Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 7

Six Degrees of Separation

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2005 on Syfy

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  • An overall good episode is ruined by a ridiculous contradictory plot device.

    I enjoyed this episode. I especially enjoyed Baltar walking into the room, not knowing everyone else can see #6. However I find it extremely difficult to look past a silly bit of plot short-cutting that was basically the nucleus of the whole episode.
    We are all aware that Cylons can take human form. So then how is a video of someone doing something even credible at this point? And, if you were Baltar, wouldn't your first response to this *proof* be to say "It's not me, it must be a Cylon! I mean, remember how they can look like humans now??". ESPECIALLY when the tape is supposed to be of someone taking a bomb into a defense mainframe or whatever, which helps the Cylons directly.
    I just couldn't really understand how this massive continuity error could have seen the light of day. Change the *proof* from a video to something else, and my opinion of the episode changes dramatically.
  • Just entertaining.

    ***This review details –» this is a "I" perspective, based in what I like and recognize to be good or interesting, this is not a "god" where the guy thinks what he thinks is the true or the "you" perspective where I know what you will like and what you don´t.***

    I didn´t expected that this episode would be so interesting, if there is anything I like to see in a show is a plot that is being delayed been addressed, this make things interesting, because of the delay, I put more value in the Gaius traitor plot and President illness. Gaius supposed betrayal is very well explored and I didn´t expected that his Cylon lover would appear in this episode also and incriminate him.

    However, since this is not the season finale, I expected that Gaius plot was only an exploration and nothing more than that. It´s sad, because this was entertaining but the conclusion was disappointing for me, seemed like the writers are kidding with the audience. I mean, I could she escape from the guards, I just seems too convenient for the plot-

    Karl scenes continue in the same spot, the payoff is far from happening, since he just was being manipulated, for a mysterious purpose.

    Presentation Phase - » (10/10), perfect introduction,
    Complication Phase - » (8/10) Gaius in trouble, seemed interesting,
    Climax Phase - » (7/10) good drama, but repetitive,
    Ending - » (710), Disappointment, but had a good point,

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (6/10) not a progress, it´s like nothing happened,
    Time and Scene Management - » (14/20) It´s hard to say this was a filler episode, but the exploration was good.
    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10) Fine,
    Storyline -» (9/10) Interesting and well explored plot,
    Drama - » (7/10) Gaius and his usual drama,

    Just entertaining.
  • A need to tempt fate.

    Baltar's chickens coming home to roost made for a good storyline and I loved his conversation with Six in the cold open. If there's one emotion James Callis seems to excel at portraying it's fear. So I enjoyed watching Six once again try to force him to find god and the idea in general of the Cylons worshiping one god while humanity worships the Greek gods is one of my favorite aspects of the series. The only thing I couldn't figure out was why she tipped her hand with Cdr. Adama by putting the moves on him?

    Sharon's scene with the Raider was done perfectly, and her eerie connection, or fondness really, for it definitely left me wondering how much of her Cylon-self is coming to the surface now that she doubts her own humanity.

    Sharon's Caprica-bound copy's scenes were very revealing and seemed to confirm what I had been thinking. Basically that the Cylon's want to bear children and need humans to do it, or at least think they do. I thought at first it might just be love they were after, but Six's comment in an earlier episode that procreation was one of god's commandments and now Sharon sleeping with Helo, seems to imply they're after more. It would also explain why the Cylons haven't completely destroyed the fleet yet, which it has seemed, to me at least, they were more than capable of doing.

    I liked the advances to the overall plot and the individual story line for the episode(which wasn't really all that stand alone anyway).
  • I really did enjoy this episode, but found the action and/or pace a bit stilted, when compared to previous episodes. A couple (very minor) flaws were evident, in my humble opinion...

    I really did enjoy this episode, but found the action and/or pace a bit lacking or stilted, when compared to previous episodes. Of course this is an ongoing series, but I thought that the scene with the collapse of President Laura Roslin (and subsequent follow-up scenes)while on the phone with Dr. Gaius Baltar was not deep enough, for my taste. I thought there should have been a bit more substance to that particular scene - either beef it up with more dialogue, or wait until the next episode to elaborate a bit more. It's really a minor issue. As are the issues I have with this episode (Episode 7 - Six Degrees of Separation); minor tweaks - no glaring issues noted, at least to my eyes. The other thing I noticed, in terms of plausibility, was the disappearance of Six. "...she turned the corner, and was gone..." With a range of non-networked security apparatus (and personnel) at their disposal, it seems odd that Six isn't picked up on camera or IR. Maybe we'll find out in the coming episode(s) as to her/it's fate.

