Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 13

The Oath (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 30, 2009 on Syfy

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  • With some crazy action, a high body count, and a ridiculous amount of fanservice, The Oath is one of the best episodes of Galactica.

    Holy s***! The Oath was hands down one of the best, most action-packed, balls-to-the-wall episode of Battlestar Galactica. Ever. For the fans waiting for a big action episode, this is it! The mutiny goes full blown in this episode and drags in all of the characters from the show (and even some we haven't seen for a long time). I'll start with the star of this episode: the action. This is probably the most action-packed episode of Galactica. When I say that, I mean of the entire series. It's filled with gunshots and dead bodies, and it's even bigger than Valley of Darkness. Galactica doesn't do action very often, but I don't think anyone on television does it better. Not 24, not Terminator, not Burn Notice. Galactica is where it's at. The episode moves through only four hours at breakneck speeds and it never gets old. Traveling through the corridors of Galactica is always intense in this pulse-pounder, and the bodies definitely rack up in this episode. I would say that there were anywhere between 30 to 50 casualties from the mutiny, and that is very big for Galactica. Moving on to the characters, some of which I adore and some of which I despise. Oh, Zarek and Gaeta, how I loathe thee. I pretty much can't wait to see these two go out the airlock (which I know will happen sooner or later). However, both Richard Hatch and Alessandro Juliani turn in great performances in their respective roles. However, Juliani is of particular note, as even through all of the chaos, he still finds the right opportunities to portray Gaeta's conflicted feelings. But Racetrack, how said I was to see that you have turned to the dark side! Alas, one of my favorite Raptor pilots has indeed joined the evil mutiny. But I did say that I adored some of the characters in the episode. Special mention must be given to Starbuck, Adama, and Roslin. Starbuck is pretty much my favorite character on the show now. She is so crazy and so badass that it's not even funny. When she saved Lee from the corrupt marines, that was probably one of her best moments ever. Her stone-cold shooting of the marine and Skulls made me laugh with glee. Katee Sackhoff was great in the role, and she really jumped into the "they're the enemy!" deal very well. Adama gets to shoot people too! Adama's little speech in the CIC about the mutiny was definitely a highlight of the episode. Eddie Olmos was at the top of his game for the episode. Finally, I must give note to Madam President, Laura Roslin. If Mary McDonnell goes unnominated again for these Emmys, I will never watch them again. Her speech over the wireless was impassioned and moving, and it was a clear example of why she should be handed her Emmy award right now! Sorry, Patty Hewes, but Laura Roslin is cooler (I give props to the three of you who will get this reference). Something I definitely loved about the episode was the huge amount of fan service that was present throughout the whole episode. We see a ton of the supporting characters who we haven't seen for quite some time. Helo, Anders, Seelix, Hoshi, Racetrack, and Baltar's cult all get some screen time with an important role. But even better is the return of two-bit characters who I never thought I'd see again. People like Laird (former Pegasus deck chief whose wife was shot by Kendra Shaw), Skulls (Racetrack's ECO, and I frakkin' loved it when Starbuck shot him), Private Jaffee ("Jaffee brings me coffee" from "A Day in the Life"), Connor (resistance member who was on the jury in "Collaborators" and tried to kill Baltar), and even the intrepid Specialist Gage (one of the idiot rednecks from the Pegasus who helped gangrape Gina)! Most viewers don't get these references. But for the anal-retentive, obsessive types like me who watch every episode multiple times, this episode was an absolute goldmine of fanservice. Overall, it's obvious to me that this is one of the best episodes of the series. It's certainly the best of Season 4.5, and it showcases Galactica at its highest point. There's amazing action, a high body count, and a true ensemble act. The episodes that only feature specific characters are often weaker, but the ones that feature the ensemble are always the best. And this one was definitely one of the best. A 10/10. Perfect. P.S. Next week looks frakking insane! "I am coming for all of you!"
  • It's the best episode I've seen since Exodus part 2.

    We're told what's going to happen, but we could've never guessed that this is how it was going to play out. Perhaps, had Battlestar had an entire season left, this climax would've had episodes of setup to prepare for what we witnessed tonight, the boiling point. But even with one episode, we know how important this revolution really is.

    Now it doesn't take long for this mutiny to get way, we get three scenes putting our players frame of mind in perspective before the **** starts to hit the fan. We see Tigh informing our leaders about the state of the fleet, Zarek and Gaeta plotting one last time, and we see a beautiful scene between Laura and Bill, and the evidence of Laura's dwindling health (what's that stuff about Lee she started to mutter? Her health, or something more…) What came next was actually a bit of a surprise, Racetrack is one of those characters I just don't understand in this entire mutiny. She doesn't really fit in the entire context of all this, but the play goes on. Zarek busting in the old Pegasus deck hand was definitely a sign of things to come, and for Gaeta, it was the line he should've never crossed. Zarek also tells him some fascinating stuff, about how one hesitative slip can ruin a revolution, he says it far more elegantly than I did, but is this an omen to Gaeta? Did he hesitate at the end of the episode? More on that later. We also see one of Baltar's girls follow the entire action, who'll probably run off and tell their prophetic leader all about the impending revolution. This entire thing is pretty brilliant isn't it? We've all kind of underestimated how much Gaeta is responsible for, and at the same time, it's the reason why we respected him in the past. To see him fall so far, to lose his head, it's a tough thing to watch, especially on account he's helping Zarek. Next up, we see Lee trying to convince the quorum to see his way of thinking about the FTL drives, and the cylon alliance until his plan is shot with Zarek's entrance. On that note, the quorum has been full of **** since the very beginning, a group of men and women who are so far out of the conflict, they have no clue what's going on. It's very, very frustrating. Afterwards, we see Seelix play Anders right into a trap. I gotta say, I've always loved Anders, great character, so it was tough watching him get his ass handed to him. It's tough for a lot of reasons, but this show changed immensely since Dee offed herself. No one on this show is safe from death, and hopefully, it won't be Anders, but who knows.

