Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 9

The Hub

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 06, 2008 on Syfy

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  • The Six, who went among the maker is no longer. End of line. Back in the stream that feeds the ocean, that feeds the stream. The windbeats of the dove drown out the heartbeats of those who're falling. Protect the child. The three is online, loading data.

    This vague but essential introduction, briefly wraps up this weeks episode. Eventhough this about covers it all, I have a few more things to say and add.

    What's so interesting about this episode is the way in which the story unfolds. On one hand we have the Cylons devided into two very distinct groups: One trying to continue on the traditional path in search of repentance and enlightenment. And the others fighting for what the Six' (Nathalie) and Two's (Boomer) believe in (a revolutionalized peaceful co-existance with their creators, the surviving humans). On the other hand we got ourselfs a devided fleet. One trying to end Cylon resurrection indefinately and maybe reveal the location of earth and the final 5 cylon models. That's what this weeks episode was about. We were left wondering what actually happened to 'our' people after the notorious 'JUMP' in the previous episode. What a way to anwser those questions. It seems Laura (Like Bill Adama) is starting to realise that there is happiness and love for her. That she needs to find peace before the final act so to speak. The sub-consciousness she experienced during each jump was a nice way of unveiling Roslin's mental state aswell as her medical state. She is in fact close to death and realising this changes her significantly.

    I have to say I'm impressed with both the cast and the writers for creating such a surrealistic psychological invironement and making it feel so real and tangeable.

    With Baltar offering some comic releave as he babbles away at the hybrid and the drone about spirituality and morals. Such irony is the character of Dr Baltar, it never seizes to amaze me. The love between Laura and Bill, who finally aknoledge that they do love eachother. A small sub-plot about Helo (Cap Agathon) and Athena pointing out that finding common ground between Humans and Cylons will take some time. Trust issues being the number one concern.

    The mission to destroy the Hub and Retrieve Diana was a strike of genious. 'Going in Cold' being pulled in by Cylon 'manned' heavy radars (another step closer to trust and commonality). From the events inside the Hub to the destruction. Wonderfuly captured using mostly CGI ofcourse and switching back and forth from beautiful wide anlge shots to close shaky action sequences. I have to admit that I to was dissapointed by the slow pase of some of the previous installements. I felt like the lack of movement was to blame mainly on environemental issues. Because. Unlike most seasons, this one doesnt offer up a large variety of locations. It seemed so stagnant at times being on board of Galactica, no activity on dreadis, no serious disputes and all.

    But now that I've seen this I know it was a strike of genious. The writers simply take time and care into building tension and conflict and curcomstance and character devolopement. Slowly spiraling towards a satisfying climactic conclusion.

    I was really feeling this one, thanks.