Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 17

Someone to Watch Over Me

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2009 on Syfy

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  • This is how a character-driven story should be done.

    Whith only a few more episodes left in order to come to a satisfying close, the writers have decided to do yet another character-driven episode, much like last week's episode. The difference is the way it is handled, and the way it relates to the overall story.

    The episode has two different stories. One of the stories deals with Starbuck and a piano player in a bar. The whole story deal with Starbuck coming into the bar, and having conversations with this piano player, as Starbuck deals with different issues, including her relationship with her father, and finding her own dead body a few episodes ago. The two characters seem to have a great chemestry, making their scenes together a joy to watch. To the writers' credit, these scenes slowly build off each other, and do a great job at building to the final revelations at the end, even while there are times that the audience may wonder if the story is going anywhere, or if it's just wasted space. In the end, however, the revelation about the truth behind those scenes makes the story worthwhile, as does a revelation about Hera, which shows that she may know more about everything that's going on (specifically about the Cylons) than the audience expected, and perhaps more than even she knows.

    The other story deals with Boomer and Tyrol. The Cylons want Galactica to hand Boomer over so that they can put her on trial for treason. Tyrol feels that this isn't right, due to the time that has passed in the series, which seems to have changed her, as shown by her helping Ellen escape from Cavil in a previous episode. This story does a great job at bringing things full circle for their characters, showing how their relationship developed through the series, and how much they seemed to love each other before everything that has happened. I felt that these scenes were very touching, especially the scene dealing with their dream home and dream life. However, the revelation towards the end of the episode was also very well done, making the whole story have a very different emotional impact.

    While the episode seemed much slower than should be expected from one so close to the finale, it did a great job at moving the story forward, especially in the final moments, as all of the revelations take place, and the audience realizes how important Hera will be, and the stakes are raised within the final few minutes, making the finale seem that much closer and more exciting.