    Gaeta plays the CIC a bit more, and we get to see Hot Dog and Starbuck chat a bit, before Starbuck throws her food away, and gives one creepy ass smile. Kara has always been a great character when she's been a badass, and it's damn good to see her being badass starbuck as opposed to crazy ass starbuck. So badass Starbuck goes off and finds out some civvies are arming themselves, calling Gaeta wasn't a great idea. Lee, same mistake man. Gaeta plays them all, and Zarek swoops in for the kill. Doesn't this all feel like a game to Gaeta? How far does this revolution go until Zarek gets rid of Gaeta, and takes his place on the throne? And then how real does it become to Gaeta? Anyways Lee heads off to Galactica in an effort to prove Zarek wrong, seems like a shoddy way to get him back to Galactica but oh well. Seeing Lee arrive on Galactica, **** hits the fan when Starbuck busts two bullets into two marines. Having Connor and Racetrack watch on, the reality of this revolution is looking more and more grim. What gets to me most is the next scene. Anyone remember the first episode this season? We had the despair and doom spread throughout the premiere, and then we got to see Helo and Sharon playing around with Hera, living life as though Earth wasn't even a care for them? For all the struggles these two have gone through, this scene hit home. Which is why it was all the more hard to watch them get taken away from Helo, who has played the most morally responsible character on this show. I can only hope that by the next episode comes, Helo goes ape ****, and pulls his best Captain America act to kick some rebel ass. Nice throwback by the way to that Pegasus fella punching Helo. Kara comes out of nowhere and gives Lee a nice smooch, throws a line about feeling fine for the first time in weeks. Sounds about right, Starbuck hasn't been the best written character, but ****, she sounds so much better when she's badass Starbuck. So again, nice to see her taking lead. Athena gets tossed into a cell, and we get to see what's going on to our heroes imprisoned (and six I guess), and things look even grimmer in here. Lee and Kara march on through Galactica, finding marines and civvies fighting one another throughout, it's a great scene, you can tell the disarray on the ship is going to be devastating to that overall human count.

    And here, Gaeta, makes his move, Adama growls, and he overtakes the CIC. Adama's been played from the beginning, a fella gets shot saving the admirals life, and we find our two old leaders in a very compromising position, and for the first time in ages, it finally feels like we're going to see both Adama's and Tigh's teeth. Adama's warning to the rebellers, well, he's telling them all, this is going to end with death. Yep, we're in the final few episodes alright. Again, like I mentioned earlier, since Dee's death, anything's possible. We've seen characters get kicked and punched in the face before, but never have they hurt as much as they have in this episode. I hope to God our heroes make it out unscathed, but there's still a lot of episode left. Suffice to say, I'm gonna say watch the episode yourself. I'm not going to ruin the last half of this episode (that's right, all this happens in one half). There's a fantastic cliffhanger, and some wonderful visuals at the very end of this episode, but however this conclusion comes about, people are going to die. A final tidbit, it's great to see Chief get out of his insane rut too, and to see Baltar return to his bumbling human ways.

    It's the best episode I've seen since Exodus part 2.
  • They actually went there

    The events of this episode were a long time coming. Tensions between the military and civilian government have been present since the very beginning, and it was only the slow and steady relationship between Adama and Roslin that brought about any sense of stability and cooperation. But the loss of hope and the death of dreams has been too much to bear.

    After so much time, it's hard not to feel like we should be on Adama's side in the conflict. We feel as though Adama and Roslin are the victims of unwarranted betrayal at the worst possible moment. We don't want to see them fall, and we certainly don't want it to be during a revolt. Yet it's hard not to recognize that Gaeta and Zarek have a point. Adama has changed considerably over the course of the series, and he is not the same man that inspired steadfast confidence and loyalty.

    It also doesn't help that Roslin has been hiding ever since the discovery of radioactive Earth. It feeds into the growing consensus that Adam and Roslin were appeasing the masses with false hope. Despite the lingering resentments of the Pegasus crew and those left behind on New Caprica, right down to those still wanting Baltar's head on a pike, the fleet was willing to hold it together. Earth broke that fragile peace. Adama's decision to keep Tigh as his XO and forge an alliance with the Cylons is just the most convenient trigger.

    Even so, the arguments of the revolution are flawed and contradictory. It's not about the rights of the civilian fleet. If it was, the revolution would have been a lot less violent. It's about anger, hatred, and bitterness, fueled by ignorance. It's about payback for perceived wrongs. Otherwise, the man who wanted to rape Athena wouldn't be looking for another shot. People wouldn't be trying to shoot Lee for defending Baltar during the trial. Even Gaeta's motivations are caught between reasoned opposition and personal vendetta.

    More to the point, too many people are claming (and believing) that Adama and Roslin knew the truth about Earth. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize why that makes no sense. If they knew that Earth wasn't a sanctuary, and they were using Earth as a carrot to dangle in front of the Colonials to maintain their control, why would they ever let the fleet get close to Earth?

    And even those who know better seem to be reacting to Tigh, Anders, and Tyrol as though they were behind the attack on the Colonies. How ironic is it that the revolution is led by someone who undermined the resistance on New Caprica by giving names to the enemy (as seen in the "Face of the Enemy" webisodes), while he rails against the continued trust in Cylons who were the leaders of the resistance?

