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  • Terrible ending to a once great show.

    I used to love this show, but watching the last season was just dreadful. I was hoping that the story would return to something resembling the first season, but no... In the end it was a massive cop out. God solved everything.
    Yeah right... In order to break the cycle of violence, let's do the following: destroy all our technology, make sure our immortal enemies still keep theirs, and lets live in caves for the next 150,000 years. Surely that's a massive improvement. There were so many things wrong with this ending I can't even begin to mention them all.... some of the other reviews might have tried, kudos to them. I just don't think my fingers can type that much. To be honest, I might not even be qualified to write a review, I gave up about halfway through this monstrosity of an episode and started fast forwarding through to the end. The only good thing about this episode is that they finally ended a show that was getting worse with every single episode. Now all I can do is hope that the planned prequels/sequels either don't come off the ground or are written by someone more qualified. A drunken monkey comes to mind...