Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 9

The Hub

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 06, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Above and beyond the call of awesome.

    Where do I start? This baby simply had it all: Death, Love, Religion (and Guilt), War, Betrayal, Morality (Cylons), and the Comedy of Baltar.

    First things first - the *only* reason this episode did not get a 10 was Boomers *painful* speech. It was a key scene and she blew it. Thankfully, Helo comes in with an "Ooooookay" moment, and then rallies the troops.

    I could rant for hours about this, but given how late this review is, I will just cover the essentials.

    Baltar, Religion and Guilt: I love to hate this man, but this episode was *special* because he actually got some good lines for once and played them admirably. His conversation with the Cylon Centurion left me in tears, as did his interaction with the Hybrid. Then his scene on the table bleeding to death was powerful and admitting his religion was born out of his guilt - because it absolved him for al his crimes. Good point, but I knew that the producers simply do not have the guts to kill off this moron.

    Death and Roslin: Roslin sees her death, and with the help of that crazy black spiritual woman comes to terms with it. Then she almost kills Baltar, but then (unfortunately) changes her mind. Would like to see her change he mind back and add Boomer to this list, please.

    Love: Adama walking off his Raptor with that smug-puppy look was beautifully. Don't think anybody else could have stolen the scene better than him when he first sees the Basestar (and says nothing), and then sees Roslin: "Missed you", and "It's about time". Roslin finally admitting her love to him was deeply moving.

    War and Betratyal: The nutter (Roslin) double crosses the Cylons to get her hands on the Diana. Helo's admission of his discomfort brought me right back to Lee Adama, and when Helo first stood up for his stupid wife. We also get lots of darn cool graphics with the Raptors and Vipers kicking toaster behind.

    Diana: Is back. Don't care. Kills the old Cylon - fracking awesome. Thankfully Diana's "revelation" of the final Cylon was just a really tasteless joke.

    Cylons: Yes!!! They are mortal! Now bring it on, super-confident robots! This leaves some seriously fertile ground to plough and lots of cool questions about mortality and meaning in life. I am beginning to like the Cylons more and more as we get to see their side of things better. I also love how deeply flawed they are as well - in their efforts to beat us at our own game they are having their asses handed to them.

    Next week: The promo was ultra fracking sweet - Sol tells Adama that he is a Cylon, and Bill apprears to lose it. Also - how if Roslin going to react to Lee's "election"? Will Bill side with his baby boy? How are the Cylons going to react to 6 being killed and then Diana being stolen from them? Will the producers find some common sense and kill off Boomer/Athena from the script? Keep her in the background, but for the love of the one-true-god don't give her any lines - and that too important, pivotal lines.

    Congratulations, you have survived a 534-word rant.