    Even Lee seems to miss that crucial point. While there's no denying that the Cylons nearly wiped out humanity, and that it was only a few short years earlier, it's also clear that the Final Five are not the same as the more familiar enemy. Even the rebel Cylons aren't quite sure how they fit into the equation. So why does everyone assume that the Final Five betrayed humanity? Lee, the one who took the first step towards the alliance with D'Anna, is apparently just as susceptible to this lack of reason as most.

    Roslin and Adama are looking at the big picture, and perhaps there is some measure of arrogance in their sureness of purpose as well. They still believe they know what's best for everyone. It just so happens that they may be right, even if they don't truly understand why. The mystery surrounding Starbuck and the purpose of the Final Five will no doubt vindicate Adama and Roslin's confidence that an alliance with the rebel Cylons is the best course for Humanity. It may be too late for some, but the mystery wouldn't exist at this stage of the game if it wasn't significant to the resolution of the series.

    All that said, this conflict was inevitable, and with so much left unsaid over the years, it was always going to be bloody and brutal. No matter how justified the hate and the anger, however, this is the turning point. As Adama said at the beginning of the series, Humanity needs to prove that it is worthy of survival. The writers, even in the midst of chaos, leave the matter open to debate. Does survival mean resistance to the Cylons at any cost, or does it mean transcending hatred and fear and forging a new path?

    The overwhelming power of this episode is how well these concepts shine through, even as the focus remains on the mutiny and the bloodshed. Not a moment of this episode is wasted, and several characters shine. Gaeta gets his moment as the mastermind of the coup in CIC, Adama and Tigh have never been so hardcore, Roslin returns to form with her appeal to the fleet, and even Baltar displays a rare sense of decency.

    More than just the best episode of the season, it ranks among the best of the series. And with seven episodes left, the ride is far from over.
  • Thank you for a perfect episode!

    Battlestar Galactica is a beautiful series. I have been watching it from episode 1 and enjoyed most of it. Season 1 and 2 were pure fun, I liked everything about them, the action, the characters, the plot, everything was pure fun. Season 3 started good but it had too many fillers. Season 4 became way too depressing and I started to miss all the fun I had while watching seasons 1-2. But today, in this new and exquisite episode, when Starbuck said to lee that she feels alive after so much time…. I felt the same way. The series came back to life and I love it! And you know what is the best thing about all this? It seems like they planned it to be that way. It really looks like they know what they are doing and how they are going to end this series. And they knew it from episode one. Perfect episode, and exactly why I watch this series.
  • I've had to utter the words ''Hell Yes!'' and ''Ha Ha!'' alot and I am not ussualy someone to put dirt in his mouth. This has easily been the best television moment of the century to me (if not of my lifetime), and I've seen alot of shows.

    From an unavoidable urprising to a no-mercy reckoning; this is the shows finest moment to date. Showing it's strength's both in plot driven drama (with an excellent musical score) as in sheer tension driven performances by the cast. Olmos and Sackhoff had me off my chair cheering and chanting in utter desperation.

    Look here, I'm not in the mood for a summary or all the other formalities. My theory is simple and rather predictable - but in reality every show has to be somewhat predictable so that viewers feel good about themselves and the direction of the film or show they are watching. Either way, as I see it; there are three parties involved: The somewhat neutral cylon part of the fleet (not including Athene/Tyrol/Tie, they are somewhat biased), The mutineers (or enemy of the state) causing public unrest across the fleet, and ofcourse (most importantly) the part still loyal to the Odama/Roslin administration. I have to point out that this uproar or mutiny has been a very real possiblity all along. It's simply a case of washing away the bitter taste of cylon caused suffering and pain. What the Cylon's did is unforgivable. In light of recent events, the remaining human race and it's governement had to make a deal with the enemy. With the skinjobs temporarily bridging the gap between human and cylon. This and the fact that human cylons have proven that procreation through intercourse is possible calls in to question the scriptures, faith and thus the very faundations of human excistance. After the promiss of earths salvation had shattered and al hope was lost, it is not an unfair assesement to asume that so would the human/cylon alliance. It was to good to be true.

    Now it's just a matter of which party will prevail, who lives and who dies. A very important question in light of the future would be: Does the fleet have the luxury of civil unrest when a dooming threat (cavals rebellion) lies on the horizon, I would think not.

    O and uuh: Bill Odama for president!
    Next weeks episode: ''Say hello to my little friend!''
  • Go Gaeta - from Quizling on New Caprica to Mutineer! You're not just any whiney little cockroach are you? I'd would've liked to give this a classification of ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT or RON MOORE AT HIS BEST or something like that, but they don't have

    Poor old Felix has been seriously working up a good dummy spit for quite some time now - what with losing half his leg and all, and then what I assume was the final straw, Dualla's suicide (they would've made a good couple but he didn't have enough social status for her I guess) and this was it.

    I can certainly see where his anger is coming from - don't agree with what he's done of course - but I understand it.

    This episode really is why I watch this series. Finally some action! After a lot of grief and hand wringing, something had to give within the fleet - and with the President AWOL and Zarek just spoiling to speak for the 'little guy' you could see disaster just laying in wait.

    ...and then there's Baltar - Mr Consistent. That guy makes your average coward look like Optimus Prime. Still, he only muddies the waters when he's about; I really hope there's some special punishment awaiting him before 420. Or is he just the character we love to hate that every drama has to have? (Well I hate him anyway, but I know a lot of people think he's a lot of fun.)

    Wonderful to see Starbuck and Apollo back together with a gun in each hand - Lee has to agree now that 9mm diplomacy beats talkfests anyday.

