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  • My favorite Sci-Fi show, well made with a great story.

    The Cylons were created by Man.
    They Rebelled.
    They Evolved.
    They Look and Feel Human.
    Some are programmed to think they are Human.
    There are many copies.
    And they have a Plan.

    Ever since the mini series I was hooked on this show. The quality of the mini series carried through to the first season. I really like the story and hope that a new season will come out soon to answer the questions you were left with at the end of the first season.

    If you like any Sci-Fi space show you will like Battlestar Galactica. The show is about humanities struggle to survie destruction by cylons. The cylons attacked out of nowhere 50 some years after the first cylon war. Wiping out all but around 50,000 humans. Now the humans are searching for the fabled colony of Earth for a new home or at least a new world to start over on.

    The acting is great
    The story is great
    And the production quality is excellent
    So in the end I recommend this show to everyone and strongly recommend it to Sci-Fi fans

    Also you should watch the mini-series first to help understand what is going on. Plus it is really good too.
  • If this show doesn't wake up the network bigwigs to the fact that the general public has gotten more sophisticated and can follow intelligent scifi shows, I don't think anything will! The best new show to come along since Farscape was cancelled! Galactaca

    If you don't see anything else on tv this year, don't get left out of the new Battlestar Galactaca series on the scifi channel! I wasn't a big fan of the original series, and I can't get enough of this newly worked version of the show. I found galactaca to be intelligent, exciting, thought provoking, entertaining, and a lot of fun.
    Season #1 was a great beginning, and if it is truly able to keep the momentum up next season, I think the new Galactaca will become a classic force to be reckoned with in the future!
  • After 5 years on the air with four seasons and a couple of films I have to say that this is the greatest sci-fi ever produced, including classics as Star Trek, Star Wars and such.

    I just watched the finale episode of Battlestar Galactica and find myself... stunned. I have been following this show since the beginning, watched all the webisodes, but haven't considered myself a BSG-freak, but now I am considering to become one. The production value and the story-telling in this show is absolutely fabulous, the acting and the special effects leave you breathless from time to time, and before all, the way the whole series seems thinked through is nothing else than beautiful. For some time I have been fearing that the series would have some kind of half-bad ending with a whole lot of loose ends, but no-no, the summarize of this show is one of the best I've seen, both in shows and movies. In other words, it would be totally worth it to watch all four seasons, the films and the webisodes just to experience this ending.

    Absolutely stunned.

    Thank you for five years of top notch entertainment, and thank you for a splendid ending that will make me love this series for all times.
  • Battlestar Galactica destroyed sci fi for me. Yes it did, but hear me out ok?

    After having seen three seasons of BSG in a week, lived with it you might say, I can't fully enjoy other sci fi as I used to (with the exception of 'Farscape' and 'Firefly'). It feels unreal, shallow, cliché and occasionally even badly acted.

    Why? BSG spoiled me, it really did. It plays in a league of its own. The characters feel so real, so human. They are flawed, they hurt, they scar, they love, they die. The ship feels real too, it isn't too "far out". It isn't run by a super smart computer and you can't just press a button or say "computer, do this and that". It doesn't have an energy field around it with blinking percentage showing up at a screen and someone saying that shield's are down. It's a tin can, and it's run by people. It has keys, levers, phones with cords… and people. And they turn the keys, pull the levers, and needs to find a phone whenever they want to contact someone. And there's someone at every little station imaginary. No single computer whiz doing it all. It feels like it's inhabited. People live on that ship.

    There isn't some advanced alien race looking like us (having evolved to almost the same thing at exactly the same time in the eternity that is the universe) wanting us dead. The enemy is our own creation, we built them. And it isn't about heroes and all good men and women. It's the few shards left of humanity… on the run. Trying to find somewhere to live, somewhere to restart civilisation.

    They aren't "superheroes". They don't succeed with everything. They cheat, they fail, they lose.

    It all feels so real.

    And the acting is superb. You believe them.

    I was so caught up in this show; I believed in the characters so much that I didn't recognize actors that I really should. I am the kind of person who recognizes people from a guest spot on a show I saw two years ago. But in this they aren't actors, the characters are real.

