Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 1

Scattered (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 15, 2005 on Syfy

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  • You went up against the old man, and you lost.

    If you were expecting the writers to answer all of your burning questions and seal up all of the cliffhangers with a little bow in this episode, then... well... joke's on you. "Scattered", more than anything else, almost feels like a part three to Kobol's Last Gleaming. It keeps most of the same story lines going (most of which look like they'll be going on throughout at least the early parts of season two) and starts off literally at the same moment that the finale left off.

    As a warning, this is one of the bleakest episodes that BSG has done so far. That's hardly surprising looking back - Kobol's Last Gleaming was such an explosive force and ended off on such a downbeat note that it would by nature leave a very dark chapter in its aftermath. Nowhere is this truer than on Kobol - the shiny, biblical world of Baltar, Six, and their child (???????) is gone, replaced by a gritty Earth-like forest with people's lungs burning out and others getting suddenly shot.

    That's not to say that the Galactica crew, now under the command of a significantly more likable Saul Tigh, are in a situation any less desperate. It's easy to draw interesting parallels between Scattered and 33 as they both involve FTL jumps and relentless chase by Cylons. But this time, everything's different. Half the main cast is imprisoned or dying or both. The scene where the prison guard prays with Roslin is, in fact, really touching in an utterly dark sort of way.

    My score would be higher, if not for Roslin's imprisonment means that the excellent political element of the series is mostly non-present. If I have one hope for the future of this season, it's that she manages to get reinstated. Maybe Lee could get officially released too? Please?
  • Welcome Back!

    The second series of Battlestar Galactica continues where the first left off. The storylines continue and the quality levels is maintained. Series one ended with the shooting of Odama, the Raptor stuck on Kobol, Starbuck and Helo stuck on Caprica and Apollo and the President stuck in a prison cell. Into this whole mix is thrown another problem, when the ship jumps without supplying the correct coordinates to the rest of the fleet, and they end up alone. They decide to jump back to the original coordinates knowing the Cylons will be there but they have no choice. very exciting stuff, that makes Battlestar Galactica one of the best ever Sci-fi series!
  • Scattered

    Scattered was a perfect and awesome first episode of the second season of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was so much action, drama and character development. Things pick up right where they left off with Adama being shot by a Cylon sleeper agent, Starbuck and Helo on Caprica, and the survivors of a Raptor crash on Kobol fighting for their lives. It was great to see Colonel Tigh take command and how on edge people were. This was very well done. Also a lot of development for the Cylons. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode and rest of the season!!!!!!!!!
  • The one where: it all goes wrong.


    This was one tough episode for Tigh. With the commander on the brink of death, it's up to his XO, who isn't exactly known for his out of the box thinking, to take charge. And the first thing he does is lose the entire fleet. Things go from bad to holy-frak-how-will-they-ever-come-back-from-this worse. The hour just piles and piles on the bad, I was tense from start to finish.

    It's interesting to note that Boomer completely forgot having ever shot the old man. I'm glad Tigh didn't kill her, cos despite everything, she's still one of the most intriguing aspects of the show. Tigh's assault on Boomer was pretty tough to watch though; I think it had more so to do with the fact she was already fairly injured from her attempted suicide. Does she have the ability for change like her caprica counterpart? Speaking of said cylon, where did she flee off to? I'm also glad Starbuck didn't kill Sharon. But it was a terrific moment when Helo tries to calm his best pal down.

    We have another planet to hop to in between Caprica and the fleet – Kobal. Crashdown's inexperience causes him to split up his group and lose one of his men to a cylon attack (fairly gruesomely, i might add). It won't be long now before he loses another due to his incompetence as a leader. I wonder if tyrol will hand him his ass? I hope so!

    Dee, and the rest of the Battlestar crew, may have been slightly relieved that Gaeta's daring plan to sync up with the fleet worked, but we still have a commander who is dying, some pretty important people stranded on a cylon-occupied planet and, oh yeah, a cylon trojan horse they have no clue about.

    Gods, I love this show.

  • More action and drama.

    This episode is more like a part three to the last two episodes as it continues the storyline as if no time passed between episodes like previous ones. I like how the flight deck mechanics are the ones to be the grunts in this episode along with Baltar lead by an inexperienced Lieutenant. It really shows that is the Commander is the father then the XO is the mother, and Tigh runs the ship but not suited for his own command. Losing the rest of the fleet shows how one little mistake can cause lives. Spoiler: At least everyone knows Adama is alive.
  • Great acting. Good drama. Still waiting for the larger plot to keep unfolding.