    One really creepy scene is the scene with Lt. Sharon "Boomer" Valerii (played by the beautiful and very talented Grace Park), where she's caressing the Cylon spacecraft (the Raider)that Starbuck flew back to the BSG in episode 6 (Litmus), and talking about it (it seems) in terms of a lovable, faithful pet: "It's not really a thing, y'know? It's probably a Cylon itself. More of an animal, maybe, than the human models. Maybe they genetically design it to perform a task. To be a fighter. [You] can't treat it like a thing and expect it to respond. [You] have to treat it like... a pet. At least that's my guess." Good guess; Sit Rover! Sit!

    I had mentioned earlier in my summary about the action being a bit slow. I didn't have the sense, as in previous episodes, of the breakneck in-your-face action sequences. I know that having a major action plot in every episode is unrealistic - harmful even. I didn't want action for action's sake, but would like to have seen just a little more "action", to spice up (or connect) the slower scenes together. Just a minor point really.

    All-in-all I enjoyed this episode, despite (just) a few very minor flaws - I don't know if I would even call them "flaws" - maybe a blemish is a better term. It was well shot, acted, and put together; it got me wanting to get to the next episode. Well done!
  • The one where: they can all see her!


    Battlestar Galactica isn't particularly known for belly laughs, but this episode is as close as the show will come to a full-on comedy episode. In no small part due to Gaius Baltar, such a hoot of a character, played wonderfully by the very talented James Callis. The script is filled with cracking one-liners and sight gags, and James' delivery is next to none.

    So what is Head-Six exactly? Is Gaius a Cylon and she's a sort of sexy-as-hell mainframe dishing out orders to him? Or is she some sort of Angel? Excuse me: some sort of sexy-as-hell angel. And what did happen to Shelly? I am very much intrigued by all of these sexy-as-hell questions!

    There are quite a few stand-out moments here. From the dramatic (President Roslin coldly – and rightfully – accusing Baltar of having direct connections, in some shape or form, to the holocaust) to the wildly hilarious (Gaius trying to have a chat with Gaeta whilst he's on the loo). There's a great balance of genres here, and Gaius' attempts at putting out fires adds a great deal of energy to what is a very dialogue-driven episode.

    Spoilerish Title Sequence: 6mins and 25secs into the episode.

    Frak-O-Meter: 3 fraks. ''Frak you'' being my favourite.

    Cylon Sex: Did anyone else need a cold shower after this one? When wasn't head-Six taking her clothes off? I mean, I'm sure she had clothes on at some point, but I can't remember anything before she stripped down to her high-heels. I'd certainly commit to her ''One True God'' if it meant coming home to that every day. Sharon and Helo also make with the pelvic thrusts. And, boy, if I had a dollar for everytime someone's spine started glowing when making with the sex. I'd be OBSCENELY wealthy right now. And can we count Boomer feeling up the raider as sexual? She definitely had her sexy voice going on. And there was a lot of touching. AND tyrol mentions to Starbuck, ''if you don't mind getting girl goo on your face'' in relation to the raider. Very subtle, you guys. I'll be in my bunk.

    Spot the six: Head-Six...naked. I just thought you should know had you skipped the paragraph above. She also pops up as Shelly Godfrey, where everyone can see her. I think that was a Six, right? CONFUSED.

    Death/Injuries: The reaper was kind this time.

    Boomer or Sharon?: Sharon wins out for her spine-glowing awesomeness.

    Ships Lost: Not a scratch to be seen.

    Battlestar Bleakness: Nothing too serious here, but I got a kick out of the budding bromance between Gaeta and Gaius. I just wanted to add that somewhere.

    A ton of great character moments this week, especially for Gaius. And Tricia Helfer gives a pretty darn good performance as Shelly. She's also naked in this episode. Good times.

  • So far the worst of the series but still worthy of watching. Goes to show how good the show really is.

