Battlestar Galactica

Syfy (ended 2010)





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  • Clearly one of the best shows I have seen!

    I did not watch this show until it had ended. In fact, I had heard about it but never thought that it would be something that I could get into. Boy was I mistaken!

    Almost by accident I started watching this show because it was recommended to me by Netflix of all things. On a lark I decided to give it a chance. And am I ever so happy that I did. Yes it is a sci-fi show but in many way it is more than that. It is storytelling of a high order. It is also a show that is cinematic in its scope and scale.

    When the final scenes finished streaming, I found myself wanting more. I definitely will be catching up on Caprica and BSG: Blood and Sand to get a little more detail and to keep the ride going.

    After streaming on my computer I purchased the BluRay set. I loved listening to the commentary and watching the deleted, scenes, etc. It added layers and texture to an already amazing story!