    This is the best ep. I've seen in quite a while - they've all been good - but I've been craving some action. Can't wait for the next ep.
  • Only one word: wow

    This episode left me speechless for sure. Last episode gave us the promise that there will be rebellion but no matter how much you think of it, you could not just dream what they are bring - and it was just amazing. The way they managed to bull this trough from Gaeta side - he sat behind com, did not let admiral know nothing and they got CIC without a problem.

    And the whole Zarek thing.. He is so in his element and just fits so well there. Some brilliant moves there - he is the mastermind behind it and Gaeta.. he.. all his anger, his disappointment now pouring out. But even more than those humans who took the stand against Adama, more I admire the storylines with those who fight against.

    Lee and Starbuck on their own element. The way she told she feels like alive again - she really had that fearless motion, no second thoughts when she needed to shoot. It seems like it is anger again talking inside her but it's so great to see her knowing what she does.

    And Adama and Tight.. The look on Adama's face when Gaeta ordered troops in CIC.. The speech he gave to Gaeta about the oath.. And to think - you are the most wanted man on the ship and they want you dead and all you can do is try to survive and end it. Just the thought - what they have come trough and now this - own against their own..

    And Roslin.. going to Baltar. I would have never imagined those two talking again after the trial but when there is a need. And again - the way she is a symbol and in such a danger.. just a woman and I am sure if they would get her... they would kill her.

    And the ending, that escape.. I do not even want to think with will happen next. They managed to have a full episode of action, stunning turns and such a brilliant developments. And so many unfinished ends for the episodes to come. It was a brilliant episode.
  • I never thought I would feel so much anger for Felix Gaeta. Is this what the human race has come to?

    As Battlestar Galactica nears its end, we are treated to perhaps the most emotionally charged episode of the entire series. From the first second, I knew this was going to happen, but I didn't anticipate how emotional I would get, nor did I expect certain people to be involved in the mutiny. William Adama was displayed as a man who cares deeply for his crew. He had their respect and loyalty, and they obviously cared about him a great deal as well. For them to turn on him like this after everything he's done, it's heartbreaking. Boomer shot him because she was a sleeper agent, but what excuse do Racetrack, Skulls, and Seelix have? The entire time, I was burning with anger towards Gaeta. I can understand his animosity towards the Cylons, but for him to turn on the man he has served with all this time? This kind of betrayal is unforgivable, and it also makes me sad to see him fall so far. Adama has done nothing but protect the Fleet, and while there are times when he lets his passion obstruct his vision, he has always remembered what's important. Adama knows that Cylon technology is their best chance at survival. I don't think he's forgotten the Cylon holocaust, but he knows that a conflict with the Cylons is something he can no longer afford. Adama knows this, but Gaeta won't accept it. I can't wait for him to pay for what he's done.

    One of the greatest things about this amazing ep was Kara Thrace. For her to go back to being the kick-ass tough as nails Starbuck we know and love, it was a reminder to why I love this series so much. My favorite moment had to be in the hangar deck. Skulls, the next time you wanna say "frak you" to someone, make sure it's not Starbuck, or at least don't say it to someone with a gun in their hand. Idiot. I would've loved to see Racetrack get shot too.

    Lee Adama has always been one of my favorite characters. When the time comes, he's got it where it counts. Him and Starbuck together was quite a sight.

    There were many scenes that were tough to see. One of which the Agathons being thrown in the brig, but not without Helo being knocked out. After seeing them in their quarters playing with Hera two episodes ago, it really upset me to have this happen to them. What really got my attention was Gage, one of the men who gangraped Gina, the Number Six infiltrator aboard Pegasus, and his thinly veiled threat towards Sharon. If this guy rapes her I'm likely to hate him as much as Gaeta. The question is, if it does happen, will Helo be able to come to her rescue like the last time?

    Could you tell though, that Gaeta seems to be somewhat hesitant despite his crossing the line? Zarek sounded disappointed upon learning that Adama was still alive, and even though he ordered Narcho - another traitor - to destroy the Raptor headed for the Basestar, he showed a hint a hesitation. It may not matter. He's committed treason, Adama has sworn that there will be no forgiveness. There is no going back for him.

    Speaking of said Raptor, Roslin and Baltar were both on it. Earlier they called each other out on their religious stances, with the both of them accusing each other of not believing in their own preachings. In the end, Roslin needed his help. They both want this to end.

    Through it all, Adama and Saul Tigh did not forget one thing: their oath. They stayed behind to make sure that Roslin and Baltar escaped. For Tigh to risk his life for his best friend proves the kind of man he is, loyal to the end.

    One of the greatest shows in TV history is about to end, and if this is any indication, it's going out on top. Brilliant episode from beginning to end.
  • Adama continues with his plan to use Cylon drive technology on Colonial ships. The closer ties between the rebel Cylons and the humans sets off a violent uprising in the fleet

    Completely OUTSTANDING! This episode was one that demonstrated just how great a show or a movie could be when the writers go uncuffed and serious with it and when the acting is true to the core!!! Heroes, Smallville, and many movies could learn a thing or two from this episode.

    I don't know how long it has been since a show or a movie EVER had me engaged, on the edge of my seat, and completely wrapped into the world of the characters. I've found myself completely able to feel, understand, and be apart of the world the writers/actors have created these last few episodes and this one rocked my socks!

    There were no silly and forced cliches, there was no logical madness going on, there wasn't a lack in the emotions in the actors, and everything was just right. I love that these guys are not afraid to take it to the dark and very gritty world of reality compared to other shows out there nowadays.

    It's too bad BSG has to go while it is good but hopefully others will truly learn from how these recent episodes have been put together.
  • "And even at that, we get some cracking character moments and the kind of punch-the-air TV that's been absent for too long from our programming."

