Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 17

Someone to Watch Over Me

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Thompson and Weddle hit the right notes....

    Could this someone be "the one true god"? It's been intimated that the concept of the one true god was instigated by the Centurions created by the 12 colonies....but why would machines need belief in a deity? Could it be that rather than being an abstract concept, they actually _did_ find evidence of a "higher authority" (or at least higher intelligence that is ... leading .... human and Cylon affairs and the others are now just waking up to the fact?

    Certainly, the underpinning theme of the episode is that of manipulation, specifically in the manner Valerii plays Tyrol. Not only is this beautifully played out from beginning to end, the manner in which this storyline is juxtapositioned against Thrace's story beautifully and subtlely underscores the revelation that dawns on Ellen at the end. As to Valerii's motives - well, this raises several interesting questions. Is she simply a tool under John/Cavil's influence? If so, this would suggest that the whole play about cutting Ellen's head open was merely a rouse to encourage her to go with Valerii when the time came. And just how did Valerii find the fleet so easily whilst "escaping" from John/Cavil? She must have had prior knowledge of the fleet's location - but if this is the case, and she is Cavil's tool, then he must have either provided her with the information or one would have expected her to volunteer it to him at some point - which begs the question that _if_ his hatred of all things flesh is that genuine, why hasn't he wrought down dead and destruction on the fleet already? If he knows the location of the fleet, he's had more than enough time to slip in scouts to ascertain the condition of the Galactica and the "rebel's" base ship....

    But what other explanation could there be? It's awfully late in the day to start opening-up further subplots. Occam's razor does seem to point to her working for Cavil all along, and that she really was sent to the fleet to grab Hera. Certainly, this is suggested by her final words to Tyrol - that she does actually love him. That she was incarcerated in the brig simply meant he became the most obvious means for her to achieve her escape and grab the child. So in telling him of her love, she is trying to apologise for manipulating him. And it is true that part of me would like to think that she is acting under other influence than Cavil's. I've never seen the "real" Valerii as a cold-hearted traitor. Yes, yes, I know she shot Adama - but remember, immediately after she did so, she had NO recollection of what had happened. Go back and watch the scene: she is entirely robotic during the shooting, and immediately after, she seems to come out of a trance and is utterly confused and distressed. Afterwards her conscience almost drove her to suicide. Thus, it's hard to imagine - as some elsewhere have suggested - that her final words to Tyrol were yet more subterfuge, intended to net her "another" prize for Cavil....

    Again, that Hera is important cannot be understated - back in Season 1 the Cylons did a hell of a lot to ensure one of the Eights conceived with Agathon. But again - if Cavil, as has now been revealed, find the entire concept of human-style procreation so reprehensible, this again doesn't actually make sense. Why would he allow his compatriots to go ahead with such work (and lets not forget that Doral and Steven - two of Cavil's "allies" in the Cylon "civil war") were both involved in the procreation attempt (Doral via direct involvement in the plan to ensnare Agathon, Steven through his own experiments, as discovered by Thrace on her return to Caprica). So yet again, deeper things seem to be going on here, and it might just turn out that whatever it is goes beyond Cavil as well. The one thing that didn't *quite* work for me in this storyline was this "new" ability for Cylons to directly transfer thoughts and feelings and sensations to one another - even when physically separated by a sheet of glass, as with the brig "walls". Obviously this ability was a device to more readily explain Tyrol's actions than anything else - and as such, it did come across as just a *tad* clumsy. So where do we stand, with just 4 segments left to tie everything up?

    On the surface, it would seem that Thrace is Daniel's offspring...but is this really the case? The pros of the argument are:

    - It is not explicitly confirmed by Cavil that he killed the "original" Daniel; he only admits to destroying the subsequent line

    - Thus, the original Daniel could have been sent to the 12 colonies alongside the Original Five. If so, this would mean that all of them were sent back WELL before Cavil launched the attack on the 12 colonies, given that Daniel needed to time to meet a woman, fall in love, marry her, conceive a child and for that child to reach her mid-20s.

    - The above WOULD be entirely consistent with the established facts that Adama and Tigh had served together outside and inside the Colonial military for some considerable time.

    However, this is by no means iron-clad. The theme of the episode is one of manipulation, and the music that Thrace plays is the music that triggered the memories of the Original Five (well, those who were at that time still in need of "memory restoration"). Again, it's hard to imagine Cavil "programming" such a trigger into their minds, given he sent them to the 12 colonies to "die with the rest" during his all-out attack....

    ... So the music, like the "head characters", would seem to be something coming from a "higher authority", again as Ellen explicitly notes with reference to Hera at the end of the episode. And if the music does indeed come from a "higher authority", then this does potentially point the finger to Thrace _not_ being the offspring of a Cylon / Human relationship - but someone who is very much, as Leoben has said - has a higher purpose and higher destiny.

    And this is what makes this episode so intriguing - because while answers are apparently given to questions people have been asking - it is entirely possible those answers are NOT as obvious as some think. Certainly nothing raised in this episode is outside the realm of being revealed and resolved in the remaining four segments. The only real care the writers need to take is avoiding a potential further cry of "cop out!"

    Role on "Islanded"....