    And now Battlestar Galactica falls into the trap into which so many fine shows have fallen with their season premieres: how do you resolve all of the major cliffhangers of last season while establishing the conflicts and themes of the current season, all while still leaving the story open enough to bring in new viewers. With Scattered, Galactica pulls through O.K. With the cliffhanger resolutions, yes, leaving the main character shot for dead over a summer is one of the hoariest devices in TV cliffhangers (J.R.? 1980?), and, no, leaving Adama in a critical condition holding pattern for the episode was not particular effective or ingenious, but the other stories did move into some interesting places here.
  • Listening to the birds.

    I liked that things started back right where they left off with the season 1 finale. Apollo's screams as he's dragged off to the brig cut to the bone and the lost look on Sharon's face as she tries to come to terms with what just happened was played perfectly.

    Even though I knew it was coming, Tigh taking command of the fleet still had me nervous. The little flashbacks we got of his past didn't help to build faith in his abilities to lead either. I like that he at least realizes his own faults(even if he won't admit them when anyone else is around). And when he tells an unconscious Adama that he should have never brought him back I was moved by his honesty.

    There was a little suspension of disbelief needed for the missing fleet storyline. Just seems like Gaeta would have the old FTL coordinates written down or something and they could just jump to the old position, punch 'em in, and be back with the fleet before the Cylons even noticed them. Or on the flip side, if they needed to update the coordinates, wouldn't it be likely that by using the outdated ones the rest of the fleet would've ended up jumping into a planet or a star or an asteroid field? But regardless of that, the ensuing firefight with the Basestar was pretty cool. Just the sheer amount of ordinance going off was impressive. Similar to how I imagine WW2 aerial battles would have been, with flak exploding everywhere and a feeling of complete disorientation.

    I enjoyed the scenes on Kobol the most I think. Even though the whole, "We gotta check the supplies...Oh no, we left some supplies!" thing felt forced it did lead to a great scene. The shootout between Chief, Callie, Tarn and the Cylons again reminded me of something out of a war film it was so intense. The way the Cylon bullets ripped up the ground made them seem especially vicious, I like when effects really add something to a scene instead of take away from it. Callie was also impressive(I never mentioned it but she was one of the better parts of Bastille Day), with her teeth clenched and lips snarled as she fired desperately and hopelessly into the trees. I also loved how she had to be the one to get them moving after Tarn died.

    If their setups to story lines were as good as the story lines themselves, I'd have very little to complain about. Not that I have that much now though.
  • Disappointing season premiere, was just a update with a very interesting ending, could be better.

    ***This review details –» this is a "I" perspective, based in what I like and recognize to be good or interesting, this is not a "god" where the guy thinks what he thinks is the true or the "you" perspective where I know what you will like and what you don´t.***

    After what in the last season, things could only get worse, and this is exactly what happens in the beginning, which was strong, what I didn´t liked was the reversals about Adama and Gaius, I mean, he could die, but no, they put him in the Galatica hospital or whatever and Gaius was only dreaming again, this was disappointing.

    Not only that, almost nothing happened, it was like a update to what and how the characters are, which a good memory can remember. The best thing in this episode was the ending, very promising.

    Presentation Phase - » (9/10) excellent beginning but strange reversals,
    Complication Phase - » (7/10), nothing really intriguing,
    Climax Phase - » (7/10) nice,
    Ending - » (9/10), very interesting

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (7/10) almost all players in the same status,
    Time and Scene Management - » (7/10) there are fillers, like the medical kit,
    Plot Details/Holes- » (5/10) infinite ammo and no reloads, also ability to not been hit by bullets, a nurse that magically transformed in surgeon and a battle that seemed impossible to overcame was exaggerated,
    Storyline -» (7/10) was good, but could be better,

    Drama - » (7/10) not bad,
    Suspense/Tension - » (7/10) the combats provided that,

    Disappointing season premiere, was just a update with a very interesting ending, could be better.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking...

    I didn't think that things could get much worse after the end of last season, with all of the main characters either shot, in jail, imaginary, or stranded on a hostile world, but a Cylon basestar and a poorly-planned jump sure proved me wrong. Out of the frying pan, I guess, but I'm not complaining; a rag-tag fleet that isn't in constant danger isn't any kind of fleet I care about.

