Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 13

Taking a Break from All Your Worries

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 28, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Taking a Break from All Your Worries

    Taking a Break from All Your Worries was another perfect and very entertaining episode of Battlestar Galactica because it really focused on the humanity of the characters and their relationships with each other. Apollo, Dee, Starbuck, and Lee have been through a lot and it was beautiful to watch them open up and be vulnerable with their emotions. On the other side it was interesting to watch Gaius being tortured and Adama's method of obtaining information. They succeeded in learning their are 5 more Cylon models and that Gaius believes himself the victim. The depth and drama were excellent. The scene where Gaius was given drugs and "tripping" while being questioned was great. Tensions are really building up and I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Dee: "It’s not a marriage, Lee. This is a lie."

    Kara loves Lee. Lee loves Kara. So why aren’t they falling into each other’s arms? Why do they continue to struggle holding together marriages they don't truly want? I know writers love to pull out sexual tension between characters for as long as possible, but Kara and Lee’s relationship is becoming more frustrating than romantic for me. I lamented for Dee this episode, because no matter what Lee says, he will never be satisfied with their marriage until he consummates his love for Kara. And the long gazes between Kara and Lee are just driving me nuts. Stop hurting Sam and Dee already, and get it over with you guys.

    There were many powerful scenes this episode. Gaius admitting he wants to be a Cylon; Six manipulating Gaius into suicide; Gaeta stabbing Gaius in the throat. (Obviously Gaius' storyline was the strong point of the episode.) The scene that wowed me the most, though, was Roslin loosing her cool during her interrogation with Gaius. Roslin screaming completely caught me off guard, and I was seriously ready to believe Roslin would toss Gauis out the airlock. Thrusting the pictures of the dead families from New Caprica in Gaius' face was extremely effective. The scene definitely kept my eyes glued to the screen, and both McDonnell and Callis delivered excellent performances.

    The psychological torture stuff was interesting. We learned that Gaius isn't a one of the final five (at least according to his imaginary Six, who it was fun having back again), but Gaius still believes he is "chosen" by God for something special. The hallucinations themselves were particularly attention-grabbing. Especially the one where Gaius woke up in a resurrection ship (good red herring, writers) and then the sixes began tearing at his skin. Shuddery.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Survivor Count: 41,403

    - Roslin decided Gaius should have his trial. The woman ceases to surprise me.

    - Did I sense romance vibes between Adama and Roslin there in that ending scene?

    - This was the second time Edward James Olmos directed an episode. The first was season one's "Tigh Me Up, Tight Me Down."

    - The crew built a new bar on Galactica. I guess with Cloud Nine gone, there was a lack of refuges for unhappy spouses to drink away their marital problems.

    - Chief and Cally have been fighting. I hope that's only a temporary thing.

    - I liked the little "bonus scene" Sci Fi added on at the end of the episode (there's more to it if you viewed the complete scene on the web). I was wondering what had happened to the Six Galactica had captured.

    - Roslin: "We tried the stick. It's time to try the carrot. The thing he's most deeply afraid of is that even if he talks, we'll kill him."
    Tigh: "Smart man."

    - Kara: "Kara Thrace and her special destiny? That sounds more like a bad cover band."

    Final Rating: Not exactly what I was hoping for, but I was definitely eager to see it a second time. Let's go with a good 3 out of 4 stars. - Tim Bronx
  • Great Drama not so much action this time.

    While the show's directors and producers have the line "This is a drama show set in space". This episode does have a lot more drama than action. The episode is based around Baltar's trail. While not really a flashback episode it does bring back a lot of events leading to this episodes, the focal point is the occupation of New Caprica. There are some scenes where it does show the anger and resentment towards Baltar. I like the addition of the Bar in one of the Hangers. It reminded me of 10-Forward on Star Trek The Next Generation. A place where officers and crew relax. A good episode but not the ending I was expecting.
  • Oh.. again - relationship problems

    So.. it is very similar to episode we had not long ago - it is again all about Sam,Kara,Lee and Dee and they are all messed up not sure what who wants and what who should do.

