Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2006 on Syfy

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  • The premise for Scar was terrific, but it was ruined for me by Kat's bitchiness toward Starbuck. Basically the ep was about the fall from grace of 2 top guns. Scar the Cylons Top Gun and Starbuck the Humans Top Gun.

    Katee Sackoff was brilliant and so was Jamie Bamber even though he had a relatively small part in this one (but then, when aren't they? they're both terrifically talented actors).
    Scar is the jaded Cylon Top Gun Raider that has been 'resurrected' so many times he's a bit fed up with it (as Sharon explains it)
    Starbuck on the other hand is unravelling fast as a consequence of the constant stress of imminent death each time she goes out in her vyper, her survival guilt, and her unresolved feelings for Anders (as contrived a relationship as the present animosity with Kat in my opinion-which begs another question - how come Kat was allowed to fly again after her very recent stim abuse? After all, they aren't as strapped for pilots now that they have the Pegasus in the fleet).
    Loved the ending though; that was nice.
    What I didn't like was all the animosity coming from Kat.
    To say I found her annoying is an understatement.
    Her incredible unchecked insubordination was unforgivable and she should have been thrown in the brig the first time she interjected during Starbuck's first briefing in the ep. - "eyeball" indeed.
    In fact, while I realize the eps are trying to demonstrate more and more how low morale is sinking within the fleet, that is no excuse for discipline to fall apart on Galactica - and Adm Adama seems to overlook it more and more - witness Lee Adama's increasing insubordination toward Tigh. That's the thing about discipline - no matter what you think of your superiors, you have to bury it, follow orders and salute respectfully. In 'civi street', it's called maturity.
    Or maybe I just didn't like anyone being mean to Starbuck (well hey! She is an icon after all:).