Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2006 on Syfy
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A crazed Cylon Raider attacks the Colonial fleet in a series of hit-and-run attacks. Overworked Viper pilots must defend a mining operation from this Raider that they nickname "Scar."

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  • Scar The Cylon Raider

    Scar was another perfect and very entertaining episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching because the Viper pilots encounter Scar, a crazy Cylon Raider who stalks and destroys. It was fun to watch the action scenes. There was character and plot development. This episode moves every thing along nicely. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • A bright, shiny future.

    -Risking being labeled as the the guy with bad taste again, I'm gonna say I liked this one, parts of it anyway. Kind of inevitable since I like Starbuck's character much more than Apollo's, so it stands to reason if I liked his standalone I would like hers as well. Though I will say I hope they're planning something big because one episode like this is character development, two is stalling. And there was even less overall plot development than in Black Market this time around.

    -Probably no surprise, but my favorite scenes were dialogue driven dramatic moments. One was Starbuck's scene with Sharon in her cell. I like the idea of Raiders reincarnating just as the humanoid Cylons do and that they would now fear death with no hope of resurrection. Starbuck's looks to Sharon were really good as well, she conveys so much emotion though silent stares. It's one of those small things that really win me over.

    -I also enjoyed the scene between Starbuck and Apollo in the mess. Apollo's lines about forgetting the dead pilots' faces were well written and moving, as was Starbuck dealing with the realities of a Viper pilot's life(and lifespan). Though I thought it kind of pushed in to melodrama territory once they were in the bunks.

    -I didn't care much for the plot with Cat, as even with the storyline she had in Final Cut, it felt odd to give her so much focus. Just seemed sudden that she's the second best pilot they've got(or potentially the best) when all I really remember about her is that she was a rookie and then couldn't take the pressure and got addicted to stimulants. Granted she's been flying for awhile and she could just be a natural but it would of been nice to showcase that more beforehand. Maybe it's because I'm not crazy about the actress. She does great with scenes in the cockpit, celebrating a kill or that kind of thing, but beyond that she bugs me. It might be me, but it seems like she's always waiting to deliver her next line not really responding to what the other character is saying.

    -Scar himself was a somewhat of a disappointment. I absolutely loved the idea of having some one-on-one(or two-on-one) dogfights to provide a nice counterpoint to the large scale battles that are more the norm(not that I don't love those too, but variety is the spice of life after all), but I thought they could have went down better. I think they cut to commercial two or three times on the same scene of Starbuck and Scar playing chicken, so there was definitely a feeling of it getting stretched out. Plus Starbuck yelling taunts took me out of the action/suspense, more the writing I think then the delivery. Starbuck's toast to the dead near the end though was good.

    As I said; some good, some bad, but really just making me itch for something "big" to happen.moreless
  • Much better than "Black Market" and yet i found it strangely annoying at times.

    This is a bit of a funny episode for me. The previous one, "Black Market," i really disliked because i didn't think it felt like the show i'd grown to love. This one brings us back to the things that Galactica does well, ie Character and Beautiful direction, and yet something simply didn't fit for me.

    I think the worst thing for me was the character of Kat. She just really annoyed me. I know the writers have been trying to show how she's become the rival to Starbuck in the last few episodes, but it simply didn't scan for me that she would have the kind of relationship with Starbuck that she did, at least not yet. Also, i didn't buy Starbuck's obsession with Anders. That being said, i didn't buy it in "Home" either, and i know that Ron Moore wanted to build it a bit more but didn't have the time. In this ep though, I don't think enough time had been invested into creating that obession.

    However, i did enjoy a lot of the ep. I liked the fact that we just had the pilots, and didn't get overdone with other plot devices. I thought it was shot wonderfully, in particular the briefing room scenes with the flight videos.

    My only other gripe: Cavatine from "The Deer Hunter?" Honestly guys.moreless
  • Scar was an excellent episode.

    Scar was an excellent episode and much better than Black Market. This episode deals with Scar, a raider who we come to learn is much like the human cylons in the fact when it dies its mind/memories is transferred to another raider.

    The Starbuck/Sharon scene was excellent, and I think Starbuck hasnt forgot their friendship. Also, CAT has no room to talk "stem junkie." We always knew Starbuck liked to drink, but that never got in her way. Until now. She cant help but feel she let Anders down by not returning to Caprica and now he is probably dead.

    WHile it was a nice story back then, she needs to move on. I think Lee really cares for her and even loves her(I think he even told her this in one episode.)

    Next week looks like it will be another great episode cant wait.moreless
  • The premise for Scar was terrific, but it was ruined for me by Kat's bitchiness toward Starbuck. Basically the ep was about the fall from grace of 2 top guns. Scar the Cylons Top Gun and Starbuck the Humans Top Gun.moreless

    Katee Sackoff was brilliant and so was Jamie Bamber even though he had a relatively small part in this one (but then, when aren't they? they're both terrifically talented actors).