    In a way I feel this episode doesn’t have the center stage action that it usually does. This episode focuses mainly on Baltar and Number 6, wither in his head or in plain sight. As for all the other continuous plot lines they do move forward but very little. The center piece is information about Baltar and recordings about his work with the Cylons prior to the attack on the 12 colonies. One would think that with all their technology they would piece together what happened. To have a Number 6 appear so not only Baltar can see but for all others as well was a nice plot switch but also to the list of the 12 models of skin job cylons.
  • Baltar's going even more crazy. The only woman who ever understood him has just disappeared from his life and everyone else suspects him of being a traitor. Yet, it's Gaeta who get's everyone's sympathy...

    An interesting question for the first season of BSG is "who is Baltar more scared of? The Cylons or the humans?" The answer, surely enough might be the humans and what they might do to him when they find out his role in the Cylon attack.

    Six disappears from Baltar's head, and then who should just happen to show up but a copy of her claiming to have evidence of Baltar's treason. In a little twist, this evidence is actually *shock* fake and it's up to everyone's favorite Lt. Gaeta (Graeta namea!) to prove. And what does he get for his valient effort but a semi-comedic/semi-creep bathroom visit from Dr. B. Ah, it's moments like these...
  • Is all in his mind?

    A really great episode. The best part of the episode was the relationship between Baltar and the Cylon. How she came to be real, and seen by the other members of the crew, and disappeared as quickly? What were the motives for what happened, and why does she insist on talking about God all the time? Why does she have such a strong belief in God, or is it all part of a plot? I like Baltar but I find his whole addiction to sleeping with the Cylon strange, as he seems to be very good at rationalizing, but perhaps it is all part of the mental breakdown he appears to be going through, as he seems to exist in two realities. I was really pleased with the episode and again can't wait for the next installment!
  • "...I find really interesting and something I certainly didn't expect to see in a show like this. It really adds a whole new dynamic." SPOILERS

    Something I certainly began to pick up on in this episode was the idea that the cylons worship one God while the humans worship multiple (I think two, one male and one female) that I find really interesting and something I certainly didn't expect to see in a show like this. It really adds a whole new dynamic. If the cylons are machines, why do they worship a God? Wouldn't they have to be programmed to worship a God? Really gets me thinking. The main point of the episode, for me, was to show that Six can project herself out of Baltar's head, or at least that's what it looks like. I'm very intrigued. What was the point of the president collapsing? Was it only used for suspense or will this have a further meaning? One of the theories I began having was that when we see Boomer petting talking to the Cylon Raider and no one else really has that connection besides Starbuck. Starbuck is the only other person that can make the ship fly. Is she a Cylon, perhaps? The one thing that really took me out of the story and just screamed bad writing was when Six said you can "enlarge and sharpen" the image. It is impossible to do that with a digital image and I am happy that the picture wasn't some game changing event in the series and it was revealed it was fake. I would have been very upset otherwise. I loved the sex scene between Helo and Boomer while the Boomer on Galactica found "cylon" written on her mirror. 9.0/10
  • There are so many things to love about this episode

    Where do I start with this gem of an episode?

    Well with Baltar, the star of the show. This episode really shows off James Callis' superb acting ability. He combines the impending doom of Baltar with his established eccentric nature and, particularly in this episode, lots of humour. And he pulls it off brilliantly. The humour is very well played because it doesn't make BSG seem cheesy, or ruin the tension, and that is definitely down to Callis' delivery and his chemistry with the rest of the cast.

    I particularly loved when he comes into CIC, and Shelley Godfrey is there. The whole scene where he thinks they can't see her, but they can, is priceless. It's also interesting to see Baltar's building strange friendship with Gaeta. Maybe for every comedian you need a straight man.

    I really enjoyed the whole story of the fake photos, his predicament and the ensuing discovery that it's a fake. It’s also interesting how Roslyn is rather two-faced, and she’s suddenly all friends with him again... not that that'll last for long.

    I thought Shelley was great, and added a new dimension to the Sixes. Totally loved when she overplayed the scene with Adama, and the small touch of the glasses left behind.

    I thought it was nice that we got to explore the Raider some more, and Boomer's strange reactions to it. Surely she's setting off some alarm bells? Well maybe she is. Who did write Cylon on her mirror? Her split personality, or someone who suspects?

