Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 11

The Eye of Jupiter (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 15, 2006 on Syfy

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  • The Eye of Jupiter

    The Eye of Jupiter was a perfect and brilliantly produced episode of Battlestar Galacitca and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was rich with depth and character development. This episode seems like a keystone bringing every thing together. The Eye of Jupiter is in the Temple of the Five, and D'Anna or number Three is searching for the Final Five Cylons, and to possibly see the face of God, I wonder if there is any connection. The ideas that this episode made me think of were awesome and I can't wait to see how things play out. I love watching the Cylons deliberate and debate. It was cool to see Admiral Adama and President Roslin interacting over what was happening and the same with Apollo and Anders. I look forward to watching the next episode to see what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Great Episode but this series could be better

    This is a really nice episode after having had to sit through several mediocre or even bad ones. There are several tense story lines running through the entire 45 minutes, building up right into the "to be continued" banner. That being said, season 3 has been disappointing overall. Before I ever saw any episodes I respected the fact that BG had done their 5 seasons in a nice, tidy package and called it quits. Now that I'm halfway through the run I think they definitely could have done a tighter job. There have been too many filler episodes and just plain stinkers. I've been SUPER tired of Baltar and his Cylon Fetish for about 10 episodes.
  • Food is found perhaps not the best food but at least it is food. On the algea planet while collecting yummy algea to eat. They find a temple left behind by the 13 colony on their way to earth,and the cylons are there to. To find out whats in there.

    With episodes like this is there any question that this is, was, and will continue to be the best that cable has to offer for quite some time. A delite after all those time killing back story episodes that have served more as a filler than to move the story forward.
  • Adama: \"If this is the work of a higher power, then they have one hell of a sense of humor.\"

    It was only a matter of time until Athena learned that Hera was alive, but learning it from the original Boomer was much more effective. If the **** hasn\'t hit the fan yet, it certainly will, as evident from past episodes Athena\'s emotions and actions are uncontrollable when it comes to her child (in the season two episode where she was about to receive a forced abortion she became savage-like) and there’s no way Athena will take this news sitting down. Not only that, Adama is now seriously pissed at Roslin. And just when their relationship was going so smoothly. Discontent between an Admiral and a President is bound to stir up trouble and can\'t be good political wise.

    After being left hanging following Kara and Lee’s fight, we finally received some insight into their relationship. Kara and Lee’s sweaty and sexy rendezvous in the Raptor surprised me, and yet was fun to watch in a painful sort of way. I thought it was very in character for Lee to want a divorce, but I was taken aback when Kara didn’t feel the same way. Is it truly because she doesn\'t want to break a holy sacrament, or is this her twisted way of avoiding commitment again?

    The tension between the two respective couples of the love trapezoid was enjoyable, as well, with Dualla becoming snippy at Kara, and Lee enjoying his authoritative position over Anders. Lee\'s refusal to let Anders go and save Kara felt forced and out of character, though, manufactured just to add a little oomph to the cliffhanger. If anything, I would think it would be vice versa don’t you?

    Gaius Baltar has no devotion. Like Julian Sark would say, “My loyalties are flexible”. He struggles to get Six back, only to disregard her for D’anna? The man obviously has problems. His decision is most likely just another result of his desperation to feel \"chosen\"; to feel that he has a destiny and that he hasn\'t betrayed countless people for nothing.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Survivor Count: 41, 402

    - That meeting on Galactica between Gaius, Adama, Roslin, and the Cylons was my favorite scene of the night. I loved Adama and Roslin considering taking the Cylons\' deal when they offered to throw in Gaius as a bonus.

    - What\'s wrong with Hera? Does she have an illness, or does she just miss her mother?

    - How did the Cylons convince Adama to let them meet on Galactica? Why the need to meet in person?

    - Anders revealed Starbuck has cheated on him before. Burst your bubble a bit, huh Lee?

