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  • The plot that was lost along the way...

    This new Battlestar Galactica started out in what I would say was a fantastic initial series. The setting was clearly never focused just on technology, with the attention to the Gaius Baltar character in series one being clearly on human vulnerabilities, and to me was gripping (the whole of series one I was say never dragged). Unfortunately the following series seemed to start losing their way, not keeping the same standard as the first series, for example, the episodes based on the new caprica seemed dull in comparison. However it was the way it ended which seemed the most disappointing, anyone who watched the behind the scenes 'The Last Frakkin Special' show should have noticed the comment 'forget the plot, it was about the characters'. This comment I think it telling, basically it looks like they had totally messed up the plot line (could be argued by the start of series 3), and instead of trying to rectify this in series four, instead they ended the whole thing by just focusing on some of the individuals (and even in this regard there was blatant holes, no real explanation around the Starbuck character for example). As it ended with so many unexplained plot holes (and a really a nonsensical ending in a whole host of ways), I can only presume that the director was under great pressure from the TV station just to wrap things up (as they were canning the show) and took the easiest way out. From what began with a truly great start, unfortunately it has had a very disappointing ending, if anyone was to ask in future, I could honestly only recommend this new Battlestar Galactica overall as watchable, rather than good or great (which it could have been).
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