    Meanwhile the other Sharon is busy getting groiny with Helo (and naked Helo is always welcome). Both Sharon stories continue to build, and both will have huge ramifications for the story to come.

    All in all a fantastic episode, with fantastic stories and fantastic character scenes.
  • A lesson learned is a lesson forgotten.

    Head Six has had enough of Baltars berating and defying God's plan, so she is out to teach him a lesson. She disappears from his head, and appears on the Galactica..well, sort of. A flesh and blood version of Six, calling herself Shelly Godfrey has arrived, accusing Baltar of treason, and presenting evidence to the effect..a disk with a blurry security image of someone (same size and build as Baltar), planting an explosive device on the defense mainframe computers. She claims this made it possible for the Cylon's to succeed in their attack. Baltar's odd reactions (when isn't he odd), lends creedence to the accusations and he is stripped of his security clearance and denied access to his scientific equipment while the picture is cleared up. Callis does a wonderful job portraying the slowly but surely unravelling Baltar, and some of his lines are classic "No more mister nice Gaius". Meanwhile, on Caprica, Sharon and helo stop long enough to wind up in the heat of passion, and they do the nasty. (I am so glad this is the last time we see those glowing Cylon spines during sex..what was up with that?) And Boomer, on Galactica, sees the word "Cylon" written on the mirror on her locker door. When Baltar, in desperation tries to destroy the computer with his final image on it, he is placed in the brig. Seeing him behind bars, and Laura condemning , saying that she believes he is guilty, makes you believe that he actually might be exposed this early in the storyline. But it is far too early for that to happen. Head Six finally re-appears to the sobbing Baltar telling him all will be well, and when the photo is uncovered as a fraud, The President publicly exonerates Baltar, and his public image and popularity is restored, and in fact strengthened. Six has made her point. But Baltar, once the danger has past, quickly forgets his lesson and reverts back to type. The Godfrey Cylon has dissapeared, never to be seen again as far as we know. I have to say that by this time, I was getting a little tired of the Head-Six/ Baltar storyline, so it was nice to see a new spin on it. But why was the physical Six brought in. If Head Six didn't do it (she's in Baltar's head, and we still don't know what's up with that one.), then what was the purpose? Did the Cylons wish to despose of him completely? we may never know. Not a great episode, but a pretty good one.
  • Intriguing episode.

    I really liked this - the story, the way Number Six has her own game to play and the means she puts in use to get her will and how Gaius is so helpless on this big web and following every trap she has put up for him.

    And I like the outcome of that storyline- Gaius does what she expect and earns even more popularity than before and how she said - now they do not accuse him of being traitor again. Great move.

    I also like the Cylon scout ship and Boomer.. and how she reacted on the ship... Great developments there.
  • Though I watched this episode a while ago, the intro still makes me laugh just thinking of it.

    This episode's intro was by far one of the funniest and best intros I have seen in a long time. Baltar's reaction in the CIC is absolutely classic and the work of that other characters around him just adds to the humor. There were a few little things that I objected to (look at the angle of Baltar's head in the picture vs. the angle of the reflection off the window... definately VERY off) but it really was one of those things where you just shrug and roll with it. The rest of the episode was so very good though.
  • A woman (Number six of the Cylons) accuses Dr. Gaius Baltar of betraying the humans to the Cylons, by giving them access to the defense mainframe.

    This episode is very interesting. For once it focuses more on Gaius Baltar. To me he is one of the most interesting characters of Battlestar Galactica. In this episode we really see why.
    Gaius, unlike everybody else on the Battlestar Galactica, is not worried about the end of the human race. He would be okay living with the Cylons, even if everyone human died. All he wants is for him to stay alive. He only cares about himself. And this episodes shows that well.
    He tries to manipulate and be friendly with everybody when he thinks he might be in danger.
    But all of these things make us love him even more. He is the human at it's very basic level. This episode also shows the cleverness of Cylons. They are not just stupid machines, they have a well thought out plan. Only the future will tell us what it is. But this episode makes you wonder whether Gaius is really having hallucinations or whether his visions are part of the Cylons' plan.
  • This one got me sometimes quit confused... a great episode which really forced my brain to try and understand what happend on screen...

