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  • Problems with BS Galactica

    So, even though this series is off the air now, there are some of us who are still discovering it for the first time. This includes me. I'm busy watching the series on Netflix where you can watch the first four seasons.

    I'm on season two right now. Here are somethings that bug me about this series:

    1) For a civilization to have developed the technology to create battleships like the Galactica, why on earth would people still be using paper??? I mean seriously, this makes NO SENSE. Even with a show like Star Trek, back in the sixties, you had reports that were approved and signed by Captain Kirk and they weren't reports made of paper but "iPad" like devices which the captain would review.

    2) A cure for cancer. I'm sorry but a civilization as advanced as in technology as one that can create battleships and travel via warp speed, in my opinion, would have found the cure to cancer. It made no sense in the first season that the president would be dying from breast cancer. If anything, it should have been some other disease.

    3) Pilots are PILOTS. And NOT Marines too! In today's military, you have NAVY, ARMY, MARINES and AIR FORCE. You don't see air force pilots fighting on land similar to what Marines do! Air force pilots fly planes! They don't act like Marines. So to watch Starbuck acting like a marine makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. She's a PILOT. And that is what she excels at. So for the writers to take such artistic license by having Starbuck act like a marine is ridiculous.

    4) What is the source of oxygen on all of these battleships? Like Galactica, for instance? Is this ever explained? Where are the green plants?

    That's just for starters. I have other complaints that frankly should have been addressed by the writers of this series.

    Yes, this series does tackle many political issues. And I enjoy it. But there are some serious WTF situations written into this series that make no sense whatsoever.