    Yep, can't watch sci fi in the same way anymore.
    I already miss being able to enjoy the other shows like I used to, but I wouldn't want to trade it back. No frakking way!
  • Dark, original and always surprising. This is hands down one of the best TV shows on television.

    While not every episode is a home-run, the entire series is so compelling and cohesive, you can't help but love it. My favorite character has to be Chief Tyrol, played by Aaron Douglas. Douglas does a great job of making Tyrol an "every-man" that we can all relate to. One can only hope that the last episodes wrap everything up cleanly and satisfyingly. I've heard Eddy Olmos say that the ending will be very dark and I've heard Aaron Douglas say that the last time you see each character will be exactly the way you want to leave them. Hopefully they're both right.
  • I love the way this show is filmed. The "shaky-cam" puts you in the center of the scenes. The little retro touches are pretty cool too.

    I love the way this show is filmed. The "shaky-cam" puts you in the center of the scenes. This is especially true during the space battles.

    Instead of an overview of whole battles a la Star Wars, they put you inside the battle. While you're trying to make sense of what's happening, I believe it brings you close to what the space pilots would experience themselves.

    The little retro touches are pretty cool too. The old analog ticking clock here, the retro phone there...

    Also, I absolutely like the new Starbuck. She's true to the original, but brings something new. She's quirky, she still smokes the cigar and play poker and just really seems to have a lot of fun.

    I think it stands solidly as its own.
  • Indescriptible !

    No other show, no movie, no book nor novel has captivated me like Battlestar Galactica the last 5 years. Politics, faith, love, betrayal, violence, hate, survival, science ethic, morality, social and cultural differences, education, family... So many themes explored in this show while keeping it straight, logical but always surprising, interesting and extremly well played.
    Thank you for 4 wonderful seasons. The cast, writers, producers and all the people who worked on this show should be very proud : this is a classic I will keep for a very long time and make sure my grand children watch. Chris from Paris
  • So Say we all......

    Excellence personified. Superb ending but wanted to see Cylons get a bit more of a kicking. Caprica pilot looked just as interesting. Thanks for an enthralling ride BSG.....SO SAY WE ALL. Adama(The Old Man), a genuine leader despite the floors, warts and all. In the end the real reason the 12 colonies survived all their tribulations. The Cylons realised their all to disturbing human traits and disappeared to everyones releif. Kara Thrace was able to sidestep her fate and save her people. Sad for Lee though. Never got to get it on properly with Starbuck and Dee couldn't take any more before the final scenes were set. Baltar disturbed, shallow, selfish but very funny. Finally got to understand what the struggle was really about but is still an arrogant b*****d. Finally the Cylons......frakin' toasters, send them all to oblivion !! Bring on CAPRICA !! So say we all !
  • All good things...Humans and Cylons fight survive

    After the many years of watching BSG it was really a fitting end and a well deserved rest. It would have been a bold and depressing ending if the whole human race had been obliterated. It would also have been surreal had the humans blasted the Cylons to Kingdom come.

    In this ending, the humans escape to find refuge on the only speck of life in the a million light-years, our Earth. The characters were allowed to flourish in the 5 years it was on. Knowing where they started only added to the richness of the individual.

    It really was character driven. Like the West Wing, it's a show that I will truly miss.
  • The diversity reviewer is an idiot...

    First, I'll just respond to the guy who said that the show is not diverse: by my count, two out of six of the primary characters (Edward James Olmos and Grace Park) are non-White. This is a higher percentage than most shows, I should think. Also, when you consider that half the regular cast are women and that there are a number of other "people of color" on the show (such as Candice McClure), this is a particularly idiotic criticism of this show. It is not inaccurate when talking about many other programs, and perhaps television in general, but it does not apply to this show, which is an exception to this rule if there is one.