    - Kara: \"Can I make a suggestion that you won\'t like?\"
    Lee: \"Do you make any other kind?\"

    Final Rating: Not their best cliffhanger, but I certainly was riveted for the whole hour. 4 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • This is more like it

    I said in a previous review that this looked like it was going to kick off soon. Boy was I right. Well paced episode which ended with a few cliff hangers. The acting was superb and the interaction between the characters really worked. It actually bought to light that it hadn't been up to now.

    The storyline is a good one. Although I wish the whole Apollo/Starbuck thing would run its course. Still it made for a good stand off at the end between Sam and Lee. A whole platoon of cylons was seen for pretty much the first time ever. Looks like there is more of a budget available this series!
  • And on the most important moment we got: "To be continued.."

    Oh.. It was an episode what was really starting to catch my attention - there was so much potential and some really good storylines with many questions going on.

    First Tyrol - he found the temple.. Why and how? He just went and as he said, he feels like.. he belongs there.. that's an interesting development.

    Then the whole mess with Starbuck, Lee, Sam and Dee.. it's quite weird to watch but when Starbuck came down.. and.. mm.. I do not know - it definetly adds some drama but..

    And then the whole thing on ships: D'Anna and Gaius on their own little things and how the just left Carpica.. and then Cylons aboard Galactica, Boomer versus Shannon.. and the truth about the child.. and the Cylons offering Gaius as a part of a deal.. that was funny.

    And the ending.. it really got so exploding and then.. those lines.. see you next week.
  • Plenty of suspense and action. Worth watching.

    The biggest problem the third season had until this point of the story was the single non spanning episodes. This changed with this episode and it show why this series is so great. The is by far one of the best episodes of the season. Other than Exodus two parter, this one is up there in terms of quality and action. The thought of everyone eating just algae reminds me on what fish just survive on and on their way of processing this, the Chief find a temple. I like there is a standoff between Galactica and the Cylon fleet. For once its not a shoot first affair. There is a lot of storylines put together or completed in this episode. If you only watch a few episodes per season this one should be one of them.
  • These boys sure know how to make cliffhanger.

    This was a cleverly plotted and complexity filled episodes. Most of the major cast, and even many of the supporting cast were given nice meaty things to do, all leading to one heck of a tense ending which made the month plus wait for the second part almost unendurable.

    One thing that always interests me is the texture changes, mostly through filtering and color correcting I'm sure. They give each planet a distinct look without making them look too alien. It's always a nice touch.

    I need to give this episode points for how it increases the tension with each act break. Upping the ante not only emotionally but visually in a very nicely constructed plot.

    I was very fond of this episode and I expect to watch it again real soon, looking for more details.

    Great work!
  • I was so thrilled at how well written this episode was.

    How often do you sit and watch an episode so intently looking for any kind of clues to the questions running through your head. Almost never. This one had me on the edge of my seat all the way through, mostly from the writing, but also from SciFi Channel's excellent advertising about "one will die, one will find out their a Cylon." At first I thought I had it all figured out, Tyrol was the Cylon and Sam was going to die, but right at the end, all the way up to the very end, they threw a twist I never even thought of. Kara!
  • The Chiefs character gets some development in this cliff-hanger episode. Granted he had his share in on New Caprica running the resistance and sitting on that kangaroo court in Collaborators.