    This time add drinking, avoiding and not thinking and you will end up a mess what is not great to watch.

    The other part of this episode went to Baltar who is back and the command trying to get some answers and nothing is working - they use hard way, drug him and they see it won't work and go for other ideas - Gaeta.. and the only exciting moment of this episode was the end - with Gaeta.. he acting on reaction of whatever Baltar said.. and I started really wonder - will Gaeta be one of the Cylons.. or Baltar said it to him.. I hope we will learn that oneday.
  • This is starting to get out of hand...

    He loves her, she loves him, they cheat, the don't cheat, he doesn't love her, she doesn't love him... HAAAAAAA... enough with that!!!!!

    Li loves Starbuck, and Starbuck loves li, okay? Okay.
    So instead of being together they keep crying and being sad. I really can't see this love story anymore, it lost its point. I can't see Li cry to Starbuck, I can't see Starbuck cry to her husband, I can't see Li cry to his wife. So please.... stop this. The only way this episode can have any use is if Li will die soon.

    And the all story with Guys was pointless.

    You know what... you can skip this episode and you wont even notice you missed something.
  • Definitely ranking low on my list of fav episodes, even though Edward Olmos was directing. Personally, I think they overdid the relationships angle, going as far as to center the episode around it with some sideshots from Baltar.

    Dr. Baltar gets returned to the fleet, and is interrogated in a wide variety of methods, telling us most of what we do not already know, which makes it rather pointless. This episode explores the relationships of Starbuck, Apollo, and so on, another pointless circle.

    Despite Mr. Olmos directing, this episode could and should be left alone. Nothing much happened that progressed the story line, rather quite a disappointment. We see the opening of the new 'Joe's Bar', and find out that Mr. Gaeta has been trying to kill Baltar. Again, interrogations, and Madam President enlists the help of Caprica Six. Hopefully the following episodes will be better.
  • This episode deserves more credit

    The scenes between Roslin & Baltar were excellent. I didn't mind the Lee/Dualla storyline that much only because I'm glad he's understanding that his love for D is genuine. If he screws up again though, that would pretty much ruin the already weakening integrity of the show, and I might just give up on it. Hoping the producers have caught onto the unrest over this mess of a multi-relationship drama I'd like to that think the Lee & Kara glance shouldn't be taken for face-value and they're just misdirecting the audience, but it might just be me wishing this deal with the four of them will end and not drag on until the final episodes of the season.

    The idea that a few of the final five cylons could be aboard Galactica is an intriguing premise and most new episodes gives subtle hints as to whom they might be. Gaeta certainly fits the profile of a cylon initially thinking he's human. Dualla, considering her ranking position and extremely caring persona, would have an easy time getting to Lee or other Galactica officials if she were to end up like Boomer. As for the rest of the crew (Kara & Tyrol), there are more suspicions I hope will be addressed in the future.

    James Callis and Mary McDonnell delivering stellar performances, Baltar being forced to confront his demons, Dualla not entirely giving up on Lee, the idea of Baltar being put on trial, and Edward James Olmos directing makes this one of my favorite episodes of the third season.
  • References and more allusions...

    The writers of the show continue to integrate mythology, folk-tales, bedtime prayers and lullabies. The fusion of several produced the opening sequence for this episode:

    Close your eyes, go to sleep
    Baby's in the cradle counting sheep
    Climb up to your house of dreams
    Baby's in the cradle fast asleep...

    Reminiscent of:

    Now I lay me down to sleep,
    I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
    If I should die before I wake,
    I pray the Lord my soul to take.

    Which Baltar makes reference to, and quickly apologies "Sorry, improvising."

    Also made me think of: Rock a bye baby on the treetop, When the wind blows the cradle will rock, When the bough breaks the cradle will fall, And down will come baby, cradle and all. No one is really sure, but Wikipedia attributes a rumor that this lullaby was the first English poem to be written on the land that has come to be known as America, by a pilgrim aboard the Mayflower in the 1600s.