    There's a reason why this show has such a good reputation: it always stays truthful to its characters. There aren't artificially happy endings, there aren't (usually) other good guys over the horizon, there is no backup--this is the story about a group of flawed, broken people who have no choice but to trust each other and work together to find a planet that may very well not exist. It is rare to find a show that doesn't constantly work to make its characters always likeable--indeed, many of the show's characters (such as Starbuck) often inspire complex and ambivalent feelings. However, the characters are compelling, and despite their considerable personal demons, they generally do the right thing. The show is very much character-driven, as opposed to the plot-driven likes of the Star Trek spinoffs (Deep Space Nine excepted), and a good (or bad) decision will continue to have consequences for episodes (and seasons) afterward.

    There are a couple of times where this show has so far exceeded any possible expectations that they must be mentioned. The first is the Cain Trilogy of episodes (Pegasus and Resurrection Ship, Parts I and II) that pit Adama (Olmos) against a harsh senior officer whose imperious nature could spell disaster for the Fleet. These episodes are remarkable in that, while Cain is certainly a stubborn and arrogant foe, is not wholly unreasonable--in fact, she has reasons for everything she does, and some of them are uncomfortably correct. The show does not turn Cain into a villain, but rather she becomes a sort of tragic hero who has lost perspective and is able to justify anything she does as preserving her crew. Michelle Forbes does an excellent job as well--I can't imagine another actress creating such a complex but ultimately brutal figure.

    The second is the sequence of five episodes that begin the third season. Although it has been denied in some quarters, these episodes show the effects of an external occupation upon a group of humans, and it draws many uncomfortable parallels with the Iraq occupation (and unseen military tribunals, too). It is perhaps the gutsiest television ever to hit airwaves in the United States since the original Star Trek, and it does exactly what good sci-fi should do: challenge our assumptions.

    Ultimately, this show is not reputed to be one of the best on television without reason. Watch it and find out why.
  • It HAD to end this way, because it has always been about us.

    It all clicked into place after Galactica's last jump, away from the cylon colony. As the Earth rose above the moon, you could easily discern the continent of Africa. The end of season 4.0 showing Earth in ruins, well I could not understand why nothing they showed looked familiar (like the Statue of Liberty in Planet of the Apes). As for how the series ended as a whole, well you can please some of the people some of the time...... I thought it all fit well. It answered a lot of questions and asked a few new ones. I am really disappointed to see it end, but I can live with the way it did. I loved the entire ride with all of its perfection and flaws. And if you didn't like the end, well that's just too frakkin' bad.
  • Television doesn't get much better then this

    If there is one show that is almost perfect and the best thing that has graced American television in a long while then it is "Battlestar Galactica". Even people like Joss Whedon and a lot of the writers who work for J.J. Abrahams (who knows, my Abrahams) himself said that they really do not want to be disturbed while watching BSG. It tells a lot when he some of the best writers and producers in Hollywood are in complete awe. Televsion doesn't get much better then this. The characters are multi-dimensional. There is no clear cut black or white but many, many shades of grey. The drama is extremely tightly woves and doesn't leave much space for any form of plot hole or redundant story lines. Basically every episodess purpose is to push the story forward. "Battlestar Galactica" has a lot more in common with a really good book and less with a show. "heroes" also tries to be like that but failed miserably after the first season. BSG is one of those shows that will completely spoil you for a lot of the other stuff on television because most shows will suddenly seem so flat, shallow and trivial.
  • one of the all time greats

    This show has taken on huge challenging themes that all perhaps could be grouped under the heading "who are we?". Who are we without a homeworld? Who are we if we find that those we have always held to be so different from us turn out not to be so different after all? Who are we when we are fighting for our most basic survival? Who are we after we die? Where did we come from? Where are we going as a species? These kinds of questions are actually undercurrents in our own times, but we don't all think about them every day. In this show - the characters have to think about them constantly because their actions will determine the fate of the entire human race. The writers brilliantly use that situation to explore the meaning of humanity, including civilization, politics, religion, etc. I especially loved the initial mini-series. It's sad that bsg will be over this season, but smart of them to end it while it is still good.
  • shame its ended

    The last episode was utterly awesome and i the way that it ended guess there wont be any follow ups. guess you cant have a battlestar galactica without the actual ship it just wouldnt be the same, but why they abandoned technology is beyond me, simple technology would help them and they started off without it so surely they must of known that sooner or later it would crop back up and why didnt any archeologists discover the raptors there were plenty flying around earth and i bet they didnt get rid of them. And why did kara just dissappear. shame its ended i think i kind of liked the fact of flying around in space. technology wouldnt make that all happen again because theyd no what to and what not to do with it. last half hour of it really dissapointed. but the rest was awesome.
  • Not your regular sci fi show!!!