    By the Gods, this was one frackin' brilliant hour. My feelings towards Feelix have gone from "he's an OK secondary character" to "I want a bullet between his eyes" and they're supposed to: The Oath not only works from a fireworks point of view, with guns a-blazin' and Kara kicking arse (she's baaack!), but every action in this hour has been building up over the past four years. As people have noted, there's hardly a random face to be seen: every member of this coup have been in the show, no matter how minor their role, and it only serves to flesh out the series and makes for fantastic confrontations.


    Starbuck back in action. FINALLY.

    Roslin back in action. HURRAH.

    Tigh and Adama are back in action. EPIC.

    Heck, EVERYONE is back in action!

    It's rare a show can pull off a no-holds-barred episode without falling to criticisms about shortcomings with story, but the series has more than had its fair share of character driven episodes, all paving the way for the kind of thrills this episode has on offer. And even at that, we get some cracking character moments and the kind of punch-the-air TV that's been absent for too long from our programming.
  • A huge mutiny, every single character who is still alive, Kara and Lee against the world, and Tigh and Adama being badass. What more could you want.

    So every character ever invented in the Galacticaverse who is still alive chooses sides in the mutiny on Galactica. It's a bit sad to see who some of the mutineers are. Racetrack? Narcho? (Interesting thing, if Jane Espenson had made Narcho Gaeta's boyfriend as she considered doing before she realized they couldn't get the actor, they wouldn't have had the kind of break up at the end, because Narcho is all in with Gaeta's plot, while Hoshi is not)

    I almost had forgotten how awesome Lee and Kara are when it's them against the world. And another point? Kara is a little terrifying. But still awesome. And it was nice to see Lee running around the ship with a gun again. I think that the political storyarc does work for him, but I like to see him back in his original role once in a while. Tigh and Adama? Completely amazing. Not much more I can say to that. When they just take out the two marines? It was awesome.
  • Adama continues with his plan to use Cylon drive technology on Colonial ships. The closer ties between the rebel Cylons and the humans sets off a violent uprising in the fleet

    This episode covered pretty much everything that makes this series so special. Strong character motivations had been developed in the previous episode. Now the characters were thrown into pure exciting action. Admama, Rosalyn, Tigh, Starbuck and Lee were all back in action just the way we like them. The excitement, danger and related emotions were all pulse-poundingly real. Another thing this episode once again explored is that aside from the initial attack against the colonies, the humans have killed more humans than the Cylons have. I love the way this show explores both the positives and negatives of human nature. Oh, and let's not forget the jaw-dropping cliff-hanger. Yes, we knew it was coming because they do it to us week after week but it still made both my wife and mom scream out loud. That's how good the show is - it works whether the outcome is expected or not. I definitely felt like a hungry dog on a short leash being led on a brisk walk through the meat aisle. Give us more like this!
  • Absolutely brilliant adrenaline ride.

    You know all those episodes where nothing really happens? Move away 180 degrees from that and you have this one.
    What a rush! I mean, it's all pretty "standard" stuff: a rebellion, a take-over, hope being lost... But for me the defining point of the episode was the core assembling of the heroes - Adama sr. & the colonel, Adama jr. & Starbuck and Roslin & Baltar. A perfect trinity of force, mind and possibilities. I had goosebumps. I'm not one for pointless action; I don't like the easy approach to it most movies and series give us. But this, this is a magnificent dangerous game, serious and costly, and the human race once again proves it cannot live with itself in peace, whether with others or with itself.
    I honestly don't know what's going to happen to the two old war horses but I do know that I haven't had this feeling of sitting at the edge of my seat and screaming inside not knowing what's to follow in a long time.
    Congratulations, Galactica - this is the race to the end we have hoped for and more!
  • Well, the forums certainly aren't replete with complaints this week. Far from it, in fact: 'The Oath' seems to have generated the kind of infectious buzz unseen since our four friendly Cylons crawled out of the woodwork at the end of season three.

    Well, the Battlestar Galactica forums certainly aren't replete with complaints this week. Far from it, in fact: 'The Oath' seems to have generated the kind of infectious buzz unseen since our four friendly Cylons crawled out of the woodwork at the end of season three. The general consensus, it seems, is that 'stuff happened' in this episode and, as a result, that equals good. While the logic is flawed at best, the outcome is certainly on the money: Mark Verherden's script is a delectable flurry of chaotic activity, throwing the entire Galactica world up in the air and letting it shatter into a thousand dark, ugly pieces. Far more than the revelation about Earth, the events that occur in 'The Oath' change the shape of the narrative in seemingly unreconcilable ways. Will anything ever be the same now that around two thirds of the fleet has mutinied? Now that innocent Galacticans have been murdered by Gaeta and Zarek's 'revolutionaries'? Now that a political and military coup has occurred? They're locking up Cylons and Cylon 'sympathisers' for Christ's sake! Gaeta's taken command of the damn fleet! They arrested Adama and Sol! And now, they're about to fire on the President's ship! Holy mother of frack, just what in the name of Pithia is going on?!

    Well, the aftermath, that's what. This is what loss, disappointment and the fanning of bigoted flames will yet you. There is absolutely no way that the events of 'The Oath' could have believably taken place if we had not had the kind of narrative development that occurred in 'A Disquiet Follows My Soul'. Last week's quiet examination of the nature of fear and loathing was absolutely needed to allow for the developments in this two parter. In fact, I'd argue that it is still possibly too sudden. Major changes do occur rather quickly: virtually the entire crew of the Galactica is ready to turn on those they've worked closely with for the past few years. We perhaps could have used an additional episode to show just how Gaeta won around his cohorts... but this is a minor criticism. It could be argued that the hour quite admirably reflects the social climate often needed for revolution to occur: after all, so many are sprawling, chaotic and, most importantly, sporadic. Verhedern does an excellent job of demonstrating the wealth of variables that can intrude on even the most well laid plans: Gaeta's struggles in the CIC are particularly reflective of this.