    It was fun to have Baltar again in a bigger role... altough I think he didnt score much points with me in this one. He seemed like some arrogant intelecual coward... he was always interrested in his own well being... but for the first time one could see how selfish he actualy is. I wasnt sure until the end of the episode if this whole story was simply one of his crazy fantasies or if it happend actully... this was done quite well. Especially a real copy of "6" beeing on the fleet and teasing Adama sexually was fun to watch... a great episode which really forced my brain to try and understand what happend on screen...
  • God, photoshop, and a goat

    What, God? Don't be ridiculous - Gaeta was already on his way to free Baltar before he prayed. It was all just a coincidence. Unless, of course, God knew that Baltar was going to pray, but that's something most of us probably don't like to think about, and that the good doctor certainly was in no mood to consider. God's will be done, indeed.

    If I was on the Galactica, I would be very thankful that Adama was my commander, because that guy can sniff a Cylon from a mile away. Or, at least, if they kiss him, he can usually tell. Just scrap the Doctor's little science fair project and let the old man have a few minutes alone with everybody in the fleet. He'll sniff 'em out, just like he did with Boo- oh, uhh, never mind. I guess I'd have to be suspicious of anyone who looked like Ms. Helfer and was willing to kiss someone who looked like Eddie. That's a red flag right there. And yet, his suspicions didn't prevent him from believing every word she said. Trust your instincts, Bill, they will serve you well. Pesonally, I would have a hard time standing anywhere near the President after she said the kinds of things that she did about Baltar. She basically admitted that she had always suspected him of being a traitor to the human race. How can you have a professional working relationship with someone who said that about you? And he just stood there and smiled. Good old Gaius.

    Good: Doc Cottle's bedside manner with the President. "It's not that kind of shot." Classic.

    Bad: Lee's bedside manner with Kara. If anyone came into my hospital room and said that garbage to me, I can guarantee you I'd be back on my feet before they were. What a tool.

    ?: Who scrawled "Cylon" on Boomer's locker? Was it Shelley Godfrey? The Chief? Another Cylon agent? I guess we'll never know, but I know who my suspect is: Sharon Valerii. We know she's keen to go wandering off without remembering where she went. Perhaps this is how a sleeper agent is awakened.
  • No more Mr. Nice Gaius!

    As of yet, this is so far the best episode of the series besides 33. It manages to be an emotionally tense, sexy, deep piece of drama, while at the same time being as close as I ever expect the show to come to doing outright belly-laugh comedy. In some scenes I was on the edge of my seat and laughing at the same time, and for a single episode to do both of those things is really quite incredible.

    The main plot of the episode is, of course, Baltar-focused, and for that alone it gains some points. Baltar is just a really cool character, and James Callis times his reactions just right that you can't help but like him, even as you yell at him for being such a socially incompetent idiot. Here, at the beginning of the story, we see Baltar railing on and on about religion to the Six inside his head, and in the first really funny sequence of the episode she just walks out on him. I think it's really interesting, if not altogether surprising, that Baltar has come to be so pathetically dependent on Six - in later scenes when he's alone in his mental home with Six nowhere to be found, he's practically begging for her to return.

    As if this isn't enough for him to be going through, it just so happens that yet another copy of Six, disguised as a friend of the doctor that was going to turn him in before, shows up with incriminating evidence. Baltar quickly finds himself detained as all of his previous allies - Gaeda, Adama, and even the President - turn their back on him. Baltar's desperate attempts to convince ANYBODY at all that he's innocent are the source of most of the excellent dramatic tension in the episode, as well as the comedy. The scene in the unisex bathroom where Baltar attempts to convince Gaeda to help him is genuinely iconic. "You forgot to wash your hands!"

    But none of his attempts work, and poor Gaius Baltar's face ends up showing on the screen and he's thrown in jail. The scene where he attempts to destroy the evidence-holding computer in a genuinely desperate race against time is the most tense part of the episode, since by this point I was utterly rooting for him to make it out unscathed. Unfortunately, that just couldn't happen and Baltar finds himself in the brig awaiting execution.

    This is where the story peaks, though, with an interesting commentary on religion. I can't say I really like the suggestion this episode provides that accepting God into your life can solve your real, everyday problems (that's NOT how we as a people should be thinking) but in the desperate case of Gaius it makes perfect sense in character. He doesn't repent because he's genuinely sorry - he just doesn't want to get executed. One could argue for a long time over whether he deserved to be freed and have Six returned to him just because of this. I think the correct answer there would probably be no - after all, he was in reality integral to the genocide of the human race, but James Callis made me care enough about the character that I hope he flies under the radar for a little longer.