    This is by far one of the best dramas out there. With all its plot twists and etc. i don\\\'t know why anyone would not want to watch the bsg. by far one of my new favortie shows. if u haven\\\'t watched it i STRONGLY suggest you check out bsg on every friday night on sci fi at 10/9c. CHECK IT OUT!
  • An update on the old Galactica (now featuring Grace Park!)

    The first thing you notice is that the mostly male cast of the original has been replaced with a mixed cast. Most obviously Starbuck and Boomer are women, and the main Cylon is a babe too. The old silver cylons are still kept around for muscle (some have been turned into fighter ships) but the main Cylons are a sort of human, clone, android or something. They look like people, in other words.

    Edward James Olmos steps in with style to the role of Commander Adama. This part could not be better cast. There are other people in the cast as well, and they do a fine job, but most importantly, Grace Park is the new super-hot Boomer. Not only is she a fabulous actress, capturing the unique multi-role with great feeling and skill, but she is incredibly gorgeous.

    If you haven’t seen the series, or saw a few episodes and are lost as to story line, start by getting the pilot miniseries on DVD. The miniseries sets up the background and introduces all the characters. One feature of the miniseries that I especially enjoyed, and that guaranteed I would watch the series, was that it features Grace Park as Boomer! (did I mention that she is really beautiful, even in her pilot’s uniform?)

    I look forward to season one DVD set out soon (featuring Grace Park as Boomer).

    With a full season two ordered this “Battlestar Galactica” has already outlasted the original. Hopefully there will be many seasons to come. (hopefully they will all include Grace Park, but I digress)

    Watch it. It’s good.
  • There are many copies!

    I think what makes this series work, something that the Sci-Fi channel has had success with with many of their other series (and mini-series), is that the acting and the drama are both excellent, and the sci-fi and technical prowess (see Star Wars Ep III) take a backseat. It's almost as though the outer space setting is disposible. Casting a woman to play Starbuck was genius, Mary McDonnel is one of my favorite actresses, and the hot blonde Cylon is a perfect touch. Also, and this tends to get lost in the mix when talking about this series, the opening montage is a perfect summary for people who haven't watched the shows...."There are many copies!" I love it.
  • Long Live Galactica.

    This is just pure genius. Ignore the negative Nancies on this one, and listen to all the great comments, I can't add anything that has not already been said. If you have a chunk of your precious time to dedicate to a show that will take you on an emotional journey. With some of the finest acting, writing, plots, character development and production of any Science Fiction show ever. Then my friend, this is for you. Long live Galactica............
  • THe best tv show on tv. Not lost or heroes, this is the masterpiece of tv Sci-fi show. Thats it the best show on TV

    Ok maybe it is slow the second half of this episode. But really its incredible how good a show can be. Not all the bad episodes, bad writing, bad character development as in heroes or lost.
    Battlestar galactica will be the best, clasic of Sci-fi. I really belive this show will change all the crap in tv right now, just to make an effort an be as good as this show.

    THe first part was amazing in the edge of the seat tipe of episode, the second half, makes complete sence if you think about it.

    Battlestar have always been about the characters and their realtion ship with destiny and "divine" powers. And the war, is just the mirror, the way human acts. Cylon or not, we are violent and irracional. So the only way of not doing that is by, giving up everything we have achive, because that makes us, go back to zero.
    So i think this is a perfect ending for a perfect show.

    Lets say good bye to the best show on TV.
    All say we all
  • Wow. Just wow. A superb ending to a superb show.

