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  • As good as you've heard.

    Spoilers people!!

    I mean it. Stop reading now if you've ever even thought of watching this show. Go watch it, you won't regret it.

    Ok, lets get this out of the way - A wizard did it. While I found it disappointing that they specified this, I still can't hate the show for doing it. If you didn't realise they might do this coming into the last episode, then you really weren't paying attention.

    Personally I prefer shows to let the viewer make their own mind up about religion, intervention by a higher power doesn't have to equal God, but the writers defined it as that and that's their choice. In a way that's kind of a ballsy thing to do, as I'm sure they realize they'd alienate some fans this way.

    Setting this aside, the show started ok, a relatively good little space opera, an improvement on the original. Nothing in the mini-series really spelled out just how good it would become and only a few glimpses in the first season (33s) really showed the full potential.

    Once the Kobol arc kicks in though the show is full on until the end of the series. Yes the bad season 2 episodes are bad, but a few wobbles a season are allowed in any tv show when the writing, acting and effects are this good.

    It never ceases to suprise, whether in the intelligent writing, story twists and for a 'non-HBO/Showtime/etc' show, just how far they are willing to push what you can get away with - not to put to fine a point on it - making it probably the first 'mature' SF show and I'm not talking about sex. In this respect it owes a debt of gratitude to many earlier SF TV shows, but instead of pushing forward the boundaries, it drags them all the way into the 21st Century.

    I have the odd gripe about the series, but they're minuscule in comparison to just how good this show is. That's why it gets a 10.