted bombs, like Boomer in 'Water' would have carted themselves straight to the brig. We're supposed to believe the Cylons created Number 6? Even if Baltar has the whole 'Mad Scientist' thing people don't report him for his frankly bizzare beyond reason behaviour.

    For a first season this show is overly complex which I think
    will alienate a lot of casual viewers and honestly some of it's original fanbase.

    It's focus is somewhat jumbled switching between one confusing plot line to another. Its focus is so far away from Starbuck and Apollo most of the time that it may as well be a different show. There isnt much time to learn the characters names or even really begin to care about them.

    A catagorical dissapointment. And a set back for Female Sci-Fi leads.
  • As a SciFi Show BS is lacking. This is A SCIFI Show People, Remember SCFI. This show has litle of it.

    As a SciFi Show BS is lacking. Come one now, you can fly at lightspeed but they still use projectile weapons. The president is dying of cancer and they can not save her, Chinese medicine as been Curing Cancer for years. The show is a on going depression, with out any real good pleasure moments. Now yes there whole race is close to extermination and all that, but who really wants a to sit and watch the same thing we see on the news, just in a different format. This is A SCIFI Show People, Remember SCFI. This show has litle of it.
  • I started to watch battlestar galatica because it had good previews and i liked the concept, but when i came to watch it i was massively dissapointed, i thought the storyliens were poor as was the acting with one exception, overall a rubbish programme.

    I started to watch battlestar galatica because it had good previews and i liked the concept, but when i came to watch it i was massively dissapointed, i thought the storyliens were poor as was the acting with one exception, overall a rubbish programme.
    And if you havent watched this programme dont bother and if you do watch this programme, why?
  • I'm sorry, I really don't like this show.

    Everyone that I know who has watched this show really likes it. I really tried to like it and watched most of the first season and some of the second in an attempt to complete a hatrick along with my other favs - SG1 and SG Atlantis. But I don't like it. I loved the original 1978 show, but I just can't go for a female Starbuck. Especially when they make her so serious compared to Dirk Benedict. Plus when I watch this, I don't feel like I'm in Outerspace. There's way too much sex and way too much drama and not enough real substance. We all know that the sex and drama are going to go on, but if we wanted to watch that we could flip on a SOAP or some latenite on Cinemax. I'm sorry fans of this show, I really tried.
  • What has happened with BSG it starting to look like Dallas?

    What has happened with BSG it starting to look like Dallas?

    Can they stop making it so f.....g boring?

    From being one off the top series in the world to becoming the lamest!!!!!!! The first two seasons were great and the series hade such big hopes to becoming one of the best sci-fi series ever!!!

    But no we got another Dallas.

    Stop this fu...g depression wave and and make it the series that inspires sci-fi fans.

    Soon Adama will wake up and see that he dreamed the last two seasons...... lol I still think the characters are good and has a lot of potential.

    A worried fan......
  • Hate it!!

    This....... never mind. It's not as good as the previous ones and it's flat out boring. Yawn. If you want Battlestar Galactica watch the older ones. The new one sucks. If there was nothing on in the world except this I would go outside and play sports or go party somewhere or actually read a book! This is the exact meaning of DISASTER. I have an idea for this problem. Have it banned from T.V. Wait I can't do that. Then just don't watch it. Believe me I love Battlestar Galactica but it's just not the same as before.

    ~Priest Ohm~
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