Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 8

Sine Qua Non

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 30, 2008 on Syfy

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  • What the FRAK??

    Pardon my words, but it appears someone went to the bathroom, took a dump on the script, and then flushed it. What in the frak happened with this episode? Several problems to mention but mainly they revolve around the word Adama. It was out completely out of character for Bill Adama to leave the entire human race behind so he could jump the ship and look for Laura. Too many lives were at stake for his crush and I have not seen anything in previous episodes to make me think he would do something so moronic.

    Why would Bill Adama give up command to Col. Tigh after he displayed bad judgment in impregnating the Cylon prisoner and clearly not acting like himself? Did we really need to see the painful scene of the out of shape over the hill Admiral getting into a flight suit and getting into a raptor going on a suicide mission? How he is even expected to find the Galactica again? We really didn't need to see him return as "Husker": they may as well have put him in a viper and let him shoot down a bunch of Cylon raiders. Romo Lampkin...Was this just an episode to put him back in the story? I agree he is a great actor but I really think he is an unnecessary character. With 30,000 people alive struggling to survive do we really need lawyers? Lee Adama is now the President? Do we really need a president let alone a quorum of 12 with only 30,000 people alive? They really have a lot of people to represent. I totally agree with user zerbleflip...They need a mayor not a president. The only good thing about this episode is when Adama tells Tigh to put on his Admiral insignia but apparently he does not as we see at the end Tigh is still wearing his colonel insignia. Thank the gods!

    If you gave this episode a 10 you are an unforgivable fan boy and should be air locked because your brain has left your fraking body. Sorry to be harsh but I would suggest reviewing what you wrote.

    I really hope they will either say "we were just kidding about this episode" and show the real one or they will tie up all the awful new plot points in the next episode because they have just switched on the swirling suck machine. Please make it stop now!