    The destiny of birth, life, movement and death, all in the power of the Gods (i.e. the writers/producers of the show).

    An interesting anecdote regarding Baltar's interrogation:

    During the early 1940s, scientists at the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the CIA's wartime predecessor, were trying to develop a chemical substance that could break down the psychological defenses of enemy spies and POWs, thereby making it easier to obtain information.

    The first acceptable drug, known as Code Name "TD" (for Truth Drug?), was a potent extract of THC, the active psychoactive substance in marijuana. When mixed with the prisoner's food, tobacco or drink, it tended to relax all inhibitions and to deaden the areas of the brain which govern discretion and caution.

    By 1947, the U.S. Navy deployed Project Chatter, which utilized the highly hallucinogenic drug mescaline (derived from the peyote cactus...any similarities to kamala extract?). It's also interesting to note that the U.S. Navy adopted this approach from Nazi doctors at the Dachau concentration camp.

    By 1954, the CIA was again experimenting with interrogation drugs, this time, the odorless, tasteless, and colorless LSD (visit for more info about LSD and other hallucinogens). With the proper dosages of LSD, a skillful interrogator could gain leverage over prisoners by threatening to keep them in a crazed, tripped-out state forever unless they agreed to talk. Hmmm, Admiral Adama utilizing CIA interrogation techniques...
  • This episode is one of the best I’ve ever seen. No big impressive space battles just pure solid gold story telling, acting and directing.

    Before this episode aired on British television an announcer said:

    “Some viewers may find the following show disturbing” I couldn’t agree more in the first 5 minutes we have Baltar preparing to kill himself all the while 6 (the one in his head) is egging him on, telling him its for the best.

    Then we have Roslin ordering Baltar out an airlock. Not having him walk along being all dignified in his final moments but being dragged and then carried by soldiers all the while screaming and begging for his life, only to find out that it’s a bluff. Then finally he’s forced drugs to make him hallucinate in an attempt to get the information they want.

    Watching this episode its hard not to feel sorry for Baltar, I mean sure 99.9% of the time the guys only out for himself but does that mean he should be treated like this. Not in my opinion.

    After all this we’re told that he will be given a trial, but what kind will it be? Real or simply for show?
  • I don't really know why this eposide has such low ratings. I thought it was great. Yes, the stuff about apollo and starbuck was overdone, but the other part of the show kept me on the edge of my seat.

    I thought this episode was sort of Jekyll and Hyde in my opinion. I did not think it was as bad as many would say. The baltar stuff was fantastic. I am having a much harder time trying to figure out what kind of a person he is. I feel on his side so often, then I hate him at the same time. He is one of the best ambiguous characters I have seen in a long time, and I think he should win some sort of acting award for his complex role that he seems to do with much ease.
  • One of the best episodes ever!

    This episode should be renamed as "How to make a storyline" because since moment one we wander through Baltar's twisted and frightened mind and are led to believe that he commited suicide and is awakening in a Cylon spaceship after being downloaded only to discover in the last second that is a fantasy of his dying mind. And this is only one of the many turning points the episode has.

    Later on we come back to his mind during his interrogation, where some informations are finally shared - or should I say some suspicions are finally proved - and where a look down deep revealed to be more frightening than pain itself.

    As a sideline we have the romance developments of Lee and Kara, deciding to end everything with one another and trying to reconcile with Dee and Sam, respectively. That I thought would be rather dull, but to my pleasure was entertaining and made me believe even more in the veracity of the characters. After all, they are as dumb as real people can be when regarding the decision to deny something.

    The only criticisms I make are for:

    1. the stupid idea that the booze does not only never ends as that there is enough to open a bar even if your life depends on the amount of water and fuel you can save since you never know where you'll be able to find more again or if you will have the chance to exploit it.

    2. that even if it is a major plot development, it's silly that you can waste your time in a trial while running for your life. Trial by the way which can divide the entire fleet once again.
  • How far would you go?

