Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 7

Six Degrees of Separation

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2005 on Syfy

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  • A lesson learned is a lesson forgotten.

    Head Six has had enough of Baltars berating and defying God's plan, so she is out to teach him a lesson. She disappears from his head, and appears on the Galactica..well, sort of. A flesh and blood version of Six, calling herself Shelly Godfrey has arrived, accusing Baltar of treason, and presenting evidence to the effect..a disk with a blurry security image of someone (same size and build as Baltar), planting an explosive device on the defense mainframe computers. She claims this made it possible for the Cylon's to succeed in their attack. Baltar's odd reactions (when isn't he odd), lends creedence to the accusations and he is stripped of his security clearance and denied access to his scientific equipment while the picture is cleared up. Callis does a wonderful job portraying the slowly but surely unravelling Baltar, and some of his lines are classic "No more mister nice Gaius". Meanwhile, on Caprica, Sharon and helo stop long enough to wind up in the heat of passion, and they do the nasty. (I am so glad this is the last time we see those glowing Cylon spines during sex..what was up with that?) And Boomer, on Galactica, sees the word "Cylon" written on the mirror on her locker door. When Baltar, in desperation tries to destroy the computer with his final image on it, he is placed in the brig. Seeing him behind bars, and Laura condemning , saying that she believes he is guilty, makes you believe that he actually might be exposed this early in the storyline. But it is far too early for that to happen. Head Six finally re-appears to the sobbing Baltar telling him all will be well, and when the photo is uncovered as a fraud, The President publicly exonerates Baltar, and his public image and popularity is restored, and in fact strengthened. Six has made her point. But Baltar, once the danger has past, quickly forgets his lesson and reverts back to type. The Godfrey Cylon has dissapeared, never to be seen again as far as we know. I have to say that by this time, I was getting a little tired of the Head-Six/ Baltar storyline, so it was nice to see a new spin on it. But why was the physical Six brought in. If Head Six didn't do it (she's in Baltar's head, and we still don't know what's up with that one.), then what was the purpose? Did the Cylons wish to despose of him completely? we may never know. Not a great episode, but a pretty good one.
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