    There were a few subplots in the episode, but they were all entertaining and none of them felt like they were dragging the episode down. Lee does an admirable, cliche-filled job of trying to get Starbuck to walk again but unfortunately that's just not how you get Starbuck to do anything. Instead, it takes an insult from Tigh to her pride to finally get her on her feet. And then there's that trippy Cylon sex sequence which was kind of scary, but I'm not sure I know what it means yet. Overall, a really fantastic episode.
  • Baltar's head friend comes to life as he denounces God. His head friend, though, tries to expose Baltar for what he did back in the miniseries. Baltar will then stop at nothing to fabricate his innocence!

    Awesome? Why, yes, awesome. This episode is brilliant! I love Baltar, and this episode showcases him in a way that hasn't been done before in this series. It's hilarious, intriguing, and the God concept is very interesting. It has many iconic moments, and scenes, in my view. Shelly Godfrey, one of the many mysteries. Thinking of her name, is it much of a coincidence. God-free. Isn't that why Baltar was in this situation? Because he didn't believe in God? Clever title. Gaeta's scenes were great, ESPECIALLY the scene in the bathroom. I was laughing so hard; brilliant. The whole story with Baltar trying to prove his innocence was great, and Roslin's line, "May the gods have mercy on your soul" was chilling. The end was just brilliant. Shelly Godfrey just...disappears. I got chills in the last five minutes. The very end, with a naked Six walking away, and Baltar following her is one of the most iconic Baltar scenes ever, in my opinion. The music and the images and the lighting...I got chills. Amazing episode. 9.5/10 or an A. If I love it so much, why does it not get a 10? Because it's not a masterpiece. It's not something new. It's not artistically brilliant. But it's fun. It's interesting. It's one of my favorite episodes, simply because of it being funny, intriguing, character-based, awesome story, etc. It isn't that deep like other episodes, but it's just an honest good story executed brilliantly. Long live BSG!
  • Great Episode! This is the episode that makes me want to go back and watch the miniseries.

    This episode brought up so many issues that I have questions about everything now. Are the Cylons over looking everything that happens, are they a collective like the Borg, where they all know what one knows. Seems to me that at any point if the Cylons wanted to, they can end human life completely, but it isn't their intention. They seem to be testing or experimenting on on the humans, like if they are interested in human behavior or human emotions. Also it made me wonder how it is that they seem to insert cylons into the human population. I'm going back to the miniseries, hopefully I'll have some answers.
  • A good story and and episode which really focuses around Dr Baltar and Number 6 they had a lot of sub plots in other episode but this one is really about them.

    After Dr Baltar literally slags of God things start to go wrong fof him very rapidly. This Episode wasn't only alot of fun to wacth because of the great stroy and acting i liked this episode a lot because it had loads of funny scenes which where very entertianing. I found my self actully liking Dr Baltar in this episode which i didn't expect eithier. Overall this was a great episode which was left us with a mystery was Shelly Godfrew Baltars Inner Six or not because she just vanished into thin Air and i know the cylons are good but they can't vanish so was she Baltars Inner Six or just a Cylon Agent who was trying to stop the cylon Detector being built if so wouldn't it have been easier to destroy.
  • No more Mr. Nice Geius!!!

    an excellent episode that mainly revolves around six and Geius. after his many daydreams of Six, she actually appears on the ship pretending to have footage that implicates the doctor in Caprica's attack. the footage ends up showing a man from behind who resembles Geius but he denies it, even stating to six that it wasn't him. in the end the footage reveals the face of the bomber and it is Geius (even though he is innocent. and the president and Adama have no choice but to believe their eyes. However Adama is suspicious of Six and feels that she may be lying. in the end though the footage is proven to be fake and Gaius is pardoned. You make ask what was the point in all of this- the answer to give credability to the "good doctor" now he will never be thought of as a traitor and also people won't be so quick to judge him.