    It has been a couple of years since I started following Battlestar. I remember having to watch a couple of episodes before the show struck home, but ever since then I have been dying to discover the fate of the characters and of the remnants of human civilization. Though several episodes over the years annoyed me for not bringing the storyline forward, the majority were excellent. Cudos to the writers for creating such a dynamic and multifacetted saga. I was a bit worried for the end game - would it be all drama and no answers? Instead of dissapointment I find myself allmost in shock over this close to religious experience that the final episode almost was. Not only did they succeed in making an action packed last adventure, but also in giving the viewers a plausible explanation of applied probability theory in a cosmic setting. In short - I am speechless.
  • for those who are still watching the first three seasons and think they are awesome, wait until you watch season four...

    simply, it gets better every season. Personally, season four is the best of all. knowing that this season will be the ending of that show I still wish if there was another one...
    for those who are still watching the first three seasons and think they were awesome seasons, wait until you watch season four. Its absolutely amazing with lots of changes of events. The whole story line will take you to another dimension. If you're the type of person who likes predicting whats gonna happen next, then good luck with this one, cuz you might get only a few of these right...
  • Quite simply the best television program I've ever seen. Unparalleled writing, an excellent cast and the most engrossing saga I have had the privilege of watching unfold on a weekly basis.

    Let me start by saying I was never a big Sci-Fi person, The original trilogy was okay, I'm not a "trekkie" and I thought the original Battlestar Galactica was terrible. So when Battlestar 2003 was recommended to me I was a little skeptical, however this happened to be a week when I was payed my long overdue Christmas Bonus and therefore I decided to buy the Mini-Series and see what all the fuss was about. Needless to say around 2-3 days later I was caught up (end of season 2 at the time) and thrilled to find out season 3 was just around the corner. Now with 2 episodes to go I felt like expressing my love for this stellar piece of television. It feels odd trying to review a show that I see as flawless so I guess I would say that whilst any Sci-Fi fan should enjoy this immensely, anyone who can appreciate great casting, exceptional writing and as mentioned above (see summary) a show I could only define as a saga -- I guess I should explain the saga usage, Battlestar has managed from the first hour to the fourth last to keep me engrossed, to keep me caring about these characters and most of all to always be anticipating the same event that is now only a couple of weeks away, how will humanity survive? -- will find Battlestar Galactica to be one of the most brilliant mediums of entertainment available. Go watch it. Now. Right Now. Good.
  • One of the best ever ...

    I am a 45 year old man - I live in Germany but my Dad was American - and so am I. When I first heard the series from the 70ies would be relaunched I feared myself. The old series was so plastic - eventhough everything was plastic these days. But when I saw the pilot and then some more - I was stunned. The mixture between tough Sci-Fi, the Stephen King like ultra detailed pictures of the characters and the feelable dirt, sweat love and fear on that trip to earth. Unbelievable. Real good. Next to LOST one of the best shows in the genre of the fantastic film - ever.
  • Without a doubt, the best damn show on television. While crappy, repetitive and unimaginative shows like 'Heroes' or 'Lost' take central stage, Battlestar Galactica is the unsung hero of SciFi Television, and is without a doubt a masterpiece of it'

    If people only knew. Most people are frightened by hard core SciFi shows, which is why so many SciFi shows today attract audiences with eye-candy and soap-opera storylines, but few are the shows that actually have meaning to them, a higher purpose.
    Battlestar Galactica is one of the shows that may put off audiences at first sight. Without actually giving it a try, people might think it's just yet another Star Trek, or yet another Star Wars. What people don't realize is that this story is about human nature, it's about the human race's past, present and future. It's about us - about our society. It's about politics, it's about religion, it's about philosophy and it's about love.
    It's the human story - the saga of humanity as we've seen it, and as it probably would have been under other circumstances.
    I think the one philosophy that can be derived from the show is "All of this has happened before, and will happen again".
    The show tells us that our history is not unique, that everything we've endured will happen again in one form or another - and that even if the human race was split in two at it's beginning, the two separate lines of human dynasties would probably go through the same stories - more or less - again and again.
    Without a doubt - this is the best written show on television, and the conclusions that are surely to come when the show comes out of hiatus will probably be mind-boggling as the rest of the show has been until now.
    People who don't watch this show are missing a once-in-a-decade event. I pity them.
  • How in the world could this show pass me by??