    Interesting flashbacks - I wish they could come up with some better "young age" make-up for the old codgers. What were they supposed to be, forty? Although Tigh with hair is at least as convincing as John Locke with hair. It makes me sad, to think of all the officers in the Colonial Fleet, someone as frakked up as Saul Tigh survived. Why couldn't Adama have had some strapping young XO? I guess that wouldn't have made for as good of a character, and without Saul Tigh, it wouldn't be quite the same show.

    So, our beloved Colonel is in charge, and is in quite a pickel. If the above mentioned problems weren't enough, Ellen is up to her usual tricks. That is really some woman he has there - kind of Lady MacBeth and Scarlett O'Hara mixed together. I really hope she isn't a Cylon.

    (I have to apologize at this point for the quality of this review - due to the episode of Jericho that's on at the moment my mind isn't really in it. Sorry.)

    So, Tigh's leadership and Gaeta's risky, if contrived, plan manage to get the ship out of danger for the moment. But will Bill Adama recover before the pressures of command destroy his loyal second in command? Did Gaeta disconnect the network in time to stop the virus from infecting the ship? Will Baltar lose his mind back on Kobol? Only time will tell.
  • Aftermath of previous events

    Ok - Adama is in critical condition, Boomer's betrayle did not stop with shooting and fleet has to jump but Galactica loses all other ship - they jumped to another location - well done. So, Adama in coma and critial condition, president arrested and Lee in brick - does not sound great. And it does not go any better in Carpica. Starbuck has troubles not shooting copy of Boomer and Halo trys to stop her and they end up losing their ride.

    Kobol's survivals get ambushed and mm.. Gaius has some surprises. Anyway, some great action, tension and good story - and I like where the story is going.
  • Really exciting.

    This season starter is fast paced, it's not boring, it goes on really well climatizing us to the mood of the season. The characters are really well written, they play out well, they make the story really watchable. It's a really exciting show to watch, this episode makes me want to watch it more. I had a great time watching this episode, it's got good plotting, the drama is really good, it's not dull. The effects really play out well, it's a story in itself, they complement the storylines. Things happen in this episode, the scenes were directed really well.
  • very good episode but felt like they sped though it way to quickly it should have been split into 2 episodes to truly come to grips with it.

    very good episode but felt like they sped though it way to quickly it should have been split into 2 episodes to truly come to grips with it. it was very full on and the show felt differnt this season round i got the impression that the situation is not as disbrite as they discribed last season i mean it looks like they changed many things i mean they attacked the cylons with the biggest Viper force i have ever seen and it seems like between the few moments of the season 1 cilffhanger and the season 2 opening Battlestar Galatica gave birth to a few dozon viper mk7's
  • Oh, I'm so excited - a new episode finally...

    I know, it's not a new one for many people, but Space has only just started the second season, and I have been lost for so long without a new episode.

    Many things are here to resolve from season one - the child that Number Six shows Gaius, the shooting of Commander Adama by Boomer, Starbuck on Caprica meeting up with Helo and the pregnant Boomer (mark2), the deposing of President Roslin and mutiny by Captain Adama, and the myriad of other storylines that are still ongoing.

    Colonel Tigh looks so lost, with the uncertainty of what will happen with Commander Adama, and having to jump immediately afterwards to avoid the Cylon basestar that has just jumped into thier space. The advice from the Adama of memory is excellent stuff, even if it is a statement of the obvious - go with what you know. Now on top of it all, they have become separated from the rest of the fleet, with no doctor on board to help the commander...

    And that is just the intro...

    I do have a question - why was Boomer allowed to retain her rank and flight status? She is an officer who attempted suicide - as such her judgement is not reliable and therefore she should not be allowed command over the lowest galley scrubber, let alone be trusted with the mission to blow up the Cylon basestar.

    I don't really like the "new" intro music - the U.K. version - I prefer the intro from Season one - it is lovely music, but the previous season's intro was more suited to what is going on in the show.

    I'm glad Gaeta had a chance to redeem his mistake and get Galactica back with the rest of the fleet... that was an impressive sequence, very exciting because the outcome was not always a sure thing. This show has its surprises, and rarely pulls its punches, which makes it different from so many shows on tv these days.
  • (WARNING SPOILERS!) An excellent season opener which maintains the tension of the last season finale, and balances the various plot lines very well. Fantastic ending too!