  • Six Degrees of Separation

    Six Degrees of Separation was amazing and very entertaining. This episode was filled with superb character development and it was fun to watch the drama play out. It was funny when the Six model posing as Shelly confronted Baltar and he thought she was just in his mind. This was an intense episode with a lot of depth and really makes viewers think about some things. Helo and Sharon are still surviving on Caprica as the Cylons watch them. I liked the suspense and the bold style of this episode and the series in general. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • “The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success”

    If there were one word that could be used to describe this series so far it would most likely be "Serious". Week after week we see very serious stories, about very serious people in very serious situations where the consequences can be very serious indeed. Ron Moore might as well just shout "Pay attention! This is serious!" to anyone who might not be listing. The problem is that serious quickly descends into depressing which can lead to alienation by viewers who are sick of being made miserable every week. A little bit of humour here and there won't hurt as long as it is handled with care and it does not undercut the drama. For this episode the writers have decided to throw serious out the airlock and bring farce and silly on board for a little fun.

    Things kick off with Baltar having one of his typical talks with Six about the usual stuff God, sex, God, himself, God and sex. After Baltar goads her about her faith in her god Six finally gives up and buggers off, leaving Baltar all alone for the first time since the attack. It's interesting that now that Baltar has finally managed to get rid of Number Six he instantly goes looking for the moment she leaves, he has reached the point where he can no longer function without her. Instead of enjoy his newfound freedom his panics and wonders around his mind desperately searching for his only real companion. But before he can find her he is quickly accused of treason by…Number Six or Shelly Godfrey as she is calling herself. Am I the only one who didn't get the whole irony of her name straight away. Godfrey meaning that only when Baltar starts to believe in God will he be free. It's clear that Six set this whole thing up not only to strengthen Baltar position in the fleet but to also bring him further into her web until there is nowhere else for him to go. His whole "Trial By Fire" seems to only serve Six own personal agenda whether it is part of the Cylon grand design remains to be seen.

    Watching this episode I came to realise that without Six to hold his hand Baltar is nothing more than a pathetic little coward unable to stay calm is a bad situation which leads to him panicking and doing stupid things. From the vary start of the season Six has been carrying Baltar, keeping him alive by telling him how to build a Cylon detector and without her is lost unsure of what to do. His actions to save himself are all out of desperation and clearly not the workings of a so-called genius who should be able to think of a better plan than plead with Geata while he's on the toilet.

    Away form the central storey Boomer came unto the Cylon Raider in the hanger bay creeping out Tyrol at the same. Roslin suffered a drug overdoes form he medication and collapsed forcing Doc Cottle to give her a stern telling off. We should see more of Doc Cottle, he's one of the series best characters and yet we hardly ever see him. There nothing more entertaining than a cynical old medic, who thinks he knows better than everyone else and in fact does. Make this man a regular now. Shelly made a pass at Adama who in a rather gentlemanly way rejected her and then had security keep an eye on her. Did he suspect she was a Cylon or are blonds just not his thing. On Caprica Boomer and Helo fled form the Cylon and then get busy in…forest? Meanwhile onboard the Galactica someone wrote "CYLON" on the inside of Boomer locker. It could have been "Shelly" but I suspect there is another Cylon agent of the Galactica (Boxly? Geata? Duella? ) or it's just someone idea of a bad joke.

    These are all important plot points that will most likely be developed further in the weeks to come but they all pale in comparison with the A plot. Balter is perhaps the most despicable human alive but he is also so magnetic that you can't help but be drawn to his plight. Even though he is guilty we want him to be vindicated. James Callis deserves top marks for his performance where he carefully avoids making Baltar the fool and instead playing him as man finally driven to the edge when the only thing keeping him sane is gone.

    Good Bits
    -Baltar in the men's room trying to get Geata to prove his innocence. A comedy moment worthy of David Brent himself.

    -Baltar: "But you forgot to wash your hands"

    -Baltar: "NO MORE MR. NICE GIAUS!"

    -Baltar: "You'll forgive me Madame President, if I don't wish to be executed based solely on your GUT feeling!".

    -Baltar (notice a pattern) trying to destroy the evidence.

    -Boomer. Graduated from cute to sexy and then to creepy. Is it just me or did she seem a little turned on by that raider.

    -Baltar: "God's will be done"

    Bad Bits
    -Shelly's sudden disappearance. Galactica security isn't worth s**t.

    -Enough about God already.

    -Helo. The lucky bastard.

    -What the hell is the Cylon's plan? Get Boomer laid.