    This episode delved into the Chiefs past and highlighted just why he is anti religion. Despite those beliefs it was as if he was tuned into the temple, like it was calling to him. I wonder if the writers will go any further with this. I am not much of a shipper anymore but I’ve always liked the Sharon/Agathon relationship and was glad that it was allowed to continue after the first season. The relationships that irate me more and more with each episode are the Apollo/Dualla ship and the Apollo/Starbuck ship. I am not a Starbuck fan and dislike the idea that she married Anders the day after she bedded Apollo. She is a total mind bender and anyone getting involved with her needs there head tested. When Starbuck's raptor went down I was part of me was hoping she’d bitten the big one. Then I realised without her in the show I wouldn’t have anyone to dislike. So she serves that purpose.
    As far as Dualla and Apollo are concerned the relationship is a joke. It was rushed and forced upon us and we are expected to buy into it. Dualla may have feelings for Apollo but I don’t for one minute believe that she was anything serious to him. Thrace may not want to divorce her husband but I hope Apollo has the decency to set his wife free. She deserves better than this. On another shipper note Lucy Lawless's character D’Anna manages to get herself involved in some girl on girl action as part of a love triangle with Baltar and Number Six. I wonder if that was a nod to her Xena days. Okay enough of the shipper stuff. This episode was a good one. When Adama prepped the weapons to launch I really believed he would go through with it despite the fact that Lee was on the planet below. Great cliff-hanger.
  • Chief Tyrol discovers the Temple of Five, which supposedly contains the Eye of Jupiter. Something that points the way to earth

    A great episode with a great cliffhanger ending. This episode provides us with some more background information on Chief Tyrol, who does not like religion and danced naked in his mother's prayer room when he was a kid. Yet, he is the one who finds the Temple of Five, which contains the Eye of Jupiter. It's not known exactly what it is, but it is know that it leads the way to earth.
    At the same time, the cylons arrive at the scene and Commander Adama tells them that he will nuke the planet rather than let the Eye of Jupiter fall into cyclon hands.

    It's another great episode, but in my opinion, it is ruined by the Lee/Kara relationship. I honestly cannot believe the writers came up with this.
  • Great episode.

    A landing party from Galactica sets up camp on the surface of the Algae Planet. Tyrol walks around the hills where he discovers the Temple of Five. He sees an artifact that might be the Eye of Jupiter. Athena gets an information from Boomer that her baby might still be alive. Just as Galactica is about get the upper hand on the discovery of the artifact, the cylons appear out of the clouds forcing the fleet on a tight corner. This episode is part 1 of a 2 parter episode, it's really exciting, it's a perfect cliffhanger episode, more action and excitement is to be expected next episode.
  • The episode was cleverly crafted creating an emotional and action packed cliff-hanger to the first half of the season. As well as creating so many questions in the viewers mind is also brings more depth to some of the “lesser” known characters.

    The episode gives a bit more depth to the character Tyrol, talking about a few things in his past as well as just given the character a bit more “umpth” in the series. There are some great Apollo/Starbuck moments that as well as making the audience cheer, also have you sitting on the edge of the seat screaming “GO ON!!”. This has to be one of those episodes that lead up to something big and when it finally does fade to black you sit there twiddling your thumbs waiting for the next instalment...
  • Adama shows once more he has guts, he is facing the cylon while not being in a position to do this.

    This episode is a crucial episode in season 3 and again, Adama is going to take one of those insane decisions that will completely push the story into another direction, usually an unexpected direction. Remember the rescue of New Caprica, no way to know how Adama was going to rescue the prisonner and he showed once again his military talent with a suicide type mission. With the eye of jupiter, it looks to be the same kind of situation. He knows that things can really go wrong but he's got the guts and he is capable of blowing up this planet but we all know that the main characters are not going to be killed so how will this episode end up ? My speculations?
    I think Chief is going to find a way to escape, he was closely looking at a drawing on a pilar at the end of the episode, there must be something behind those symbols. The supernova is probably going to play a part in the pressure the characters may exert on the story.
    Less than a week to wait for the answers...
  • Once again galactica pulls the fans to the extreme... and leaves us hanging for the rest of the season..

