Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 2

Six of One

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2008 on Syfy

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  • I was so dissappointed in BSG's first two episodes that I didn't have the heart to write a review. But somebody in the forum noticed how many people disagreed with the positive reviews and wondered why, so here goes.

    I really wanted to like this season. I did, but it has started out slow and plodding with some of the craziest plotlines that it has become painful to watch. As for this episode, let's start with Starbuck. She claims she had a vision and that the prez should show her the same respect Stabuck had for the Roslin's vision. To us and the characters, Starbuck went missing for weeks. She has no evidence to back up any of her claims. And little Kara Thrace isn't the most stable of people to begin with. Roslin was quoting Colonial scripture. Huge difference. Roslin has the writings of their ancestors to back her up. And another thing, I am sick of little Kara Thrace going around beating up squads of marines. I hear everybody tell how this show is so real. In the real world little Kara would get her ass kicked!!!!

    And Adama throwing her the keys to a ship is looney, too. Starbuck is so unstable she's liable to smash it into Caprica One. I can understand him being curious about her story, but she attacked marines and threatened the president. She must be punished. Adama has run such a horrible command that I find I couldn't respect him as a commanding officer.

    Oh poor Apollo. He can't get personal fulfillment from being a Viper pilot, so he quits and gets a military send off. Are you kidding??!! He's abandoning them in their hour of need! 12 billion people are dead, the Cylons are hot on the trail and selfish Lee Adama is going off to become a lawyer or a politician. This is crazy. The Galactica needs pilots and soldiers to fight Cylons not legal briefs and legislation. People in these dire straights act with more purpose. Nobody in the middle of a war against genocide of their own race goes off to find himself. When Admiral Adama and crew were giving Lee that send off I was so disappointed. I actually walked out of the room. As for the final five, I have always thought this was a very thin storyline. It seems it was created to stretch an already thin plot. I'm going to hold off until further episodes but I have to say Moore and Eick have not done a good job here. As for Head Baltar, I just don't believe it. He's now talking to himself. But believe it or not I'm not going to be critical of this, at least not for now. I have read somebody mentioning the Ship of Lights from old BSG in the storyline with Starbuck discovering Earth. I have been wondering if Head Six and now Head Baltar are something to do with new BSG's version of Count Iblis. Hmmmm, could be interesting. The robot rebellion has me perplexed too. The Cylons purposely created a sub species of robots to serve them. Why worry about their free will now? It's not like centurions and raiders have fulfilling lives. If the Six's and others object to raiders being reprogrammed to be slaves, then why create them slaves in the first place? I don't recall any of the skin jobs giving a rats butt about the welfare of raiders or centurions before. And don't you find it so crazy that just removing a part from a centurion it automatically becomes sentient?

    And my Tory has done the deed with Baltar. Oh the pain. Nuff said.

    There you go. Go on, lay into me and call me a troll. I wasn't going to write anything but since you guys asked...
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