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  • There are many copies!

    I think what makes this series work, something that the Sci-Fi channel has had success with with many of their other series (and mini-series), is that the acting and the drama are both excellent, and the sci-fi and technical prowess (see Star Wars Ep III) take a backseat. It's almost as though the outer space setting is disposible. Casting a woman to play Starbuck was genius, Mary McDonnel is one of my favorite actresses, and the hot blonde Cylon is a perfect touch. Also, and this tends to get lost in the mix when talking about this series, the opening montage is a perfect summary for people who haven't watched the shows...."There are many copies!" I love it.
  • I always think I want more action but...

    Every week that I watch this, I always hope for more Starship Trooper type of action, but then realize that it doesn't need it. The acting is outstanding, the characters are engrossing and the plot sucks me in. Politics, Sex, Betrayal, Love, Friendship, it has it all and doesn't dwell on any of it for more than an episode or two before finding a different groove to take.

    Took me a long time to get over Starbuck being a female! It still bothers me a little, but I really like it. You want to think of her as sexy, but you somehow think of her as your sister, since you knew the old Starbuck so well.

    Some say this is the new X-Files. While I think that statement may be too bold, it is worth a season pass on your TIVo.
  • Man must defeat the cylons who they created. It's the true man creates his own worst enemy story.

    When I first heard about the show, the visuals were the only thing that intrigued me about it. But after seeing a few episodes I was truly impressed. This show takes off where shows like Star Trek Next Gen left off. It deals with all the big issues that shows today don't want to. Like war, love, racism, political problems... All things that are too hot for TV, they are right there on Battlestar G, every week. Don't treat it like just another Space Opera because it isn't or if it is, it's the finest ever made.
  • If this show doesn't wake up the network bigwigs to the fact that the general public has gotten more sophisticated and can follow intelligent scifi shows, I don't think anything will! The best new show to come along since Farscape was cancelled! Galactaca

    If you don't see anything else on tv this year, don't get left out of the new Battlestar Galactaca series on the scifi channel! I wasn't a big fan of the original series, and I can't get enough of this newly worked version of the show. I found galactaca to be intelligent, exciting, thought provoking, entertaining, and a lot of fun.
    Season #1 was a great beginning, and if it is truly able to keep the momentum up next season, I think the new Galactaca will become a classic force to be reckoned with in the future!
  • My favorite Sci-Fi show, well made with a great story.

    The Cylons were created by Man.
    They Rebelled.
    They Evolved.
    They Look and Feel Human.
    Some are programmed to think they are Human.
    There are many copies.
    And they have a Plan.

    Ever since the mini series I was hooked on this show. The quality of the mini series carried through to the first season. I really like the story and hope that a new season will come out soon to answer the questions you were left with at the end of the first season.

    If you like any Sci-Fi space show you will like Battlestar Galactica. The show is about humanities struggle to survie destruction by cylons. The cylons attacked out of nowhere 50 some years after the first cylon war. Wiping out all but around 50,000 humans. Now the humans are searching for the fabled colony of Earth for a new home or at least a new world to start over on.

    The acting is great
    The story is great
    And the production quality is excellent
    So in the end I recommend this show to everyone and strongly recommend it to Sci-Fi fans

    Also you should watch the mini-series first to help understand what is going on. Plus it is really good too.
  • This has to be one of the best, new, breakthrough, scifi shows out there right now. It has incredible acting, a solid, deep, and intriguing storyline, and the special effects are great.

    The way the camera moves around in the miniseries had me hooked. It might seem funny, but hey, this show has some action-packed scenes full of questions. What the hell is up with the cylons, they have an infinite amount of clones spread who knows where. This plays the key role for the humans to try to find earth and avoid/destroy the cylons. It is the ultimate battle for good vs. evil. Man vs. Machine. The action is great. Storyline is great. Special effects are amazing. This show has a ton of potential and expect me to be sticking with this one.
  • In the far future, the Humans created the Cylons, to serve them. Now 50 years after the war ended between human and cylon, they are back. After the decimation of the 12 colonies, the survivors, a rag tag fleet led by the Battlestar Galactica must find a w

    For all those people who thought that the Star Trek Franchise had disapeared up its ass with the appauling Enterprise, this is the show for you. created by former Trek Alumni Ronald D Moore, this series is also far away from the camp and often embarrasing Original series. Gone are the campy costumes, replaced my naval/military fatigues. The Battlestar Galactica is Led by Commander Adama and Col. Tigh. the civilian government is led by the former minister of education and 43rd in Line Laura Roslin who inherited the presidency. Together they lead the human race into the future. its incredbile, well acted, well written, incredible special effects. a must watch
  • Much better than its 1978 counterpart, and definitely not for children.