    The last episode before the season break, and what an episode. Once again there is very little sci-fi in the traditional term! its back to human interaction and especially about the choices that must be done for the bigger good.
    This is the reason why the series have such an impact. Its not your traditional sci-fi show. There is sci-fi on it yes, but its mostly about the human race, and all the flaws that makes us who we are.
    This is one of those episodes that gives us a hint of that mankind that makes us all. The struggle to run for your love ones, or make the sacrifice and hold for the bigger good, the good of mankind. The conflicts of love, jealous.. You have it all here!
    Cant wait for the return!
  • frakking cliffhangers.

    so, this is like the best/worst cliffhanger in battlestar history. i'm going absolutely bananas waiting for the next episode [which is only about a week away, thank the lord], but the plot was absolutely brilliant. will adama nuke the planet? will starbuck get out of her crash alive? and what will sharon and helo do about hera? all i've done for the past month is ponder what's going to happen in the second half of the season. i'm seriously about to die. the marathon is on monday [thank god i'm off school that day] and the whole time i'll just be thinking more about what's gonna happen in rapture. oh well, only one more week.
  • Once again another episode without a gun fired (well other than some SAM's fired at Starbuck)...

    The Eye of Jupiter is perfectly weighted, ratcheting-up the tension with each minute of screen time, which is perfect for a mid-seaon cliffhanger.

    There aren't too many revelations - Athena & Agathon learn their child is still alive, D'anna & Baltar make their break from Caprica. The scenes with the Cylon "skin jobs" allowed on board the Galactica are terrific. The final scene though is horribly reminescent of some kind of SSBN submarine drama ("The Hunt for Red October" or some other Tom Clancy novel). I wasn't too sure about a continuity question as well - where did the Galactica get the payloads for the missiles, I thought it only had two or three nukes left? In the midst of all this the Anders/Starbuck/Apollo storyline adds even more to the tension.

    Although not quite on a par with Season 2's Pagasus (hard to top that one, I yelled at the "to be continued" caption) this episode finished the first half of the season on a high, in a season of some excellence mixed with some episodes when the writing was somewhat shoddy. BSG will restart next year, hopefully with tighter scripts.
  • We're left with some great cliffhangers.

    The first scene is on the algae planet with the Chief and Anders complaining about the smell – and a comment that the algae is breakfast lunch and dinner until someone finds a hot fudge planet. Classic! Something calls out to the Chief and he takes a long hike (without any supplies whatsoever – not even water, mind you) and comes upon a cave (but wait! He did bring supplies – a flashlight – I always carry one of those in the middle of a sunny day) – he’s found the Temple of Five with what they’re hoping to be the Eye of Jupiter – the map to earth. He spends the rest of the show in here trying to figure it all out.

    Flash to Lee and Kara doing their thing – which seems to be just making out at this point since Lee has some serious issues about cheating on his wife – Kara has no such issues but feels that it’s just “bending the rules” – not like divorce which is against her belief. Not sure I understand that, but that’s the Kara we have come to know.

    In jumps four Cylon base ships – they want the Eye or else! Oh, and they’ll hand over Baltar as an incentive – just in case the Admiral and Laura would like to “talk” with him for a while! Hmmm, tempting. But Adama is setting the terms now – try to get the Eye and we’ll nuke the planet! In the meantime, Boomer tells Sharon the truth about Hera – she’s alive but sick. Cavil wants to rid the universe of the human pestilence once and for all – but Deanna has different plans – she already has a raider on the planet and her and Baltar (to the dismay of Caprica 6) are going to make a run for the Temple to see the five lights of the apocalypse which I assume mean the final five cylons – and of course, the Hybrid makes it clear that they will only be revealed to the chosen one – which she seems to indicate is Baltar by the death stare at him and repetition of that phrase.

    On the algae planet, Lee asks Anders to take charge of the civilians to help in protecting the Temple. Anders seems a bit put out, and after Kara tells him that Lee is in charge, he and his entourage storm out. Wow what’s up with the woman who’s with him? She has a huge chip on her shoulder! Later, Dualla is handing out instructions to the people who will man the three stations and Starbuck who will be flying point. Anders is also handing out instructions – we knew he’d come through for the greater good. There’s that woman with the attitude again – sheesh – get a life girl!

