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  • Interesting concepts

    Battlestar Galactica is a one of a kind series for me. I've watched it fully once and I'm started rewatching it for a second run. I've caught many things that I missed and noticed some interesting concepts that were brought into this incredible space opera.

    Firstly, I'd like to say at first the religious side of BSG in the beginning did not sit well with me. However, as the story progressed, I notice the religious side of BSG has deeper meanings and many interpretations. Even though I at first I did not like the blend of science fiction and religion, in the end it did bring some interesting concepts to the table and benefited the show greatly.

    Now that I got that over with I would like to talk about some other aspects of the series. The characters progression is paced well and well it actually feels like they are real people with real problems.

    The pacing in general was done well except I think two episodes which were "Black Market" and "The Women King" which were out of place and probably the series's weakest episodes.

    The storyline and plot were thrilling and created a tense atmosphere which constantly had your heart beating. It is also filled with an enormous amount of plot twists which I love. And there are many heart-wrenching moments. The only inconsistencies with the storyline were some unanswered questions but in general I don't feel that it distracts that much from the plot since the good outweighs the bad, at least in this case.

    The science fiction in this series is incredible. From using obscure swear words such as "frak" to the most incredible CGI space battles you will ever see. Most of the SF is explained and pretty well. This show was advertised as Science Fiction so that is why I was worried with the inclusion of religion. However, as I said before it added to the show immensely.

    In conclusion, though this show did have a few issues, especially with its storyline, I do feel its probably one of the best shows I've watched and would definitely recommend it.