    'The Oath' is certainly an addictively tense episode. Everyone is at the top of their game and at the height of their emotions, which keeps things permanently on edge: check out Starbuck as she threatens to lay waste to Racetrack and did you see Adama in the coup scene in the CIC? Props to Edward James Olmos for a fine, fine performance that really allows the viewer to buy into the seriousness of the situation. It's largely the script that is responsible for the nail-biting atmosphere, however: predicating the narratology on a sequence of timed occurrences gives the plot a disquietingly laconic feel, allowing events to 'puncture' the story rather than for the story to belie the events. This structure gives the viewer a prominent sense of urgency and acutely reflects the sense of concern that is inherent in the reactions of the characters on both sides of the political fence. And as for that final sequence, well, we all know that Adama and Sol are gonna make it to the end of the series but even so, this is a maddeningly intense moment to leave us hanging on. Let's hope part two can live up to the lofty highs promised by its predecessor. Another triumph.
  • At least one show maintains its high quality!! best episode in a tv series i've seen all week.

    i am watching a lot of tv-shows at the moment and i am in despair over the quality of recent episodes of most of them (singling out smallville in particular). However it is a good thing that Battlestar Galactica amongst them still has a high quality, the direction this show has taken still provides alot of excitement and promise.
    i would love to see lee adama play a more vital role in the show because as the voice of galactica in the Quorum his words are nearly always drowned out by everyones whining. Galen Tyrol is also an interesting character to watch as it is clear he wants to remain loyal to Adama if not galactica.
    Can't wait for next weeks installment anyways.!
  • Woah... fasten your seatbelts. This episode will blow you away!

    So the final 7 episodes of Battlestar Galactica approach us and this episode doesn't waste any time. The episode is centered around the uprising on the ship. Gaeta and Vice President Zarek have planned an attack on the people who support the human-cylon alliance. The body count decreases dramatically as people are losing hope and don't know who to trust.

    The last few moments are amazing. Adama and Tyrol guard the raptor to transfer the President to a safe location. It appears that Adama has forgiven Tyrol, He says "Its been an honour to have served with you, my friend".
    The wait for the guards to attack.

    To be continued...
  • What the Oath meant to different people meant different things. BSG continues to mine into deep territory if you allow it. The fleet is divided. Good people die. And people who were once abject enemies find themselves now allies. Great TV viewing.

    I really admire the writers for putting the story first. If you had told me that the first four episodes of the the second of of the season would have hardly any scenes with the characters Six, Sharon, Athena, Baltar, Cottle, Tyrol, or Agathorn I wouldn't have believed it. But they did so do build up the story to another high point.

    The underlying question of the series at this stage is what happens when people's core beliefs are challenged? We see political, religious, and relational beliefs all at play here. And non-stop action will keep the adrenaline going too.

    I think Starbucks line, "Lee, haven't you been just waiting for something to happen" might echo what alot of views have been thinking. Well, big things are afoot after Gaeta engineers a mutiny.

    Six shows to's going to be interesting. How long till next Friday night?

    Till next time,
  • Gaeta and Zarek stage a mutiny on Galactica. They forget one thing-Adama, Tigh, Roslin, Apollo, Starbuck and Tyrol aren't going to allow it without a fight!

    From start to finish this was fast paced and exciting. Starbuck is back to being Starbuck, Apollo is first and always his father's son and it isn't a good idea to tick off Adama, Tigh and Roslin. Great use of continuity of characters in the series. The Pegasus crew play a pivotal role in Gaeta's mutiny which leaves you wondering from the Galactica crew really supports him?? For those of us who have been waiting for the Adama/Roslin relationship to go further this brings it to a new level. Some humor mixed in as well. Love the scene between Adama and Roslin before he leaves for the CIC.
  • The big blow up happens as part of the fleet rebels against Adama. Starbuck and Rosalyn get themselve together and overall this was a great action episode.

    All the set up of the previous episodes and the webepisodes come to fruition as Gaeta perfectly sets up a mutiny. He played his part perfectly as Amama and Tigh had no clue what was happening until it was too late. It was nice to see Rosalyn back as Adama being captured finally got her motivated again. Also Starbuck is finally back to kicking butt as she saves Lee from beingcaptured after he was set up by Zarek.

    Action was fast and furious in this episode as it looks like a number of people in the fleet are fed up and are in open rebellion. this contrasted nicely with previous episodes that had Adama Starbuck and Rosalyn in a funk. The rebellion really got their focus back. Great lines abounded in this episode, with Adama's no mercy speech and Starbuck telling Adama they are no longer "his crew". His capture of one of the rebels showed he still thought that there could be a way out. Starbuck threw cold water on that thought and it looks like things are going to end badly for Gaeta and Zarek. My thought is Gaeta is tired and may have a death wish after his leg being gone and Dualla killing herself. This may be his was of doing what Dualla did. I believe it is suicide by going out in a blaze of glory instead of putting a gun to his head like Dualla did. They really seem to have no plan other than to rebel.

    Finally, in my last review, some people didn't like it when I stated I didn't like the way they had Tyrol not be the father of his child as it seemed arbitrary to me. But Ronald Moore admitted in an intervew on line that it was kind of a cheat as when they decided Tyrol was a cylon it conflcited with the storyline about Hera being the only hybrid and they had to clean up that plot point.

    A great episode!
  • One of the most action-packed episodes in the series so far.

    It's been a long while since Battlestar Galactica had an episode focused on the action, with drama set aside and the guns drawn out.

