Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 2

Six of One

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2008 on Syfy

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  • "Overall, another tremendously enjoyable hour from the final season of what has to be one of the best TV series of all time. Gripping, intense, funny and action packed, it rarely gets better than this."

    "Six of One" (love the title!) continues to assure fans everywhere that this show won't be reaching its big bang through various whimpers, oh no: we're getting explosive material and some of the best story developments the show has ever offered up. Ok, so you might think I'm exaggerating, and I'm willing to point out this isn't the best episode ever, but since there's an underlining certainty of when the show will be coming to an end, the stories carry that extra bit of threat value; and considering most of the plot points that were promised a season ago are coming to fruition, there's genuine payoff from the fans' perspective (take that, followers of Lost!).

    The opening sequence didn't quite pan out the way I expected it to and for that I'm grateful. Expecting some compromise to occur, I suddenly realised it was Battlestar Galactica I was watching, so of course Roslin took the shot! Both Katee and Mary do a fantastic job in these few scenes, especially Katee who really gives it her all. As has been pointed out in the recent episode thread, the show is very self-aware, and I simply loved how Kara chastised Roslin over searching for the arrow because of a vision Roslin supposedly had. Is the favour repaid? Not at all. And I thoroughly enjoyed these characters addressing that point face-to-face like it should be.

    I always enjoy when the show enlightens us on the Cylon side of things (one of the reasons why I loved season three); and the conflict between all of the numbers was a gripping, insightful look into the gradual deformation of the Cylon race. Pity Lucy Lawless couldn't have appeared, just to give the story a bit more weight, but it was definitely intriguing seeing one of the Boomer's go against her own model. Fascinating stuff altogether. And wow - how amazing did Tricia look in this episode. A stunning woman in every sense of the word who manages to outdo her special-k attire, by appearing how she actually looks, and she's 10 times the hotness for it. Wow.

    Whoops, had a bit of a guy moment there.

    You know you're in love with this show if you recalled Boomer's treatment of the Raider in season one when No.1 said something like "They're fighters, not pets" - it's interesting how each number views one another. With Boomer and Six embracing the "human" aspect the Cylons have been craving, with the rest opting to mechanise themselves and their Raiders further. Of course, the denouement is an excellent one, with No.1 eating his own words and the bullets of the centurions (will Six suffer the same fate soon enough since they have the ability to reason?). The idea of a centurion rebellion is a truly wicked prospect!

    The four of the final five - ya know, I almost pity them. It's interesting how sinister these lot are behaving now. While I understand the urge to survive, how callously Tigh suggests to Tory she bed Baltar for information was almost as chilling as his season three suicide bomber days. Does he intend to do whatever's necessary - pick off any possible threats on the fleet? Who knows… this story is one I'd gladly allow the writers to milk for a while, because it's fun watching these desperate toasters plan their own survival. It's intense.

    ~~ Other moments like Roslin and Adama's chat about Kara and mortality was beautifully handled; Lee's goodbye scene was cheesy, sure, but a good 'un all the same; and, of course, one of my favourite parts - the old man giving Kara her own ship to prove everyone wrong. Woohoo! It's fitting really, to have Kara journey by herself for a while, as she has always been the lone-wolf, and it'll make for a nice change of pace, too (what with cutting to Lee on the civilian fleet; Galactica, and then the Cylon base, and where Kara ends up), it'll be fun to see it all mixed up and eventually reform and link as one story again.

    Overall, another tremendously enjoyable hour from the final season of what has to be one of the best TV series of all time. Gripping, intense, funny and action packed, it rarely gets better than this.
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