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  • The best show i've ever encountered ???

    i'm not a TV geek, or a scifi person. When i watched the show for the first time (it was Flesh and Bone epi) i didn't like it, or didn't understand what the hell is going on so i gave up. But then i've heard a lot of reviews -good ones- about it, so i decided to give it another try i searched for a good episode and chose the Farm & Home1, and i was AMAZED. the acting of Katee, Jamie, Grace was so outstanding. i just loved it and bought the whole 4 seasons at once and started watching. the characters: they're what make a show success or total crap. All of them delivered a fine act a very believable and likable acting, starting with the Admiral, the old man, loved every part of his dilemmas. Mary is just weirdly great. Starbuck, wow, where to begin?! Katee is my fav actress right now. And knowing that she and Helfer are friends is just great.
    Bulter is a different story, he's good and insane but i didn't like his character that much, i mean they just should have thrown him off an airlock and get rid of him. Loved the little moment when Kara walks in on him with the imaginary Caprica in season1, the look on her face was so funny that i laughed till it hurt.

    the writers did a fine work in the development of the story and characters, and gave them depth and personalities. it's just a great show, there are no words to describe it, it's just great. Till now i haven't seen any show that lift up to BSG's level. P.S. i watched TSCC just because it's about Robots. And i didn't regret it.
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