    Final scenes – Adama is going through with the threat to nuke everything after seeing the raiders flying toward the planet, all to the surprise of Laura and Tigh – or will he really? Starbuck gets hit and goes down in a ball of fiery flames only to be left for dead – or so it would seem. The final song – “When darkness turns to light, it ends tonight.” Hmmm, what does that suggest????
  • A Great Mid Season Finale!

    I really enjoyed mostly everything in this episode.

    Firstly I loved every scene to do with Baltar and Number 3. The way he betrayed Caprica 6 really left me wondering whose side is he really on if he can betray people so easily.

    The Lee and Kara storyline is developing well. Even though Anders and Dee stand in their way, they really should be with one another (before something happens to her in Malestrom). It was nice however to see that Anders really did care for his wife when he stood up to Lee over rescuing her.

    The whole storyline about Athena finding out that Hera was alive was played out really well and showed great acting by everyone involved. Even though she did not say much, you could really feel her anger. Also it finally seemed that Boomer has gotten over her past life and is now focusing on what she really is - a Cylon.

    The whole idea of the Cylons boarding Galactica was great and i couldn't stop laughing when Baltar squirmed after Cavil said that they would throw him in to in the exchange.

    I enjoyed the whole battle between the Cylons and Humans over the Eye of Jupiter. It was quite a shock however that Adama would risk killing his son just to stop the Cylons from getting the Eye. It also was a really good cliffhanger with the nukes.

    Overall, really good episode. I cant wait for the second parter in a months time.
  • Much much better after the last 2 episodes

    After the last few episodes this one is much much better.
    Though, one thing bothers me. How come Gaactica medical crew didn't save any samples of the Cylons harming Virus???
    It could be use as a weapon against the Cylons.


    P.S. Regarding the Virus, Helo should be judged executed as a traitor
  • Back to the standard everybody is expecting .

    It is very different in watching the whole season box set from the beginning to the end as compared to chasing after every episode weekly .Obviously the writers need \'episodes\' to build up characters and storyline before we can enjoy some \'end product\' .Eye of Jupiter is part one of a good end product. Unfinished Business could be a build up episode and so speaking did not please a lot of fans but you would not mind if you will watch the whole season 3 in a box set eventually (I wouldn\'t mind)
    Boomer Vs Athena was a clssic scene .Tyrol was like a holy man standing in front of the aretefact trying to figure out the meaning of \'Destiny\' from God .Lee and Kara was a interesting sinario .Usually it is the woman who would demand her lover to divorce his wife to carry on with their affair .This is the other way round .Feel sorry for Anders .Overall ,this is a very exciting part one .can\'t wait for second part .By the way ,I think BSGis better than LOST but may be slightly behind 24 .
  • After some weak/filler episodes, we get back to what made me love BSG in the first place. SPOILERS

    I was kind of shocked when I saw Kara and Lee get all passionate in the raptor. It struck me as unrealistic--and part of it still does. But I saw something right at the end of that scene that spoke volumes--and that was the desperation in Kara's eyes. She comes across as so tough, not needing/caring about anything. She told Lee that their little kissing sessions was no big deal and he responded with yes, it is. At that point, she seemed to admit to herself that yes, it was a big deal--yes, she really needed to connect on a personal level with someone. She was vulnerable and desperate. When she realized that their personal relationship was at an impasse, she asked where does that leave us and Lee said trapped. She swallowed back a sob. That tells us a lot about Kara. That tells us that the flippant/unattached picture of herself that she puts out there is just a facade. She desperately needs SOMEONE. And I personally don't see that someone as Lee. Maybe I'm wrong--we will see. But seeing that small crack in Kara's armor has brought up my opinion of her.