    After much anticipation of a new season of a show, when you actually sit down to watch it, for a few moments its hard to believe that you are actually seeing it. What you have waited so long to see. With Battlestar's second season opener there is no time for disbelief as you are thrust into the action that was instantaneously cut short at the end of season one. It picks up exactly where they left off and the thrills just keep coming.
    Boomer's shock and not being able to accept what she has done by shooting Adama, was an pleasant surprise. I thought they may have her become ruthless and evil after finally accepting her true nature as a Cylon, but she still seems to be struggling with it even though she now knows for sure that she is one. This could be a very compelling development as no everyone else knows.
    I am glad that they didnt show the 'baby' that Six and Baltar were fascinated by, as it is an intriguing plot-line which should not be used up so fast with an immediate reveal of what the baby looks like. It will be interesting to see where this leads.
    The scenes on Kobol were visually stunning and Chief Tyrol's character is developing nicely. Back on Caprica we get to see Starbuck's reaction to the news that Caprica-Boomer is pregnant and we see that Helo still cares for Sharon despite her Cylonic revelation.
    The tension was built excellently all the way through the episode to a nail-biting climax as Gaeta hurries to get the coordinates in time before the Cylons break through the firewalls.
    Possibly the finest moment in the episode was the closing scene where just as we think everything is ok, and they have escaped the on-slaught, we are shown a crashed ship on one of the Fleet's Botanical Ships, and out walk 5 Cylons, red eyes glaring! Hair on end type stuff and definitely a fabulous end to an outstanding episode!
  • The new season starts and hits just keep on coming.

    Well, it was definitly worth the wait for the new season of battlestar Galactica to begin. The show jumps in from where it left off and things aren't good. No one thinks that having Tigh in charge i a good idea and this will prove to be accurate. Galactica makes a decision that saves the fleet but dooms the crew.
  • Not much happened but Ronald Moore said that season 2 doesn't really begin until the 6th episode. I take that to mean that the first 6 episodes are a continuation of this story arc. Sounds like Season 6 of DS9 to me (Moore was an exec producer on DS9).

    1. Let me get this out of the way right now. Gaeta is a Cylon. Evidence: In the miniseries, there was a Cylon transponder device placed on the bridge that Gaeta overlooked. How did he miss something so obviously not part of Galactica's equpiment. In episode "33" the Cylons jumped to where the fleet jumped every 33 minutes without fail. Gaeta was the one plotting those jumps. How did they find them so easily? In the season finale, right before Boomer shoots Adama, he goes over to shake her hand but it appears as though he hands her something. The gun perhaps? And in this episode, he conveniently forgot to relay the changed jump calculations to the rest of the fleet. Which forced them to go back in order to find the fleet. Because it was too risky too go back, Tigh was leaning towards not doing it...until Gaeta came up with an idea that allowed them to go back and stay for only 10 minutes. It required the use of a network, which they don't use on the Battlestar because the Cylons are computers and would be able to use it to access Galactica's systems. This had to be a ploy to get them back in order to have that ship with Cylon Centurions to infiltrate the ship. There you have it Gaeta is a Cylon.

    2. Am I the only that knew that Tarn was going to get his. At least he didn't go back by himself.

    3. These flashbacks of a "young" Adama and Tigh are a little annoying. Especially since EJO does *not* look any younger in them.

    4. Oh Crap. What are Helo and Starbuck going to do now with no ride?

    5. Crashdown doesn't know what he's doing. He will get everyone killed.

    6. Where TF did this guy directly under Tigh come from? This dude popped up out of nowhere.

    7. Tigh's wife is sooo Lady Macbeth. Her scheming is reminiscent of my girl Sherry Palmer. But nobody will be shadier than Sherry.

    8. Grade: B Not much happened but Ronald Moore said that season 2 doesn't really begin until the 6th episode. I take that to mean that the first 6 episodes are a continuation of this story arc. Sounds like Season 6 of DS9 to me (Moore was an exec producer on DS9). With that long story arc after the federation left the station. I'm looking forward to this.
  • Really scattered, and praying for a miracle

    They are scattered in this episode: several locations in space, plus Caprica and Kobol.

    Then only thing that irritated me (but mighty irritation, yes) was the dream thing. That cost this episode one point out of the 9.5 score I was going to give it.

    I hope the writers don't choose the easy way out any more...
  • The second season picks right back up where the first left off. Action filled, with lots of suspense and thrills !