    Scar is the jaded Cylon Top Gun Raider that has been 'resurrected' so many times he's a bit fed up with it (as Sharon explains it)

    Starbuck on the other hand is unravelling fast as a consequence of the constant stress of imminent death each time she goes out in her vyper, her survival guilt, and her unresolved feelings for Anders (as contrived a relationship as the present animosity with Kat in my opinion-which begs another question - how come Kat was allowed to fly again after her very recent stim abuse? After all, they aren't as strapped for pilots now that they have the Pegasus in the fleet).

    Loved the ending though; that was nice.

    What I didn't like was all the animosity coming from Kat.

    To say I found her annoying is an understatement.

    Her incredible unchecked insubordination was unforgivable and she should have been thrown in the brig the first time she interjected during Starbuck's first briefing in the ep. - "eyeball" indeed.

    In fact, while I realize the eps are trying to demonstrate more and more how low morale is sinking within the fleet, that is no excuse for discipline to fall apart on Galactica - and Adm Adama seems to overlook it more and more - witness Lee Adama's increasing insubordination toward Tigh. That's the thing about discipline - no matter what you think of your superiors, you have to bury it, follow orders and salute respectfully. In 'civi street', it's called maturity.

    Or maybe I just didn't like anyone being mean to Starbuck (well hey! She is an icon after all:).moreless
Sean J. Dory

Sean J. Dory

Ensign Joseph "Jo-Jo" Clark

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Christopher Jacot

Christopher Jacot

Ensign Brent "BB" Baxton

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Aaron Douglas

Aaron Douglas

Galen Tyrol

Recurring Role

Alessandro Juliani

Alessandro Juliani

Felix Gaeta

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Kandyse McClure

Kandyse McClure

Anastasia "Dee" Dualla

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Continuity: In the final scene, after Kat taunts Starbuck by saying "My cup runneth dry" while drinking from the "Top Gun" stein, Starbuck is seen grabbing the neck of a bottle of ambrosia with her thumb facing down as if she was going to smash it or use the bottle as a club. In the cut immediately following that, she can clearly be seen holding the neck of the bottle "thumb up" as if to pour or drink from it.

    • In the Season 2.5 DVD version, the fighter shown in the launch tube is now--correctly--a Mark VII Viper.

    • There is a minor editing goof when Starbuck and Kat launch from the Galactica during the 29th day of operations of the Colonial mining ship Majahual (approximately 45 minutes into the episode). On the flight deck, both are clearly seen in Mark VII Vipers. When we see one of the Vipers in the launch tube, it is a Mark II Viper, the older model.

    • Caprica Sharon informs Kara that Cylon Raiders can be resurrected, just like the human Cylons are. They retain their memories and experience, thus making them more effective and intelligent fighters.

    • The guitar music used in the last scene of this episode is "Cavatina", best known as the theme from the 1978 movie The Deer Hunter.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Starbuck: Raiders reincarnate?
      Sharon: Makes sense, doesn't it? It takes months for you to train a nugget into an effective Viper pilot. And then they get killed and then you lose your experience, their knowledge, their skill sets. It's gone forever. So, if you could bring them back and put them in a brand new body, wouldn't you do it? 'Cause death then becomes a learning experience.

    • Helo: (to Starbuck after she admits she held back because she hopes Anders is alive) You got something to live for now, not just die for.

    • Kara: This isn't duelling pistols at dawn. This is war. You never want to fight fair. You want to sneak up behind your enemy and club him over the head. You see, Scar understands that.

    • Starbuck: To BB, Jo-Jo, Reilly, Beano, Dipper, Flattop, Chuckles, Jolly, Crashdown, Sheppard, Dash, Flyboy, Stepchild, Puppet, Fireball.
      Apollo: To all of 'em

    • Starbuck: You know that the President says that we're saving humanity for a bright, shiny future, on Earth--that you and I are never gonna see. We're not, because we go out, over and over, again, until someday, some metal motherfrakker is gonna catch us on a bad day and just blow us away.
      Lee: Bright and shiny futures are overrated anyway.
      Kara: That's why we gotta get what we can, right now.
      Lee: I'll drink to that. To right now.

  • NOTES (3)

    • As of the beginning of this episode, there are 49,593 survivors in the fleet, four fewer than at the beginning of the previous episode.

    • According to his podcast Moore did not like the the original act break of Starbuck leaving Apollo's place. So in the rewrite he wanted an act break to show how Kara has become obssessed with Scar because of her messed up life. In his note his only example was the image of Starbuck naked with a revolver.This led to the scene of Kara watching the video while drinking.

    • Although credited, James Callis and Tricia Helfer did not appear in this episode.


    • Among the deceased pilots mentioned by Starbuck is Jolly. Lt. "Jolly" Anders was killed in the miniseries when his Viper was disabled by a Cylon virus and later destroyed. The call sign "Jolly" is an homage to Flight Sgt. Jolly (played by Tony Swartz), a recurring character in the original Battlestar Galactica series.

    • "Scar" In the classic John Ford Western The Searchers, the Native American antagonist is named Scar. In the movie, Scar and his followers torment and follow our heroes, trying to split them apart so they can attack. This tactic is used here as well....