    How far would you go to find the answers to your questions? Would you compromise your morals and torture someone? Make no mistake, that is exactly what they did. What shocked me is who did the torturing. I know they feel the need to be hands on in finding out the information from Baltar...but if the fleet finds out what they did, and how far they were willing to go...I think the fleet might have a problem. So, that's a concern for me. Not so much that they did what they did, but who did it.

    As in the first season where Starbuck was everything( Sharpshooter, hotshot pilot, and chief interrogator,) we are once again being treated to characters stepping above and beyond their character roles for the sake of drama.

    I guess I can forgive them.

    As for the action itself, superbly done. Gaeta's actions near the end of the episode were marvelous. I am just enjoying all the new things his character is getting to do. the other How far would you go? How far would you go to save you marriage? Or...for that matter how far would you go to stay happy...or get happy. I'll admit to getting tired of the whole Kara-Lee thing. Definitely too much energy on it this episode...but at east they got to that point where they seem to have made a decision.

    SO...It's a step in the right direction (particularly after Rapture.)...Starting to concentrate on the stories (Baltar) that matter is definitely a step in the right direction.
  • a better episode

    This episode was pretty good. I like Baltar, and how no one seems to understand that they put a gun up to his head (the cylons) to make him do the deeds he did on New Caprica. I dont feel he is a traitor, but more of a survivor. So in watching this we learn that he is not a cylon. At least thats what we think right now. I'm glad that we aren't watching episodes of boxing and dumb fillers. The series needs to have more episodes like this and less of the episodes that are just plain pointless.
  • Bla bla doctor. . helo bla bla. . . waste of time ep!

    Seriously, If the don't have good material for a whole season they shouldn't fill it with this crap. By far one of the worst eps in any season. Helo's characters just gets worse by the minute. Overacting. . .poor story. . .poor character development. Felt just like pulling teeth, with one exception, this ep was totally un-necassery, nothing moved forward. Waste of airtime.
  • great episode

    Baltar is now locked up inside Galactica, facing charges of treason. He wonders if he is a cylon or not. Captain Adama and President Roslin can't get any answers out of Baltar so they resort to extreme mesaures to get him to give them answers. Apollo deals with his marriage with Dee. This episode is pretty much about what's going on with the cylons. They are contemplating with their own situation. This episode was well made, it's really exciting. The exploration of the main characters are interesting, we get to see what their all going through up to this point. Great episode.
  • O how I frecking adored this episode till the very last second. (spoilers).

    And how I hate; that the reason why I do love it is exactly the reason why critics will be sceptic and disapproving about this piece. The switching back and forth from dilemma to dilemma, character relationships, trauma’s, psychosis and secrets reveiled. It has never been so wonderfully emotionally complex as in modern day BSG.

    First of, I love the direction they take our favorite ‘’mad scientist’’ Doctor Baltar in, the character arc and complexity is simply amazing. Not to mention the performance by the actor at heart. We can see into the depths of these characters which enables us to enjoy a more colorful and riveting way of storytelling never shown on television before. Im losing myself in all this excitement I know. Im just trying to open eyes here. Let me cut back to a short recap:

    Long things short; Baltar gets interrogated and struggles with his destiny. His only lasting resort is to kill himself and his subconscious mind with him. Adama and Roslin take measures into their own hands and try an experimental interrogation technique which brings new information to light.
    Sam questions Kara about her love for Lee and ends their relationship. In the meanwhile Dee feels she has been naïve about marrying Lee and concludes their marriage aswell. A ships ‘’Bar’’ is born and a lot of bonds are strengthened and broken alike. Alcohol clouds judgement and replaces air as the prime element of human survival in this episode it seems. Were we see a total President Roslin freakout and a drugged up Baltar. We also get to see Apollo and Chief Tirol becoming drinking buddies Jibbering on about hard work and women as if it was a 1870 Western casino bar with bad strippers. I can almost see the cowboy hats and badges reflecting in their eyes. All in all It must all seem so drowsy and slow from a far. But when you start to look closely you lose yourself in the 4 dimensional world that is BSG. This episode had everything (yes including action, as in emotional and mental action); it had character depth, countless emotions, dilemma’s, arguements, questions, answer’s, revelations and a lot of mental hardship.