    Excellent episode ! The entire first season of BSG was off the charts amazing, and the second season first episode continues in BSG greatness.
    Adama is messed up and his life is on the line, the Galactica gets lost out in space and has to find the fleet. Amazing episode, im rooting for the home team to put this messed up puzzle back together.

  • Again the team who wrote and filmed this episode kept the timing impecable to place us fully in the story!

    I must say the team of people thay have gotten for this series seems to know how to put a story together, I liked the timing on this episode as much as I did "33". Every moment I was waiting for a "bogeyman" to jump out and scare me.

    The look back into Adama and Tigh's life back in the day was great. Moore says in his podcast that the flashback was supposed to be a full story, I would love to see that be an easter egg on a DVD. I liked how they handled the opening of the season. Hitting us hard and keeping the tempo up from the last episode.

    We finally see why Tigh's loyality to Adama is so strong. We see a reluctant leader come out of his character. Lee's and Tigh's exchanges drip with hatred. I love it.

    Please give us more of the same. I see an upcoming episode called "Pegasus" I really look forward to this one!
  • This could have been great, but they tried to put too much into too small a space. The result - a Star Trek ending.

    After last season a few questions were created. Will the Commander survive? What will happen to BSG Boomer? What about the arrow? What about the President and Captain Adama? Among others.

    So what happened? They decide to jump back, figure out the old jump and then join the fleet they lost. In the meantime, a super-reinforced Cylon APC slammed into BSG delivering a team of Cylon droids to take out BSG in the next episode.

    What else happened? Gaeta proves he’s not a Cylon by building a typically human firewall that the Cylons eat through in very little time. But then how they could gain access to an internal only network anyways, unless of course BSG is still running Windows BSG, which has proven security flaws.

    Jokes aside, it’s still odd that no humans investigated the crash of the Cylon APC, but then the "next time on BSG" shows that they don't hide long.

    The team that crashed on Kobol are pretty useless to the story. This will likely change when it becomes needed for the plot. Much like when Helo was alone with Boomer. They served no real purpose until the whole arrow scene.

    As for the Commander, it is hard to believe that a medic that can do all that she did would need to wait for a Doctor to assist. Anyways, the sad thing is that it's predictable. He has to survive since Teag cannot lead crap to a toilet.

    Overall, a rather so-so episode. Mostly they tried to do too much in one episode, so they ended up with the Star Trek solution - the whole firewall scene and narrow escape was a typical Star Trek ending.
  • With Tigh in command, things start going out of control, and to make things worse he starts having flashbacks to when he met Adama.

    Battlestar continues to deliver what the fans want everyweek which is lots of action, plot twists, character development, and cliffhangers. After Captain Adama has been shot, Tigh must now take over the reign of Galactica. We get to see flashbacks into his past experiances with Adama, one that will definatly surprise you. And the crew of Raptor 1 has began to move out from their crash site trying to find shelter. But back on board Galactica you learn how out-of-place Tigh feels while in the role of captain, and to make matters worse the Cylons are attacking, well this is an easy descision, jump! But they did and now they realize that for some reason, the rest of the crew didn't jump with them! So now the decision is to go back and get them in the midst of the attack, or continue on. It is up to Tigh to make the call. Meanwhile the nurse, the only person with medical training on the ship, has to perform open-chest surgery to stop the bleeding. And at the end it shows a Cylon ship that has crashed into Galactica without anyone caring the least. What will happen to the crew? Find out next week!
  • Things were on the move last season, but it’s clear from this first episode that Galactica is slowing the pace a little for its second season – at least at first. It’s extra time well-spent giving Galactica’s cast a chance to show off it's powerhouse ta


    Things were left in quite a mess at the end of Season 1’s cliffhanger – so much so, there’s far too much left to be resolved for “Scattered” to tie up loose ends. Even so, Colonel Tigh (played by Michael Hogan) finds himself suddenly in command in the midst of a crisis situation – Galactica’s got itself separated from the rest of the fleet. Although clearly not in any position to want command, Tigh spends much of the episode walking a fine line between being tacitly indecisive and making the tough decisions. Hogan plays out this role brilliantly and seems quite up to the task of stepping into the spotlight as President Roslyn and Cmdr. Adama’s roles both take a bit of a breather for the time being.

