Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 11

The Eye of Jupiter (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 15, 2006 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • The 13th tribe's exodus occurred about 4,000 years ago, at about the same time the Temple of Five was built.

  • Quotes

    • Athena: (to Tigh) Colonel, wait.
      Cavil: Well, look at this. Should we salute?
      Athena: That's Boomer.
      Tigh: The one who shot the old man. Well, you just lost your visiting privileges.

    • Kara: Can I make a suggestion that you won't like?
      Lee: Do you make any other kind?

    • Gaeta: Sir, I am not one to look for religious signs but I can't get my head around these odds, that human and Cylons both converge on this planet at this exact moment just as the star is about to go super-nova.
      Adama: I'm not a religious person Mr. Gaeta, as you both know. So if this is the work of a higher power, then they have one hell of a sense of humor.

    • Baltar: Can't believe how much I actually miss this place.
      Number Six: You know you can't return. They'd toss you out the nearest airlock and then throw a party!

    • Lee: Every time I look at my wife, I-I see my own guilt reflected in her eyes.
      Kara: Wow. Wow, Lee. That is really poetic of you but you don't need to make that big a deal out of this.
      Lee: Well, it is a big deal Kara. It is. (pause) It is.
      Kara: So I won't divorce and you won't cheat. So where does that leave us?
      Lee: Trapped.

  • Notes

    • Some of the guns used in the scenes on the algae planet were loaded with balls of dust. The impact of the dust balls helped to simulate the impact of real bullets.

    • According to writer Jane Espenson, the original title of this episode was "Eye of Zeus."

    • The version of the episode that was shown at the Landmark Theatre in Atlanta was unfinished. Two visual effects were missing. In one scene, two surface-to-air missiles were fired at Kara's Raptor by the Cylons. Instead of seeing the finished version, the Atlanta audience saw a green screen with descriptive text. (This is similar to the deleted scenes from the DVD sets.)

    • The December 14th screening at the Landmark Theatre in Atlanta attracted such an overwhelming response from fans that the theater hastily added a second showing. Despite this, a large number of people still had to be turned away. The viewing theater had a seating capacity of 158. A representative from TV Guide said they were expecting a total attendance of 100 to 125, not 400.

    • Grace Park read the "Previously on Battlestar Galactica" line at the beginning of the episode.

    • As of the beginning of this episode, there are 41,402 survivors, 18 fewer than at the beginning of the previous episode.

    • TV Guide screened this episode in Landmark movie theaters in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and St. Louis, on the night before its initial Sci Fi Channel airing.

    • The scenes on the algae planet were filmed in Kamloops, British Columbia, off East Shuswap Road. The location was chosen for its distinctive geological features like the hoodoos (tall, thin spires of rock of varying thickness said to resemble a totem pole). Kamloops (in south central British Columbia) is relatively close to Vancouver, where most scenes of the series are filmed.

  • Allusions

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