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  • Final moments made the struggl;e of the whole series pointless, at least in the grand scheme of things.

    Hrm. Loved the series overall, though some of the New Caprica stuff was rather pointless. The las part of the finale just generated an incredible sense of futility. Ok, *these* particular humans survived, but their culture, civilization, knowledge, etc., gone. Poof. There was utterly no point to them running to earth. Humans were already here, so the race survves regardless. They get rid of their tech, so humanity has a "clean slate", which is pretty illogical, actually, no, it's idiotic. They guaranteed that mankind will have no knowledge of the evils of making machines as slaves, yada yada, so they accomplish the exact opposite of their intention. "Going native" was selfish, stupid, and worst of all, made their entire struggle to keep human civilization alive, pointless. They may as well not have come to Earth at all, since there wera already humans here, and other than the fact they didn't have language yet, they seemed to be doing ok. I'll leave out the various angel/God/destiny drivel, since it ended up being mostly fluff, and portrays God as someone rather like a child using a magnifying glass on ants....over and over.