    This episode was about forgiveness, repentance and again finding out what purpose lies ahead. It was beautiful. BUT, as Dr Baltar always says: ‘’everybody’s got to have a secret.’’ Who knows whats going to happen next.

  • I absolutely loved this episode.

    For the last two seasons we have watched Baltar act the same ol crazy way, just getting more and more involved with his imaginary friend and God. This episode finally reveals some very large parts of Baltar's personality. For one, he is not brave, or a very stand-up guy. When we think about it, what could he really have done to stop Number Six even after being told all the dirty little secrets. He could've said "I was responsible, but here's what happened," but instead he tries to hide the truth. He sees himself as a victim of the universe.
  • Loved this episode!

    After listening to the RDM podcast, I watched this episode again and got a lot more out of it. It was directed by Edward James Olmos and was much better when you watch it again. Most of the episodes of this series are better the second time because so much is happening that it's easy to miss things.
  • Abysmal is the only word to describe this episode.

    I don't consider myself alone when saying the whole Lee/Kara "love" story is getting agonisingly boring.

    I loathe Kara, she is revolting and her laughter makes me want to shoot myself in the head. She wants Lee to cheat but she won't divorce Anders because it's a sin - WHAT THE F**K?! Lee is so pathetic, he doesn't know what he wants.

    Baltar is the only interesting character right now, and the interrogation scene was the only highlight of this episode. I really hope the writers will pull it together and stop BSG from going downhill.

    Also, PLEASE stop doing those stupid flashback episodes!
  • Lee/Starbuck/Dee/Sam storyline needs to go, it sucks! Baltar interrogation was ok.

    What the hell is up with this soap opera between Lee/Starbuck/Dee/Sam??? Starbuck was married to Lee's brother, that is just sick how they mistakenly had sex. Once that happened, I knew the storyline following it would suck. If they keep this up, I'm going to tune out and stop watching this show. And please stop with the filler episodes. Advance the storyline!
  • "Justice is going to Be Served"

    It's a great day when Balter is locked up awaiting trial. I loved the Attitude that Roslin is potrying this episode. The Thought of Caprica Six as a witness is going to be good. The Bar is pretty cool, and Kinda reminds me of Quarks Bar on the Promenade on DS9, of course minus the Ferengi. I really hate this Starbuck torture for Lee. I personally would be so happy with Dualla. Tyrol Still loves Sharon. I could tell. I can't wait until next Week! I am also interested who may be going to find Earth. "Action Stations Action Stations".
  • Yes we know, how could we miss it; love triangles (quadrangles?) make things tough when your struggling to survive, especially in the military environment. Now enough already!

    The series continues to deviate from its scifi roots and degenerate into a soap opera in space. Starbuck has become one of the most loathsome and detestable characters in any series and I find myself rooting for the cylons to take her out already so I don't have to hear her whining, sniveling, clap-trap anymore and the story can get back on track. A couple more episodes where the Starbuck (fill in the guy) relationship chews up time and I'll be looking for something else to watch. This was one of the best series on TV but it's rapidly coming apart at the seams.
  • I honestly don't know why people don't like this episode.

    I think this is one of the best episodes of the season. I loved the scenes between Roslin, Baltar, Adama, CapricaSix, and Tigh. I actually think that the five of them could hold together an entire episode on thier own. (With Cottle and Gaeta as walk in rolls) Cottle for his dry witt and Gaeta because he is seriously pinging either my Cylondar or my gaydar. not sure which one yet) Anyway that storyline was amazing, in all the creepy, magnificant, sad, beautiful, dangerous ways this show so is.

    The second plot was less interesting but still it worked out well. The are they/aren't they, will they/won't they fourway going on between Lee/Kara/Dee/Sam. I actually thing they are all seriously losing thier minds. But the scenes worked. I felt sorry for all four of them.