    Ok, so after watching almost every scifi show out there, I finally bought the first season of BSG on DVD three weeks ago. I have no explanation to why I haven't seen this show before, I can only plead insanity! I was hooked right in the middle of the loooong pilot! Why can't all shows have pilot of this lenght and magnitude?? I have never seen a show that has me sitting on the edge of my seat for 99 percent of the episodes. After the first cylon attack, with the fleet on the run, to then discover that there are actually more cylons aboard the Galactica, was a shocker! I have since watched both the complete season one aswell as season two, and today I started season three! Did I mention that I LOVE this show? I can't believe that it's soon ending but my hat off to all the excellent writers and the amazing cast of this show!

    If you only want to watch one show in your lifetime, THIS is the one!
  • Starbuck returns with many questions.

    After a great season, Battlestar Galactica started again with a fantastic episode. First of all, Starbuck returned with many questions. She claims that She has found the earth but She can not persuade people so she looks for other ways. She was so calm when she returned. Then we understand that She lost her concept of time because she thought she came back after just a few hours but the truth suprised her as She had been gone for two months. So what happened in two months, is unknown. How did she survive the explosion? Also the scene where Sam and a cylon's eyes met, was really worth watching. I just could not help holding my breath. I hope Adama believes her because every jump makes Starbuck forget the path to the earth. It was a very good start to season four. Really good job. I admired it.
  • One episode good enough for whole season.

    Battlestar Galactica is a proof that remake of a cult show can be even bigger cult show... BSG is one of the few shows on TV with not only good adventure and humor, but also intelligence. Even though third season was a little bit slower then the rest of the show, season finale was most amazing episode, showing me once again that BSG is show that with qualities not many others have.

    The most fascinating thing about this show is it's cast: the way lives of seven main, and countless recurring characters, all filled with their secrets, obsessions and fears. It's hard to pick a favorite amongst them, but if I had to chose it would be Kara, then maybe Apollo and Gaius. Thing I love most about them is that they're all so impossibly human - they make mistakes, and they often run from their responsibilities. They are so not heroes, and that makes it much easier for us to feel for them.

    Another reason I love BSG are plot twists, like the one in first season finale. No one is 100% honest, so you never know what to expect. I could never say for BSG that it's boring.
  • Quite simply the best television show on television. Brilliantly written, acted, and paced - there is nothing about this show that isn't daring and fantastic.

    After a shaky pilot episode (the miniseries was great but the first episode of the actual show was a little weak), Battlestar Galactica has quickly become my favorite show on television. It is dramatic, extremely well acted, and brilliantly written. Just when I thought that there was no way the first season could be improved upon, the second season did just that - with the most ambitious and daring season finale that I've ever seen on any show. This show is what Star Trek should've been. It takes all that was good about Farscape and improves upon it. It is both powerful drama aside from sci-fi and brilliant sci-fi. All-in-all, Galactica is a winner!
  • Sci-Fi at it's absolute best!

    I love all Sci-Fi, but there's something extra special about BSG. It may have something to do with the emphasis on character development and superior scripts, rather than the run-of-the-mill technobabble and special effects. Don't get me wrong, the space scenes are awesome in their elegance and lack of standard Sci-Fi sound effects. The Galactica herself is an awesome ship with some big firepower, but the show doesn't focus on the ship, rather those who crew her. They are a flawed crew, there's no standard Starfleet mentality that everyone should get on with each other, because they don't. Still they all work toward the survival of the human race and put aside there problems for the betterment of the fleet. I can't praise Ron Moore & David Eick enough, this is a masterpiece.
  • Never afraid to go in new directions, always keeping the viewer guessing, and using all media to tell the story, turely a classic.

    This reimagining of the 80s classic bears little similarity to it's name sake apart from character names and the basic premise of the mechanical race of cylons attempting to wipe out the human race.

    The show seeks to keep the viewer guessing and is not beyond killing a main character or two just to keep us on our toes. No star trek red shirts here, in this show every characters life is at stake.

    At first the changes seemed gratuitous, for example starbuck now being female but it quickly grows on you. I also like that they don't just keep to TV to tell the story with some superbly produced "webisodes" between series providing some great story backdrops

    Simply a must see for any science fiction fan
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