    The episode gives a 40-minutes long adrenaline rush, showing a massive uprising aboard the flasghip of the fleet. Nearly every character ever seen (And still alive) in the series picks his side, even people that had a one-time memorable scene in an earlier season.

    It's been a while since the audience's favourites, especialy Kara and Lee, took part in a real fight, and it's hell of a ride to see them back together in the action.

    Adama's ignorance of the uprising is somewhat shocking, in a good way. He isn't the perfect keen-eyed leader as before. He's broken and tired, and lets himself to be fooled in a heartbreaking way. Having Adama threat of retribution is one of the scariest things in the episode. EJO is an amazing actor on every turn.
  • One of the finest BG episodes ever......with only one MAJOR flaw

    This really exemplifies why we watch this......action, drama, the works!

    The only thing I found disappointing was, once again, the lack of recognition for Gaeta/Hoshi's relationship.......I mean now we are back on the tube, and not in webisodes, it all mysteriously didn't happen? I would have like to have seen Hoshi maybe pleading with Gaeta to think about what he was doing, or try to convince him this was not the right course of action........I mean if this was a man/woman dynamic you cannot tell me that something like that wouldn't have happened. For frak ske it would have been nice to even just see Hoshi shot Gaeta a look!.......

    Thoughts? Comments?

    Apart from this disappointment, this was one of the finest BG episodes ever.
  • The Oath

    The Oath was an explosively entertaining episode of Battlestar Galactica and all preconceived notions are blown out the window! This episode was a pleasure to watch because it had so much action, character development and an excellent sequence of events! I couldn't believe how far Gaeta's reach had stretched. Starbuck was awesome when she rescued Lee. The Admiral and Colonel had their own good scenes. The President spoke to the fleet until cut off, and it did have some effect. I couldn't believe how the episode ended, I am on the edge of my seat ready to watch the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh my God!!!!!!!


    This was a great episode, one of the best in BSG history! The onl problem i found was that it was hard to watch. Not because of bad acting, special effects or story plot or anything like that, this was hard to watch for me because I hate charecters I care about (even the minor ones) and have followed throw out these past 4 seasons, turn evil and become the villians of the series.

    Now Tom Zarek was a shoe in for staring a mutiny, It just took the writers a season and a half to make him play a much bigger role as a bad guy other that being the shadey political vice-prez. And as for Gaeta I've had a feeling he'd do something like this since the last episode as well as from the websode 'Face of the Enemy'. But if you would have told me that he'd betray Adama back when the mini-season was aired, I would have called you crazy (I also would have done the same thing if you told me Tigh was a cylon). But if you go over every episode in which Gaeta has a higher role (andI know that will take quite awhile) you'll see sign's of him becomeing morejaded and less likethe good soilder that he was when all thisstarted. And it seems like he'sbeen able to convice a lotof crew mebers to join him, many of who I really liked.
    Racetrack, Skulls, Captain Kelly, Seelix and others.
    All of this shows how feed up the people are and how losing earth had such a big effect on them and how they now view life. Although what really started this was the alliance with the Rebal Cylons, and hopefully the Rebals will prove their worth to the human race by helping Adama. (By the way you think the people would get a kick out of a group of cylons practically begging for their help and having no clue how to survie on their own with limited supplies and the fear of death on their door steps.)

    On a lighter note (very rare in BSG now a days) Starbuck is finally acting like her good old kick ***, hot shot, loveable self. this is the first time I have seen her like this since the end of season 2. I guess it takes your friends becomeing your enemy and alot of gun fire to make Starbuck-- well StarBuck. And I am alos glad,(as other fans are) that she's taking a breack from her littleID crisses.

    But I have to rant about something that really iritated mein this episode,-- Lee Adama!
    Actually I take that back, I have to rant about something that really iritated mein this whole Series!,Lee Adama!Ok so near the end of this episode Starbuck, Bill Adama, Lee and Tigh are on the run and Lee desides to vent some feelings he has about cylons to Tigh. Basicly he's saying the same old thing we've been hearing 'we can pretend to be friends and put the past behind us but when you get right to it your people killed the human race' Lee is saying that Gaeta and Tom are right, Lee most likely would have joined them if they were'nt trying to over throw his father.
    Now if I wereTighI would lay it on him, Here is what I would say!
    "Well are'nt you a little Fracking-flip-floper, you going to kill me to like you tried to do back whenI tried to arrest the Prez and you pulleda gun on me, or the other time you were a about to flush me out a airlock that i fully agreed to by the way, but your undead lover stopped you to reveal the path to a nucked earth! You need to pick a sideand stick with it! Oh wait i forgot you have problems picking sides or making choices, so instead of picking them you just blame people, like you did with your father for two years before the fall, now I know he wasn't always their for you but he was still a good father, unlike you whoditched your child before it was even born and didn't bother to look for your knocked-up girlfriend untill the world ended! Yes my people nucked your world and i know what your people have been through, Because I've been dealing it with you! Oh but plese keep on telling me how right Zarekis, after all you are his puppet, I just assumed that since you've been doing what he's wanted ever since you ditched the military for politics! Yes if it wasn't for my robot race we wouldn't be in this mess, but we also wouldn't be in this mess if you had just killed Zarek backin prison (minseries)! Oh and FYI, when Starbuck slept with Baltar (miniseries) she was screaming your name, so if youhad'ent over reactied and stared a fight or if you had just got thelow down from Baltar you would have known she was in love with you before you screwed it up and she went back to Caprica and meet her future husband (and cylon) Sam Anders. So if you had'ent opened your big mouth Starbuck would have thought twice before hooking up with Anders, You wouldn't have fallen back on Dee, Dee would still be with Billy, Anders would have ended up with Jean and you could of ended up with Starbuck and had a few Crazy kids! So by all means contue with what you were saying."
    I apoligize to all Lee fans but I had to say it, I'm really hoping they make a point to Lee's strugels and use him more because he's starting to get on my nerves.