    I watched the 1978 version of this show before when it reran I think on the Sci Fi channel several years back and I liked, it was O.K. but not great. When I heard they were going to remake the show I was skeptical to say the least and I think it was smart of the Sci Fi channel to run a miniseries first to see if it would work and it did. I was hooked from the beginning, not because it was great but because it had promise and I wanted to know what was going to happen.

    Battlestar Galactica has turned out to be great, awe-inspiring and it keeps me on the edge of my seat and that's what I love. Its also different from the original and its those differences that make it so much better than the original series. Its not just the great special effects but mostly what they did to the characters and the story.

    THE CYLONS LOOK LIKE HUMANS, and not just any old human, they got that tall sexy mystique, at least the woman, that can draw any guy to his knees. The male cylons aren't that bad themselves. There are even some great looking human woman. All these great looking people make for a lot of romance, betrayal, and sex that was missing in the first show. The first show had romance but it wasn't exciting or great.

    The other amazing thing is how they integrated the woman on the show they didn't make them all just 2nd to the men and the “manipulators”, some play important roles. By adding female pilots and most importantly turning Starbuck into a woman and making the president female I think they were able to draw more woman to the show, like me. A main problem I had with the first one was it didn't have that many females doing great things and contributing as much as the men. Here woman are strong, assertive and just as important to the plot as the men.

    Overall this show has grown a lot from the original series and appeals more to the people today than the 1978 version. This is definitely a must see and although it still has some rough edges I believe it will grow into a great show. I mean, I'm still waiting for the next season.
  • My husband got me hooked. Now I love it.

    Intriguing characters, good story plot, and nice visual graphics keeps me coming back for more. The perfect ending to a Friday night of sci-fi. I never saw any of the original Battlestar Gallactica series; this show has won me as a viewer on it's own merits. I absolutely love it; so does my husband.
  • Not your regular sci fi show!!!

    This is by far one of the best dramas out there. With all its plot twists and etc. i don\\\'t know why anyone would not want to watch the bsg. by far one of my new favortie shows. if u haven\\\'t watched it i STRONGLY suggest you check out bsg on every friday night on sci fi at 10/9c. CHECK IT OUT!
  • Great show!

    This show is absolutely fantastic. It has set a new standard for science fiction, gone are the days of lousy acting (e.g 'Andromeda') and cheesy stories (e.g. 'Star Trek'). Galactica has it all, both form and substance - a very rare thing in television these days.

    I can't wait for the new season.
  • Beats the living crap out of Star Trek (although Star Trek still rocks)

    Most spin-offs or remakes of really good TV shows end being really really bad, but in this case they made a remake which is possibly better than the original. These days, Science Fiction needs to be dark and violent, but also with a bit of storyline and character development. BSG 2003 has this is spades. It's taken the really good concepts and ideas of the older, more airy-fairy version, and changed them into a refreshingly more modern and more entertaining show. Probably the best aspect of the show is the new and improved Cylons, and I don't mean the human-looking ones. I'm talkin' 'bout the big, skeletal grey dudes with arm guns and big slanted red eyes. Such great special effects...
  • Without a doubt this is one of the best shows on TV.

    When I first heard that The Sci-Fi channel was doing a remake of Battlestar Galactica I didn't have much hope for it. The mini-series was a pleasent surprise but it wasn't until the weekly series started that I was truely blown away. I quickly relized that this was so much more than just another space opera. It has so many things goning on yet it manages to get everything right. If you are not watching this show because Starbuck is a woman, trust me and give it a chance.
  • Classy. Real Classy.

    This is not only a great piece of Science Fiction, but it's also one of the best written shows I've ever seen. It's not like other science fiction shows about ships and wars and things like that. It's about people. People who are worried, people with issues, people in love, people who may be Cylons, and people with other people in their heads. The first episode I ever watched was the jaw-dropping season finale, which clearly proved to me that this was a show I couldn't afford to miss, and I'm now I've gone back and watched everything from the beginning, and I am waiting on pins and needles for season 2. I am literally counting the days.
  • Asome Show

    I am a major fan of Sifi and after seeing the mini series of BSG I was hoping the show would go futher. Its the Best Sifi show yet. The effects are great and the story line keeps you guesing. Better then the original. I cant wiat for the next season.
  • Awsome show very good cast hope to see more. Awsome show very good cast hope to see more. Awsome show very good cast hope to see more. Awsome show very good cast hope to see more. Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.
    Awsome show very good cast hope to see more.

  • BG 2003 a spectacular series, i even think that this one is better than the older version. With outstading SFX, this series will be on SCIFI history board.

    BG 2003 a spectacular series, i even think that this one is better than the older version. With outstading SFX, this series will be on SCIFI history board.
    This show is not better than the old one because the SFX but because the personality of the caracthers that show many flauws, it shows both sides of caracther. I´m counting the days to the second season.
  • An intense and daring adrenaline rush through the expanses of space and the human psyche.

