Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Another Standalone episode with no important contribution to an arc. But taken as a standalone it's really a good.

    The first time I watched this episode I thought it was really good, improved only if Ellen Tigh had been shot!!!

    And I get that the sacrifice was actually Billy's.

    But after watching it 3 times and stripping away all the emotive stuff - which has been handled more than adequately by other reviewers - I can't help but feel that the second half of BSG is being written by trained monkeys using a formula.

    By this I mean.....We see a scene from some point a day/week/month in the future, and then we track back to the start of the chain of events that brought our characters to that point in's very LOST....and getting old!

    Also, if advancing the relationshp between Lee and that annoying child/woman Dee meant the demise of Billy....then it wasn't worth it!!!

    The whole Lee/Dee thing doesn't convince me at all and I liked Billy and thought he had a real roll to play in the future.

    If Starbuck wounding Lee was a way to send her further down the well of despair....that wasn't worth it either! She seems to be well and truly headed down that track now without needing another page of guilt added to the already weighty tome she seems to carry about with her.

    And if Lee could shoot the Black Marketeer without any pause or compunction in Black Market, how come he didn't just shoot that stupid woman terrorist when he had the chance...she was the heart of the movement after all...or for that matter, why couldn't Starbuck?

    That whole Starbuck and the Marines debacle was unbelievable to me. How bloody inept can a group of so-called highly trained professionals get? And why is it always Starbuck who's put in charge of these things. She a Pilot for fraks sake, not a commando!

    I guess there was some symmetry in Dee sitting at Lee's bedside and Starbuck lurking in the background close to tears....that whole role reversal thing from Epiphanies if you remember, where Starbuck was sitting with Lee while Dee lurked in the corridor outside the bunkroom.

    I thought Roslin was very good at the end in the morgue though.

    One other thing....does anyone else think that maybe Apollo was swapped for a Cylon in Resurrection Ship when he was floating in space after Blackbird was blown up???