Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 2

Six of One

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Normal service (Pure Awesomeness) has now resumed.

    After the travesty of an episode last week, this one has made me believe once more in the franchise. Not much happened, but the dialogues and scenes were fracking fantastic.

    I'll be honest - I wept at least 3 times in this episode - one when Lee is given his drinking send off, two when everybody salutes him and three, when Adama hugs Starbuck. That is pure genius - I have *never* wept over any tv before, and this show has made me into a blubbering idiot - right from that first moment when Adama told Lee in season "If it was you we would never have left".

    Starbuck does not shoot the president, but gives her the gun. In turn the president fires on Kara at close range and *misses*. pathetic. Guards intervene, Adama yells at her, talks to president, has his doubts, and finally covertly lets her go find Earth again on a borrowed sewage treatment ship.

    Also, the scene between Roslin and Adama was a power-packed one. The two titans of the fleet spoke their hearts and really did justice to a powerful script. I loved Adama's line "You can stay in the room, but stay out of my fracking head!".

    Lee kisses the Galactica goodbye to work for Zarek (why, oh why?). Seems like a promising storyline, though.

    The Cylons are *really* convincing me now. They get excited about the last 5, but are warned not to openly discuss it. Then, 6 organises a coup to stop the raiders being lobotomised, by giving the centurions their own free will. Needless to say, the centurions are pissed and kill those models who voted in favour of the procedure. Strangely - Boomer votes against all her other models. An unprecedented step, and one that I hope gets her smug ass shot.

    Were it not for their annoying God line, I think I would be fully behind the cylons.

    Gaius is boring as ever. I cannot believe they got Tori to sleep with him, and to make matters worse, he starts seeing himself instead of number 6. For crying out loud - I already know he is a narcissistic frack, so why take away the only reason I bother watching Gaius scenes? Unfair.