    Yet another attempt at reviving a 70s cult hit, Battlestar Galactica is no ordinary sci-fi come back. Instead of simply rehashing old plot threads and sprucing up the special effects, Ron Moore has cleverly reimagined the context of the show and produced a marvellous space serial that goes above and beyond anything see so far in this genre. It's lighting is rough and harsh, more gritty and realistic to our eyes, and it's characters are so much more than just 2D stereotypes falling against a wishwash of drab stories. Instead, the actors bounce of one another as they probe the human condition and aren't afraid of engaging in sex, violence, and righteous indignation. But these aren't just barbarians or criminals, they are humans, regardless of where or when, and they remind us what is like to be alone, to be outcast, and to be alive. In addition to the very impressive CGI, pacing, and continuity, the new BSG has wowed audiences around the globe and stunned the critics with its brazen style. And as if that doesn't sound good enough, the show is only 13 episodes off the starting line, with a no doubt equally fiery second season just busting to be let loose this July. Don't miss this show, it is truly the start of something big.
  • The best Sci-Fi series since Farscape...... Yes I was a fan of the original when I was a kid.

    What can I say about the new galactica that hasn\'t been said already. This is an awesome sci-fi series. The drama and intensity lend a realism that is often missing from such shows. Our survivors, not heroes, make mistakes get wounded and pay. I\'ve heard some complaints about there being not enough action from some sci-fi fans. Well to be honest that\'s a good thing. The enemy they are fleeing from has a great deal more personnel and equiptment than their ragtag little underpowered fleet could ever handle. In the premeire miniseries I actually got a chill when then jump capable ships had to jump and leave about half of the survivors they had gotten together behind.... the women\'s voice on the com while they showed the little girl playing \"...I hope you people burn in hell...\" and then the white light. The portrayal of survivor\'s guilt is very realistic. The trauma of your species near extintion and the total destruction of your civilization would leave some very serious emotional scars. Bravo to the Sci-Fi channel for this...looking forward to what\'s next.
  • Not bad, but a few substantial flaws.

    An excellent reworking of the special-effects dependent original series. Sufficiently cerebral to be more than just a guilty pleasure.

    But there are two problems.

    1. All the smoking. I haven't done a count, but in many episodes (more than half, I estimate) there's a scene with a major character smoking. Although sometimes this can be done for comic effect (as when the President's new doctor lights up while examining his patient), it tends to be Starbuck being all bold and cocky with her cigarettes. Gosh, I hope the young girls watching the program emulate her a lot! Isn't smoking cool? Isn't it fun and great? Won't it make you interesting?

    2. The curse of all science fiction shows: the tendency to try to put sex scenes in. I swear to God, if I see one more beast with two backs, I'm going to claw my eyes out of my head. Yes, people on the Galactica are having sex. If I want to see something pornographic, there are DVDs for that. And how come it's always, always, one man, one woman. Oh, I forgot, along with the smoking, there are no homosexuals in space.

    Other than those two things, and those are relatively minor issues, (I just like to complain) this is really one hell of a good show.
  • This has to be one of the best Sci-fi shows I have seen to date. Where shall I start? At last, someone has created a solid drama, with a sci-fi setting, that works really well and has no signs of having been written entirely for teenagers.

    First of all, there are no aliens - not a latex suit or funny-shaped eyebrows to be seen anywhere. I felt this instantly gives the show a feel of realism.

    While the technology obviously exists in the show, there is no attempt to explain its function, or even how it works, unless it is vital to the plot. I thought that made it seem very real - the characters live with these machines and technology all around them, they don\'t need to tell us how it works all the time. Also if you try to explain any fictional, advanced technology, you tend to just start inventing silly words.

    The story often focuses mainly on human affairs - not a single shot of vipers flying around or anything. I particularly love watching the way the characters manoeuvre around each other; I found I had to keep hitting rewind to go back and catch what they were saying, the dialogue was so well written.

    All in all, a top effort. I thought Sci-fi on TV was going to be restricted to Star Trek type aliens, fancy special FX and scientific gobbledy-gook. Can\'t wait for the second season to hit our screens down here. If the networks recognise something good when they see it of course.
  • Great serial Sci-Fi show. Whether you saw the original or not, this is worth checking out.

    Expecting a remake of the original series, I was blown away by the depth of this new show. The characters are great, the plot flows well, and well the Hot blonde doesn't hurt either (even though she's not human).

    My only quibble is that as a Hi-Def fan, I wish they were being show in HD first, not on Sci-Fi then re-broadcast in HD later
  • Why would they do this?

