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Syfy (ended 2010)





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  • Silly.

    In the end this series was silly, supernatural, sci-fi. Sufficient suspense to draw you in, as it did me, but like binge drinking ultimately leaves an aftertaste of bile.

    I can tolerate the science-fantasy of Star Wars and similar when the story strongly draws upon the human struggle, but this series was just bent on TRYING to warp religious myth into science understanding. Worse than DS9's attempt, BSG tempts believer audiences with the idea that monotheism is superior to pantheism and is wholly compatible with critical thinking. Ethics and morals come from our humanness and do not need a supernatural origin.

    The characters had their moments (sexy female cylons for one), special effects theirs (the FTL of Galactaca out of its falling attack for one), the plot lines and underlying themes simply fell short in the end....I guess this show is pretty much Sci-fi for Creationists as exemplified by the series finale. No real answers provided....just point at "God" (aka Adm. Adama) as the underlying reason for all. Add to that the new BSG series spoils my fine memories of the original BSG series. Still I generously give the series a 5, as I was able to stomach it in the end.