    Oh yeah, one more thing, is it me or is Roslin doing a major Annikan Skywalker. I'm not happy about it but she is seriously starting to ping by Cylondar. Or is that my Goddess you you dare not speak her name)dar I'm hoping less Cylon Five, more Cylon God.

    Then again, I prefer she sayed like I prefer Baltar, very flawed yet very human.
  • More boring Lee and Kara stuff More annoying Baltar oh joy of joys

    This episode really feels like marking time until the next arc starts.
    The last few episode have all been slightly disapointing.
    The temple of 5 turned out to be a bust and thus making the deaths of the defenders pointless.
    This episode show baltar`s interrogation with him telling us what we already knew from season one.
    Lee and kara talking ,fighting and still staying apart.
    Nothing happens on that score really.
    No nothing really on "the road to earth" apart from a vague hope of a super nova remnant.
    So nowt really happens and then gatea pulls a knife on baltar at the end
    because ?..well ..otherwise the ep doesnt have any violence.
    I dont hate this episode
    you have to have strong feelings one way or another to hate something.
    This filler produces no feelings at all.
  • Such a good series, but I had a real tough experience watching "Taking a Break.

    I wanted to take a break. Barely lasted to the end. This one just missed so many marks. The bar. Why? What was the point other than another place for dialogue I've heard in previous episodes. And having Laura shrieking at Baltar like a reform school principal. Wow. But everyone's entitled to a mulligan. Show will bounce back. Always does.
  • An interesting episode which dwells further into the mysteries around the Final Five.

    Another good episode from the team behind the Battlestar Galactica series. After Balthar was captured in the last episode it was expected that this one would focus on him and what he has done. That happened this episode. Balthar was captured, brought back to the fleet and questioned in order for them to find out what it is that he knows about "Jupiter's Eye" and the prophecy in general. And they do it in a, shall I say, brilliant way. Not that many questions besides the one we all wanted to know regarding Balthar is answered, but more doors are opened, and more dots has been connected. All building up the suspence and mystery surrounding what it is that propells the series, the prophecy.

    The episode was very good, and I am looking forward to see where and how this road comes to an end.
  • Very powerful episode with Baltar's interrogations. Character development as a sub plot. Some spoilers

    The interrogation scenes with Baltar were very cool to watch, especially after they injected him with the drugs that made him hallucinate. So now we know, or at least are pretty sure, he is not one of the final 5 cylons. I figured when he woke up in the tub of goo after he hung himself he was just hallucinating. I wish I had seen the bonus material that is suppose to be online. Apparently the #6 cylon that came back with Sharon after she got Hera was suppose to offer to testify at Baltars trial and offer anything she knows!! I wish she had been in this episode. Maybe next one?

    The sub plots weren't crucial to the story line, except to let the watchers know that Lee and Kara wouldn't be getting together. I personally think that Kara and Sam are a better suited couple, but that is just me.
  • A microcosm of the human condition plays out on Galactica. Caution: spoilers.

    This episode is all about betrayal-- betrayal of love, betrayal of country, and betrayal of self.

    The episode focuses primarily on Gaius Baltar and his imprisonment on the Galactica. The leadership decides to try and extract information from him in various ways. They argue about the right to torture, briefly, then about risky methods to torture. Each step they take betrays some of what they stood for as a society, all the while torturing the man who betrayed humanity for the Cylons.

    The secondary storyline was between Lee and Kara, their attraction and how it is affecting their marriages. Sam gives Kara leave to pursue Lee, and Dee gives similar permission to Lee. Now it is up to Lee and Kara if they will betray their relationships to pursue their own.

    In essence, who do they betray? Does Lee leave Dee and betray her, breaking his vow of marriage? Does Kara do the same with Anders? And what of each other? Such a betrayal obviously weighs heavily on Lee's head. But for Kara, her flighty nature has never been comfortable with just one suitor. Would it be a betrayal of herself to stay with Anders?