    Why would they remake this and change everything. Starbuck a female? Oh, why can\'t they just make a different show? They think they can get more viewers by using the name of a popular show? I don\'t understand why they can let this happen. The first Battlestar gallactica had humor, this has none. It doesn\'t have me watching it either.
  • Its finally here...

    Finally the Scifi series we have all been waiting for, it has intense characters, intense fights and believable story. Its also one of the most beautiful shows I have ever seen in my life, every episode is eyecandy and I just wanna see it again right after I finish it.

    The computer animation is flawless in my book, the colors, the lighting, everything is just perfect... Lets hope this extremely wellmade series continues for several years.
  • I love the way this show is filmed. The "shaky-cam" puts you in the center of the scenes. The little retro touches are pretty cool too.

    I love the way this show is filmed. The "shaky-cam" puts you in the center of the scenes. This is especially true during the space battles.

    Instead of an overview of whole battles a la Star Wars, they put you inside the battle. While you're trying to make sense of what's happening, I believe it brings you close to what the space pilots would experience themselves.

    The little retro touches are pretty cool too. The old analog ticking clock here, the retro phone there...

    Also, I absolutely like the new Starbuck. She's true to the original, but brings something new. She's quirky, she still smokes the cigar and play poker and just really seems to have a lot of fun.

    I think it stands solidly as its own.
  • My overall view of this show is that the Sci-Fi market of viewers will watch anything now that Star Trek - Enterprise is off the air.

    I give the show credit for taking the riegns from its predaccessor on this one. It started off with a bang... and I was hoping for a more"Militaristic" feel overall. Just when I start getting into it it gets all political and I get Un interested again. I believe the Doctors "mental Problems" need to be done with. It is the main reason for its degradation. I can deal with personal stryfe within crew and commoner... but dealing with a dilusional doctor is taking this show to new depths... rating depths. clean it up and show us what that "old" technology can do and get r done.
  • This show is just as the original version

    This show is pretty much a classic version just updated with is fast time action with zooming in and out quickly durring the heat of the battle.That is just plain amazing of the graphics but also the acting is supberb..Its really a show that will contain elements from the original version which I loved myself..Buy the DVD eddition..Its outstanding..And I like to point it to the light and move it around left and right to appear as if its alive..*Screams Cry Of Victory*This is a instant classic.
  • Our global village (and the effects of 9/11) have changed our society's view of the world. Talks of genocide, sneak attacks and hit and run warefare fill our news. Our views of privacy rights, military secrets and threat assessments has been turned into

    I was hesitant to watch this new BSG mini-series and did so only when the series began to air. Silly me.

    This is the finest show currently airing. Law & Order might bill themselves as 'ripped from the headlines' but BSG does the same thing and does it extremely well.

    The Colonies created the Cylons who rose up in rebellion and years later mounted the dreadful genocidal attacks. (does anyone see a corolary between this and 60 years of exploitive American foreign policy?)

    The President was not elected by the people (anyone, anyone?) but rather, she rose to office when everyone above her in the line of sucession was obliterated in the attacks. She and the military are now facing an election which she would rather not have to indulge.

    Cylons look like humans and some believe they are humans. The viewer doesn't know who might be a cylon until the writers chose to share the information. (your neighbor may be just another guy but could also be making chemical bombs in his basement)

    The Colonial forces are hugely undermanned and under equipped. Operating under constant threat and working round the clock to protect the remnants of humanity. (Base closings and forced retirements being conducted while the military is fighting a war in Afghanastan and occupying Iraq and our goverment threatens both N. Korea and Iran).

    Religion is another point of interest in this story. The humans worship the 'Lords of Kobol' who appear to be an amalgamation of Egyptian, Roman and Greek gods: The Cylons believe in 'one god' and that their god created them in his image. (fundamentalists of all religions seem to be creating theocracies around the planet.)

    Yep, ripped from the headlines and done extremely well.

  • Wonderful

    One of the best sci fi shows on currently. Love the story and the characters. My fav is Starbuck and Apollo.

    Im loking foward to seeing how the story plot evolves and if they ever get to Earth. Will the President die soon?? and who will take her place??. WHat happens with the Captian and will the Silons win?
  • Unlike other sci-fi tv shows, this series does not rely mostly on special effects and crazy aliens.

    Unlike other sci-fi tv shows, this series does not rely mostly on special effects and crazy aliens. Do not get me wrong, I love sci-fi everything. But this show has a dark quality that makes it all the more interesting. The plot quality is outstanding. Granted the original series was fun to watch, this series gives an accurate feeling of how these people feel and live as the run from the cylon. I think it is wonderful that the cylons now have models that look "human". And even thoes models do not always know what they are. This series is a great mixture of of sci-fi, drama and a cast that is exceptional.
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