Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 11

Sometimes a Great Notion

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 16, 2009 on Syfy

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  • It makes Razor look like Highschool Musical in comparison!

    Not that I've ever seen Highschool Musical, but you get the point!

    BSG is show that always manages to floor me. It'll have its odd hiccup, but I've rarely watched a show that has managed to remain this consistent, this surprising, this bittersweet, for four years running.

    "Sometimes a Great Notion" is a hellish experience - there's hardly a moment to catch your breath. It's must-see TV, no matter what you think of science-fiction, this kind of storytelling should be seen by everyone!

    Throwing up more questions than answers, even though some of the answers are shattering in themselves, there are moments that make you realise that perhaps you need to brush up on your BSG history. So the 13th colony were ALL cylons? That's a kick in the teeth, and from that moment on I was expecting the worst of everything. What the frak is Starbuck? While I predicted she'd find her own rotten corpse, I was not expecting Leoban's reaction. What exactly does the harbinger of death mean exactly? Is she a rogue cylon, of sorts?

    This episode, just like Cally's swansong, signalled Dee's death the minute the previously on BSG was said. I knew right away she was a goner as the episode paid a lot of attention to her within such a jam-packed and pivotal hour. However, I did not see how it would happen. Her death really hit hard, I was expecting an accident or something of the like to occur. But for her to take her own life? And her last words were, as with most of the episode, bittersweet. She wanted to hold onto this feeling she hadn't felt in years...forever. Gut-wrenching stuff.

    Other highlights include Roslin losing all faith and hope; Adama giving up and hoping Saul will allow him the easy way out and take the shot; that beautifully silhouetted scene of Kara cremating herself; and, of course, the flashbacks from the final four. This was just cracking stuff!

    I had no clue Ellen was the fifth cylon, and as cliff-hangers go, I've never felt so indifferent. "Really, her?" "HOLY frak, her!". I simply have no idea where this series is heading, but if it can keep up the quality and standards of this very episode, we're in for one heck of ride!

    The entire cast did an amazing job here, the direction was solid, and the score really elevated this grim tale to something extraordinary. Bring on the rest of the final episodes!
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