Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 8

Sine Qua Non

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 30, 2008 on Syfy

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  • A filler episode the way filler episodes are supposed to be.

    Ok in the vain hope that someone is reading my post I'm going to give my early opinion of the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica, "Sin Qua Non". Ok alot happened and yet didn't happen. This is a filler episode in the true sense of the word. The best kind of filler episode where the plot doesn't change but the characters do. The pieces move and yet the story doesn't change.

    Point 1: Caprica Six is Pregnant and Saul Tigh is the daddy. How is this possible? Tigh is a Cylon, or more precisely a final fiver which means there is some leeway into the can't get pregnant thing. Then again with all the cylons becoming mortal it may actually change the rules. Anyway I find this extremely interesting.

    Point 2: Roslin is missing. With Roslin missing William Adama goes on a frantic search to find her. Ahhh love..... Finally he realizes he is putting the fleet at risk and steps down and puts Saul Tigh in charge....yes you heard that right. You see. he isn't willing to put the fleet in danger but that doesn't mean he's willing to let Roslin go, just yet.

    Point 3: Lee Adama becomes President. Ok this was the least interesting thing about the episode but still I found it intriguing. I saw it coming a mile away and yet I believed it when Limpkin came to the conclusion that Lee Adama was the only man who could be President. He was the shining beacon of hope....ahh hope....might just kick them all in the ass.

    Point 4: Athena killed Natalie (one of the sixes) and just might have put an end to whatever treaty might have been in the works. Bad bad Athena. She's in the brig now and its looking like she's loosing her mind. It's always fun watching a Cylon go crazy.

    Well there it is. Fun times for all.

    And next week.....ahhh the Threes (D'Anna Biers) are back in the game and it looks like she is naming one the final fives and it looks like its Roslin.

    Is this a fake out or a double fake out.

    An it can't be her, or is it an it can't be her so it has to be her?

    Ron Moore has really got to stop playing with my head.
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