Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 17

Someone to Watch Over Me

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2009 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • The piece of music that Slick plays and Starbuck refers to as "Nomion's Third Sonata, Second Movement" was actually Stu Phillips' "Exploration," which served as part of the opening theme to the original Battlestar Galactica in 1978.

  • Quotes

    • Tyrol: How many of us ended up with the people we really wanted to be with? Got stuck with the best of limited options? And why?

    • Slick: Listen. It may feel like hell, but sometimes lost is where you need to be. Just because you don't know your direction, doesn't mean you don't have one.

    • Tyrol: (to Boomer) You can't force people to love you at the point of a gun.

  • Notes

    • Felgercarb Toothpaste
      In the pilots' briefing room, Kara holds a tube of Felgercarb toothpaste from Tauron. The word "felgercarb" is a nod to the original Battlestar Galactica series. The term was a profanity invented for that series, often spoken by the original Starbuck character (played by Dirk Benedict). It was used as an utterance to express frustration or as a noun to describe something as nonsensical or phony (similar to the common term that also describes the excrement of a bull).

      The label on the tube states that Felgercarb is "the best selling toothpaste on Tauron," the colony perhaps best known as the original home of former Admiral Helena Cain.

    • Cast notes:
      -- James Callis (Gaius Baltar) is not seen in this episode despite being credited in the main titles.
      -- Nicki Clyne (playing Cally Henderson Tyrol) appears in a flashback.
      -- Iliana Gomez-Martinez plays Hera Agathon. She is the third child actress to portray the character, following Lily Duong-Walton and Alexandra Thomas.

    • Katee Sackhoff read the "Previously on Battlestar Galactica" line for this episode.

    • There are 39,556 survivors in the Colonial fleet as shown in the main title sequence. The number of survivors has not changed from the previous episode.

  • Allusions

    • Nomion's 3rd Sonata, 2nd Movement
      Starbuck accuses Slick, the piano player, of copying Nomion's 3rd Sonata as he is working on ideas for the 2nd movement of his original piece. Slick is actually copying a piece titled "Exploration", which was written by Stu Phillips for the original 1970s Battlestar Galactica movie. Thus, the "famous" Colonial composer Nomion is based on the real-life Stu Phillips, composer for the original Battlestar series. Bear McCreary confirmed this on his official blog.

    • Someone to Watch Over Me

      "Someone to Watch Over Me" was originally the title of a song from the musical Oh, Kay (1926) with music composed by George Gershwin and lyrics written by his brother Ira Gershwin. The song later became a "jazz standard" and one of the most well-known songs of the "Great American Songbook".

      Despite the reference in the title, the Gershwin song was not used. Instead, the episode featured the musical theme that Bear McCreary wrote for his adaptation of the Bob Dylan song "All Along the Watchtower".