    But Hogan’s not alone. On Caprica Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) is stuck with one of the Sharrons (Grace Park) and Helo (Tahmoh Penikett), having joined both of them at the end of last season. The drama here focuses on Starbuck’s unyielding hatred of the Cylons and now of Sharron, whom she seems intent on killing. We see the increasingly familiar textbook Starbuck’s willful side play itself out in an annoying plot twist here as she ends up losing Sharron and the Cylon fighter she came to Caprica in. But we do get another incredible performance from Park, Penikett, and Sackhoff that again makes the reduced role of the title characters all the less noticeable.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Gaius Baltar (Jim Callis) is getting introduced to the new plot’s new angle – the Cylon/Human hybrid and the Cylon’s plans for its further emergence in the plot. Unfortunately, we don’t see nearly as much of Callis as might be liked – a bit surprising since the intention here seemed to be giving other roles more time in front of the camera and Callis is clearly a powerhouse of talent.

    Another competent job is done by actor Alessandro Juliana (Lt. Gaeda) who has to brilliantly find the lost fleet again. He’s still coming off a little too naive in his role for the officer of a Battlestar who’s mentor is someone like Adama, but his character may yet shine.

    All in all “Scattered” is a very solid beginning to the coming series and, stolen Cylon fighter on Caprica notwistanding, is a good tempo-setter for the season ahead.
  • Heroes in peril? Check. Damsals in distress? Check. Unborn Cylon/Human hybrid infant only conceived of in the mind of a turncoat mad scientist? Check. New Cylon ship? Check. Cliffhanger? Check. Awesome show? Check. Check. Check.

    The wait is over. The best science fiction show on the air is back on. Tigh has finally come up to bat. With Adama incapacitated, he has to make the tough decisions. The show flashbacked on some of their history together. It was a nice way to incorporate Adama's character in the show and still have him in peril. They setup many possible storylines with this show without answering too many questions. This one has just whetted our appetite for more.
  • A great season premiere!

    If there’s one thing that I really like about “Battlestar: Galactica”, it’s the measured pacing. The story isn’t artificially accelerated to serve the purposes of a fickle fanbase or network pressure; the producers tell the story the way they want to, and if it takes forever, then it takes forever. Ron Moore probably had enough of being jerked around by networks after “Roswell”, so why not make a show on his own terms and be done with it?

    The result is very different than most shows, even the ones that I love, where arc elements are equally important as stand-alone elements. Taken along with the “Stargate” shows, where arc elements are typically not as important as maintaining an episodic format, this is like a breath of fresh air. (I like all the various series I’ve mentioned, BTW!) But how many other shows would focus almost entirely on the psychological issues of a few characters, letting the audience’s questions smolder for a little while longer?

    A lot of this episode is about Col. Tigh and his massive lack of self-esteem. He’s frackin’ right about the fact that he shouldn’t be in command! A lot of what he takes on his shoulders isn’t for him to answer to, but he’s a drunkard and his personality clashes with everyone in the universe. That makes him a capable enough second, but not the commander, and it shows. Things get done, but things also get missed. It’s inexcusable for Tigh to miss the fact that an obvious breeching pod slammed into his ship.

    But like so much on this show, it’s about the consequences of how events are handled, not the events themselves, that matter the most. Sure, one wonders what’s going on with the Boomer who shot Adama, but it’s how Tigh deals with her confusion that hits home. It’s how Adama’s decision to incarcerate Roslin could very well make her stronger among the people, not unlike Zarek in the first season. Circumstances are likely to make things a lot harder on Apollo than they already are, if the civilians and soldiers become even more divided.

    I loved the short scene with Starbuck and Helo, especially since it raises more questions about what the Cylons might be up to. Helo clearly sees less difference between the humans and Boomer than one might think, and if she is indeed pregnant, he’s got plenty of reason. Starbuck ought to know from her own experience that there are organic components to the next-gen Cylon tech. Why wouldn’t that include clones with Cylon nanotech intelligences?

    Which brings me to the whole Six/Baltar thing. I understood up until the point that she said she was the mother and Baltar was the father. It worked better as a metaphor (humans and Cylons birthing a new hybrid species), but then again, if Boomer can be pregnant, so can Six. More to the point, if Baltar believes that God wants such a hybrid race, he’s likely to ensure it, however possible. What if that was the point? What if the Cylons see humans as little more than breeding stock, so they force humanity into small, manageable numbers? The Cylons could use them until the new hybrid species is viable on its own, and then they could wipe humanity out.

