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  • The best sci-fi show ever comes to an end

    I've been putting off writing this review for a long long time.

    There are two truths to this story. One, the big and epic conclusion to one of the best shows ever shown on tv. By a long shot, the best series almost everyone failed to watch.

    But then there is the finale itself. And it pains my heart to admit that... It was crap.

    I'm talking about the last 4 minutes or so. It's not that it didn't have it's moments, the last flight of the president was beautiful. But then there's two annoying moments:

    Nowhere in the mythology angels were mentioned.

    And for god's sake, Deus ex machina? Really? It's so cliché it hurts.

    God did it is NEVER a good ending, doesn't matter how you twist it.

    My grade should be seen as 10 for the whole thing and 0 for the last minutes. That should average at 9.5.