    Not sure where they are going with Hera being sick with an undiagnosed sickness. But boy, it allowed for a great opportunity for Athena to get that bombshell dropped on her. Her loyalty may come into play. Heck, Helo's loyalty may come into play. I wouldn't be all that surprised to see those two grab Hera and just the 3 of them take off to live a new life all by themselves.

    I think it's pretty clear the the Chief will be the one to figure out what/where the eye is. I also think that they will end up getting/figuring out the Eye of Jupiter without the Cylons figuring it out. If I had to guess, it's not an artifact, but some knowledge or direction that the humans know. I would also say that as the Cylons are just about to figure it out, that the star blows them to bits--and they are forced again to follow/track the humans across space. They will be chasing their dream of Earth by chasing the Battlestar.

    When Baltar's voice came over the speaker when the Basestar talked to Galactica--man, that was too cool. It sounded so ominous. When Baltar came aboard the Galactica, I really felt sorry for him. He is torn--he is enjoying himself now on the Basestar, but he misses his people (if he is, in fact, human). I almost thought he was going to beg for assylum from Laura or the Admiral. And the look on his face when Bro. Cavil offered him up as a sacrifice to "sweeten" the deal--priceless. I was a little puzzled by why Laura couldn't look Baltar in the eyes. I thought she was much stronger than that. And the fact that she couldn't/wouldn't listen to him speak--I'm confused.

    I was impressed with Col. Tigh this episode. He is creeping back into my good graces. He's still got some unresolved issues... but if he stays as good a soldier as he was in this episode, all is forgiven.

    We saw lots of glimpses of infighting and distrust in the Cylons. Bro. Cavil is on his own little track... Caprica has been replaced as the main girl in Baltar's eye, and D'Anna is almost condescending to her. Trouble is brewing in paradise.

    The Hybrid... she was looking right a Baltar when she kept repeating The Chosen One. Hmm. Does that mean he is a Cylon? Not necessarily. He could simply be the one who leads the Cylons in the next phase of their journey. With the lack of unity and cohesiveness we see in the Cylons now, the stage is being set for Baltar to step in and be the leading voice. I think the Cylons, if they miss out on getting the Eye of Jupiter, will be ready to follow someone who can show them the way or decipher the clues. Baltar leading the Cylons? Yeah, I can see that. It would be very interesting.

    When the Admiral found out Laura had lied to him, Helo and Athena about the baby... it broke something in his relationship with Laura that will take a long, long time to mend. Trust is an easy thing to lose, but very hard to regain. Is the Admiral going to fire the missiles? I doubt it. If he does, they will probably self-destruct them before they hit.

    This was the best episode in a while. Well written, engaging and thought-provoking. Well done, BSG crew!
  • These are the best kind of episodes...they really touch on the epic, and that's when the plot and characters are at their best

    I think the conclusion to this episode is going to be amazing, and when that star goes nova somebodies going to get it. Now a few people have been saying why, after loosing two civi ships, there are only 20 or so less on the survivor count. Now these ppl can't have watched the passage, because if they had they would have heard the plan i.e. well transfer all but a skeleton crew to the galactica. Presumably, and very plausibly, 10 or so personnel per ship could manage navigation and a couple of jumps.
  • Minor quibbles, but still solid

    How is it that after losing two civilian ships in the last episode (Passage), they are only 18 people fewer? Were there a lot of babies born off-camera to replace the fallen crew? Maybe I missed something.

    I worry that the Eye of Jupiter will turn into another Arrow of Apollo. They were already on the trail towards Earth. They had that whole eye of the lion thing. We really didn\'t need another mystical carrot to dangle in front of us. BSG so far has been fairly conscious of not falling into plot formulas, I hope they aren\'t slipping.

    Still, it remains consistently better than anything else on American TV.
  • The episode feels incomplete, much like the aired version of "Pegasus", but it still works very well as a fall finale

    Discussing the first half of a two-part story is always difficult. On the one hand, setting up a complicated, massive set of cliffhangers is a difficult but satisfying writing challenge. As many writers would attest, it’s sometimes an exercise of setting up all the pieces without necessarily knowing how it will all work out in the end. It’s also a lot easier to generate tension during the swift escalation of various situations, if the story is handled correctly.

