Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 17

Someone to Watch Over Me

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Dream House

    This episode I'll admit made me feel sad, becaue it's probably one of the most tragic. Yes the main plot was on Starbuck which was really good. I always felt the main trouble with Starbuck was that she always seemed to be lost or running away from something mainly herself because she could never accept herself for who she is; at least that's what I think. The discovery of that body with her last name has made the dillema a bit more complicated. Some would think this makes her a cylon, though I think it could just be an ancestor; I don't know we'll just have to wait and see. But we see she's at least taking one step in acceptance if not full as the ghost of her father is bring out something inside her she long kept dorment. The interaction and dynamic between her and her father sort of reminds me a little of the Igmar Bergman film "Fanny and Alexander" which had to do with a boy seeing the precence of his deceised father. I though it was both sweet and a little sad.

    But the main plot for me was with Galen and Boomer whcih is like a Shakespiran tragidy (well almost).
    The parts where Galen and Boomer share a psychic bond and they spend time in that dreamhouse she constructed sort of reminds me a little of that dark fantasy film "Paperhouse" which was about two kids that have a psychic bond and constructed a surreal house in a psychic landscape. It was touching and a little heartbreatking at the same time because you feel as though the two could have a future together and that house along with the child could be real. This of course makes Galen act out in desperation to save the woman he loves, but there in lies the tragidy as we see Boomer commit an unforgivable act toward love which is betrial.

    I think what makes betrayal truly terrible and the most hurtful is simly not knowing how far it truly goes. I can't help but wonder if her feelings for Galen at the beginning were lies as well and if she was aware of her actions, we may never know the answer to that. All the same seeing it made my heart sink.

    Everything that went wrong went down like domonos. The Galactica has a hole through, Rosiln's hour of death is at hand, Helo and Athena have lost Hera to Boomer, but the person I felt sad for the most was Galen Tyrol as in the last scene which made my heart sink when he goes into that Astral Home again to find Boomer and talk to her, only to discover that she is not there nor is their possible child then he sinks on his knees and cries to discover the dream and the love with it was a lie.
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