    It’s probably a bit more complicated than that, and it will likely take a season or two for things to really make sense. Until then, this bunker mentality is working well in terms of the psychological drama. Starbuck and Helo are still on Caprica, there are survivors on Kobol, and there’s the fracturing within the fleet itself. By keeping all of those balls in play, the writers give themselves plenty to keep themselves (and us!) occupied.
  • More than anything this was a leveling show, to bring us back down to a point where we could ramp up and be knocked off our feet again.

    This episode really pivoted around getting to safety.. Gaining safety. From William being treated because of his wounds. To the crashed troops at Kobal... To Starbuck at Caprica. This show is like a simmering down from the intense action of the last season finale. This episode isn’t bad, just not outstanding.. We get to see how The Exo owes a lot to William for giving him another chance. We see how stubborn the president is, more and more she seems like Janeway from Star trek Voyager. And we see how quickly cylons could bypass a firewall. This show is okay for the most part, but do yourself a favor and try to watch the finale of last season right before it, otherwise it just doesn’t bring much oomph.
  • With tempo running high and yet more plot twists appearing by the minute BSG continues the story with eagerness, still mesmerising, still gripping

    With tempo running high and yet more plot twists appearing by the minute BSG continues the story with eagerness, still mesmerising, still gripping and still with so much to give to the realm of new sci-fi Im just as hooked now as I was with the orginal 1978 series and its good to see Glen A Larson is still on the scene too.

    I cant wait to see how Apollo pulls of his charges in future ep and what is to become of Madame president? will she guide the way or spend her remaining days in jail? I cant wait for next weeks installment :-)
  • Amazing. A tour de force of a season opener! If you haven't seen Season 1 - do so NOW, THEN WATCH THIS!

    Absolutely brilliant!

    Seamlessly starts where Season 1 left off.

    FX as good as ever and the interplay between the characters is given more and more depth by the Adama/Tigh flashbacks (even with the dodgy haircuts! :).

    Excellent pacing throughout and the look on everyone's face after the first FTL jump... "Where's the fleet?" was proceless.

    I cannot rate this series highly enough...perhaps this will elevate Sci-fi from the realms of "anolmaly of the week" that Star Trek became, by emphasising the need for, *gulp* cahracters with real depth! We may have the makings of a genuine, unique, corss-over-into-the-mainstream kinda hit on our hands here...

    As a viewer I care about what happens to EVERY character in this (even the nasty Cylon Boomer - boo, hiss!) - something which I have NEVER encoutnered with Star Trek...

    Can't wait until the next episode...this is so like reading one of those books that you just can't put down.

    And that is probably the highest compliment anyone can pay any TV show.
  • I couldn't give it a 10 yet, so I just had to give it an 8.8.

    I really had no idea what the heck they were doing when they ended last season, after what happened. But now, it all became clearer and not to mention better. I could hardly believe they left it off there. With the last scene, you will hardly believe it leaves off there too.
  • Battlestar is back and better than ever.

    What a great way to kick off the second season.

    We now know that gais and six are the parents of the child and not boomer and halo like we thought at the end of season 1.

    Tigh beating the snot out of boomer was classic. It was great to see the backstory between Tigh and Aldama.

    I like that they have added the third story block with the ones stranded on Kabal.
  • Plots continue...

    I usually don't like "to be continued"-Episode sequences that go over more than 2 Episodes - this one is the third in a row. On the positive side though, it is a major Plot going on - or rather several plots, so it is probably necessary to take the time.

    For one the people on Kobol - still fearing to be discovered. A sub-plot of this is as always Balthar and his "visions". The other goes on about Starbuck on Caprica loosing her ship, leaving her stranded with the arrow. And then Galactica looses the fleet because of wrong jump coordinates which leads to them having to buid a computer network (usually a no-no in the war agains cylons) to get the coordinates calculated. Then there is another fight between Galactica and a Base Star when they have to return to Kobol to get the coordinates for the jump.

    Maybe I am wrong, but it seems to me that the Cylons have a new way of deploying their fighters. It looked spooky to see them coming out of the hull of the base start all at once instead of coming from a hangar bay.
    The cylons also seem to have a new type of ship - some sort of boarding vessel in which they bring cylon warriors abord Galactica.

    What I also wonder about is the connection between the "future baby" of Balthar (which he sees in one of his "visions" on Kobol) and the pregnancy of the Boomer-cylon on Caprica.
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