    On the other hand, seasoned viewers can become immune to the more obvious attempts at building up a story, and there are a number of pitfalls to be avoided. More time needs to be spent on introduction of the various scenarios to ensure that the escalation and complication of the story makes sense. The greater the scale, the greater the set-up requirements.

    In this case, there are so many elements that the pacing is forced into overdrive. Much like “Pegasus”, this feels like an episode that was cut down to size from a much longer version. Of course, that’s always been true of the series: nearly every episode feels like a highlight reel, and you end up wondering what else never made it into the run time.

    The result, however, is that some of the plot elements feel rushed, especially at the beginning. Tyrol’s discovery of the Temple of Five is a little too convenient, as is the sudden appearance of another text that explicitly references an object that points to the “road to Earth”. As I’ve said before, in light of “Torn”, I’m surprised that a greater effort hasn’t been made (by the priesthood, for instance) to compile all the references to such things. As it stands, they need to slip in a religious connection for Tyrol (including a hilarious story from his past) to make the leaps logical.

    While I still don’t think that the connection between Baltar and D’Anna has been established very well, leaving the personal dynamics of the threesome in this episode a bit remote to the viewer, this opens up a lot of interesting ground for a spiritual connection between Humans and Cylons. Why would the Five, spiritual figures from more than 4000 years into humanity’s past, have a connection to the five unseen Cylon models, who would have emerged less than 40 years before the Genocide?

    The Eye of Jupiter as a relic is interesting, but I wonder if the camera kept panning to the star with the nebula surrounding it because that, in fact, is the object in question. Of course, it could be that the star is getting ready to explode, which helps to place a critical timetable on the situation. This seems somewhat contrived, but so do a number of the plot elements. All of them are used to explore and complicate the interpersonal relationships, which is the key to the episode’s success.

    Baltar comes face to face with Roslin and Adama, and the results are well worth the wait. Sharon finds out the truth about Hera, and when Roslin reveals her deception to Adama, it drives a wedge between them. The edge that seemed to return to Adama after “Unfinished Business” is evident here, as he plays a bluff that would result in some major deaths if his hand is forced. All of this drives the cliffhanger ending, as one would expect, and the real trick is figuring out how the situation will resolve without killing half the cast. (If the star’s instability plays a part, expect a lot of annoyed fans.)

    Another major element of the episode is the relationship between Lee and Kara. Proving once again that “Unfinished Business” was an important episode and not filler, things have changed between them. Kara is taking a great deal of pleasure in fooling around with Lee, who wants them both to divorce their respective spouses to make it official. Kara, surprisingly, takes exception to breaking the “sacrament of marriage”, even though she has little problem tossing Anders to the curb on a regular basis. The scene is a bit ludicrous, but taken in tandem with her out-of-character speech in “The Passage”, it could all be a sign of increasing instability on her part. It wouldn’t be the first time that the writers played out a subtle character shift with forethought (Adama, for example).

    The point is that Lee needs Anders to follow orders, and Anders is less than inclined. The two of them are two Alpha males clashing for control and dominance, and the results are not pretty. Even when the dialogue dips into pedestrian territory, the actors sell the conflict with their body language.

    Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the episode is that it’s unexpectedly focused on character. That’s always the case with this show, but sometimes the bigger episodes with a rushed pace come down to the effects sequences. In this case, all the fireworks were reserved for interpersonal conflicts. In essence, despite the wider scope and escalation in scale, this episode has more in common with “Unfinished Business” than it does with “Exodus: Part II”. The trick will be making the resolution of the cliffhanger equally engaging.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Current episodes cover “Battlestar: Galactica”, so it might be something of interest. Go to if you want to listen!)