Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2006 on Syfy

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  • A bright, shiny future.

    -Risking being labeled as the the guy with bad taste again, I'm gonna say I liked this one, parts of it anyway. Kind of inevitable since I like Starbuck's character much more than Apollo's, so it stands to reason if I liked his standalone I would like hers as well. Though I will say I hope they're planning something big because one episode like this is character development, two is stalling. And there was even less overall plot development than in Black Market this time around.

    -Probably no surprise, but my favorite scenes were dialogue driven dramatic moments. One was Starbuck's scene with Sharon in her cell. I like the idea of Raiders reincarnating just as the humanoid Cylons do and that they would now fear death with no hope of resurrection. Starbuck's looks to Sharon were really good as well, she conveys so much emotion though silent stares. It's one of those small things that really win me over.

    -I also enjoyed the scene between Starbuck and Apollo in the mess. Apollo's lines about forgetting the dead pilots' faces were well written and moving, as was Starbuck dealing with the realities of a Viper pilot's life(and lifespan). Though I thought it kind of pushed in to melodrama territory once they were in the bunks.

    -I didn't care much for the plot with Cat, as even with the storyline she had in Final Cut, it felt odd to give her so much focus. Just seemed sudden that she's the second best pilot they've got(or potentially the best) when all I really remember about her is that she was a rookie and then couldn't take the pressure and got addicted to stimulants. Granted she's been flying for awhile and she could just be a natural but it would of been nice to showcase that more beforehand. Maybe it's because I'm not crazy about the actress. She does great with scenes in the cockpit, celebrating a kill or that kind of thing, but beyond that she bugs me. It might be me, but it seems like she's always waiting to deliver her next line not really responding to what the other character is saying.

    -Scar himself was a somewhat of a disappointment. I absolutely loved the idea of having some one-on-one(or two-on-one) dogfights to provide a nice counterpoint to the large scale battles that are more the norm(not that I don't love those too, but variety is the spice of life after all), but I thought they could have went down better. I think they cut to commercial two or three times on the same scene of Starbuck and Scar playing chicken, so there was definitely a feeling of it getting stretched out. Plus Starbuck yelling taunts took me out of the action/suspense, more the writing I think then the delivery. Starbuck's toast to the dead near the end though was good.

    As I said; some good, some bad, but really just making me itch for something "big" to happen.
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