    The resolutions are great. The climax comes with Gaeta and Baltar, the confrontation alluded to at the beginning of the episode (Baltar knows something Gaeta did that it eating Gaeta up inside) and the question is turned-- is Baltar really the traitor, or is it Gaeta?

    Top notch writing to convey the topic the producers wanted to explore. Very well doen.
  • Baltar story = Great Lee/Starbuck/Dee/Sam story = Not so much

    OK, first of all, big kudos for all the scenes surrounding Baltar's return and his interrogation. These were some intense scenes. Roslin's showdown with Baltar culminating in her "out the airlock" bluff was awesome... and kinda scary. You got some great insight into Adama, Roslin, and Cottle. And Gaeta too.

    As for Lee/Starbuck/Dee/Sam... please stop this. It's awful to watch and not in a good way. How many times do we have to watch Lee hug Dee, and Starbuck hug Sam, and then do that frakking lovelorn look at each other! It's getting to be tiresome and it's turning these 4 individuals into a absolute joke.
  • A tale of two plots: one very good, one intensely frustrating

    The title of this episode apparently refers to the theme song from “Cheers”, which is relatively appropriate, given one of the two major plot threads. Seemingly out of nowhere, a bar emerges, where the various officers gather to complain about their relationships and get rip-roaring drunk. This is integral to the Love Polygon between Kara, Anders, Lee, and Dee, which certainly doesn’t help.

    It’s hard to tell why the writers chose to add a makeshift bar to Galactica. One might assume that the underground establishments from “Black Market” were wiped out at the end of the second season, and they were never recreated on other surviving ships. Whatever the case, having a bar around implies that the crew has enough downtime to make it worthwhile, and that enough alcohol exists to keep the thing running. Perhaps it was addressed in passing in the episode, but does this really make much sense?

    It does give Lee a source of alcohol, however, which provides him with the time-honored means of drowning his sorrows and self-pity. One can only hope that this is the end of the relationship issues for a while, because this plot thread was a mess. Unfortunately, Lee’s decision to save his marriage still feels temporary, and that means more excruciating scenes between Lee and Dee. Kara and Anders aren’t much better, but Anders’ unusual attitude regarding his wife makes it somewhat tolerable.

    The lead writer for this episode also wrote “Unfinished Business”, and so he seems to be the one who writes episodes with heavy soap opera content. Michael Taylor has an interesting list of genre credits. He wrote some of the best episodes of “DS9” before taking a substantial role on “Voyager” as story editor and author of some of the most reviled episodes of that series. So far, his episodes of “BSG” have been loved or despised. There’s not much in the way of middle ground, and the strong focus on the agonizing Love Polygon.

    That might change based on the other prominent plot thread. The interrogation of Baltar could have been the entire episode, as far as I’m concerned. This pays off the deep hostility and anger shown in “The Eye of Jupiter”, especially when it comes to Roslin and Adama. One doesn’t expect restraint from Tigh, after all. Roslin and Adama put Baltar through some serious torture, most of it psychological, and that’s rather revealing about everyone involved.

    It’s always interesting to see the similarities between the Humans and the Cylons, and in this case, we see the Humans turning on one of their own in an especially brutal manner. Roslin’s “airlock” scene was one of the highlights of the hour, and it was far more visceral in its effect than the Cylon vote to keep Baltar alive. Plot elements from “Epiphanies” and “Collaborators” came back with a vengeance, with Roslin and Gaeta both grabbing a chance for their pound of flesh. The effect was a mixture of satisfaction and pity for Baltar. As Adama said, Baltar sees himself as the victim, despite the reality of his choices, and there’s enough truth in that to keep his fate in doubt.

    The writer tries to draw a strong correlation between Baltar and Lee, and it doesn’t quite come together as well as one would hope. There’s a difference in scale and effect that cannot be surmounted. Baltar feels like the victim, but his choices led to his current torturous existence. The same may be true of Lee, but his choices didn’t lead to genocide or collaboration with the enemy. One might argue that both are devastating psychological states for these individuals, but it just doesn’t seem to work. That leaves the episode itself in a curious and frustrating middle ground.
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