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  • The Darkness of Space

    This show is not just my favorate sci-fi show ever but it's my favorate show in general. This show I can't help but feel it was just made for me. It is just so perfect for me I can't find one thing wrong with it nor do I want to so you won't find me saying anything bad.

    Yeah I saw the original 70's show it's derived and I like it but I don't really love it. This show I feel is a great example of a revival/remake done the right way but also just providing us one of the best final fronteer sci-fi's I've ever seen, the show is a Philp K. Dick like tale.

    There are just lots of great things about the show, I love the CGI, effects and even the set pieces it all loods good. I really bought and believed in this final frounteer universe the show is set in and loved the designs of the ships and seeing how worn they looked giving an sense of time and age. Just seeing this shows what happens when you use those three elements the right way. The atmosphere was dark and moody, the battle sequences are great, it's true their a bit brief and there is some shakey cinamatography. But the shaky cinamatography I'll admit I'm not fond of this technique but in this show it's used the right way I feel gave that feeling of how realistic and intense the battles really are, plus it wasn't so shaky where I couldn't see who shot who I acutally could see it. And also the cinamatorgraphy gave the show and almost documentry feeling since most of it felt like or probably was shot with a digital camera, it really help give that feeling not just of how realistic things are but that your the other character that is in this universe and currently filming what is happening in in. This also helped with the atmosphere making it tense and suspenseful because you know something is happening but there isn't anything you can do about it.

    However despite all of this what made the show really work were the characters and the development they all went though. All of them just feel papably realistic as if all of them could exist. I'll just say a few characters that are my favorates. Athena (Grace Park) she is just a great character let alone the actress I think is hot as hell as well as good. She is the most sympathtic and complex, she started off as a mere spy with a mission but then decided to defect because of her love for a human. And of course she has to struggle with gaining trust and living among the humans. Helo he's my second favorate. His character is somewhat of a peacekeeper, from his relationship with
    Athena it has widened his view on the Cylons making him realize that not all of them are evil, and he does the best thoughout the show to make sense out of the madness and maintain some sense of fairness.

    I really love the relationship both characters have in the show they have great chemestry I really bought them as best friends turned lovers, it's almost simlar to the romance story in two anime series "Gundam 08 MS Team" and "Macross" which both had a man and woman from different sides of the war falling in love with one another. The other thing I love about the relationship is there is a universal sensablity about it, it could be about two people of a different religon, one whom is handcaped, just any kind of relationship you can think of which always had to do about two people being different and are persecuted because of the simply fact they love one another. This made me route for both of them even more because what they feel for each other isn't wrong, to say love is wrong or even try to destroy it is a crime.

    What I love is how at times your feelings about the characters can be mixed or even change which made them all the more realistic. At time what they do could put you at odds with them. Were also not sure of what to feel about the war since there is sort of a grey area, were not sure how the war was started and the Cylons motives are enigmatic. But it's also facnating how both the humans and cylons are struggling to put sense and meaning into their existance and what being human really means.

    It gets at issues of falabilities, distrust, racism, redemption, ethical boundaries how much we are tempted to break them and the importance of maintaining them. As well as extensial phylosophical concepts on humanity and existance.

    Battlestar Galatica takes you to the darkness of space and beyond.
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