    The BSG cast gave it their all in this episode and that will make the next one even better.Bythe way the only pleasent moment in this wholeepisode(that didn't invole killing or any dark humor.) was when Tigh stepped into Adama's quarters and Roslin was thier in a robe with a happy glow. the reaction on Michael Hogan's face was priceless!

  • The battle lines were drawn last week. What happens when the first shots are fired?

    With last week's episode being essentially a setup episode, expectations and curiousity were high as to what a Geata - Zarek coup could mean. Well folks, The Oath Part 1 does not disappoint. If anything, more happened than I expected. The Oath Part 1 has you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. At a high level, Gaeta and Zarek begin their quest to take control of Galactica and the fleet. Here are the specifics:

    - Gaeta get's his people armed by faking a fire and taking out communications on Galactica
    - Roslin gets back into the game when she finds out what's going on and uses Baltar's radio to communicate with the fleet in an effort to calm things down.
    - Gaeta's men take, Six, Athena, Helo, Hera and Anders to the brig, (bargaining chips?)
    - Anders tells Athena that he doesn't know anything more than the rest of the Cylons
    - Adama and Tigh escape from their security detail after being arrested and begin an attempt to take back the ship.
    - Lee trades the tie for a gun
    - Kara kisses Lee
    - Tyrol helps Roslin and Baltar escape Galactica, presumably to the rebel Cylon Base star
    - Adama and Tigh hold decide to stay on Galactica to buy time for Roslin's escape.

    While nothing profound happens in this episode, it was definately was entertaining. The brutality of Gaeta's men in trying to take control of Galactica was surprising and refreshing. It was also nice to see that not everyone who is following Geata fully believes in the cause. Also, what's surprising is the sheer number of people Gaeta was able to amass in order to carry out his insurrection. Oh the magic of tv! Regardless, here are a few things I thought were interesting.

    1. Sebastian Spence is credited as a guest star and has a 10 second scene. Why?
    2. Adama and Tigh being badass with an assault rifle in one hand and a pistol in the other was really cool. Its been a while since we've seen the old man show his teeth.
    3. Baltar actually having screen time was nice. Even better was him being the self serving Baltar from season 1.
    4. The guy that takes Helo to the brig is a friend of the man Helo and Tyrol killed on Pegasus.
    5. Roslin finally getting back into the game, it was about time!

    To be honest, there isn't much more to talk about with this week's episode. It felt like the second part in a trilogy. Next week's should be a doozy.
  • Gripping but worrying

    Season 4 is beginning to worry me, and I'm probably going to be at odds with the rest of the reviewers here. While what is happening on screen is doubtless compelling and highly dramatic, and shows a lot of development for certain characters....

    ....I have to say the whole "rebellion / mutiny / uprising" theme doesn't wholly ring true for me. Which is odd, because I've generally found the political machinations of BSG and the character of Tom Zarek to be utterly compelling previously. I'm not saying there is anything "wrong" with "The Oath", or "A Disquiet...." before it; certainly there are some loose ends with Zarek that have to be tied-up. Where I do have concerns is that unless all of this is leading to a major revelation that clearly propels the entire story forward, then we're losing a lot of valuable story-telling time simply dealing with the Zarek arc that might better be otherwise used. What kind of revelation am I talking about? Well, I honestly have no idea - but I'm desperately hoping that it will bring about (and via a final confrontation with Brother Cabot, et al) that revelation that there are in fact NO humans....that EVERYONE we've been following these past four years are forms of Cylons. I've posted my thinking on this in the "Theory & Speculation of Earth/Caprica" thread in the forms, and I'm aware that I'm going right out on a limb making such a bold statement. However, leaving aside my theories as to how and why this could and should be...such a revelation would give a far more solid dramatic context to the "uprising" than we presently have. Certainly if in "Blood..." through "Deadlock" we simply get a rapid resolution that leads to Zarek's death, etc., without some major turning-point occurring in the story arc that propels us full-bore towards "Daybreak", then I think the longer term verdict on this arc could be "Good drama, but story padding"..... I await the rest of the season with fingers crossed.
  • About fraking time they had some real action in this season.

    I thought the series was coming to an end and all we were going to watch was Adama rubbing Madam president's bald head for good luck.It might seem a bit harsh but I find myself on the rebel's side, I mean these guys have been brutally chased across the galaxy for four years by the cylons trying to bring extinction to the human race and all of a sudden they are supposed to be each others butt buddies. The final punch line of the show should be firing Admiral Adama's cylon loving sorry ass out of the airlock for betraying the human race gods dammit.
  • An intense, exciting witch-hunt of an episode is sabotaged by ponderous, music-less, dialogue-heavy sequences in its starting half.

    Battlestar Galactica's greatest and most memorable episodes have always revolved around music -- so why is it that an episode with so many different characters is allowed to go virtually theme-free? Forget a special theme composed for the mutiny such as "Gaeta's Lament" from Faith and Guess What's Coming to Dinner; there isn't an exciting theme to drive the action along, such as Resurrection Ship or even a dramatic one, such as The Hub. In fact, there's no music at all, except for some generic drums, an unrecognizable and unrewarding looping theme to Gaeta and Zarek's dealings, and a prominent but short-lived re-emergence of Baltar's spiritual theme. The music in TV is supposed to guide the audience along, to anchor us to the characters and reward us by evoking powerful emotions -- so why is this episode, which has the look and story of a penultimate one, feel like just another week?

    It's an intense witch-hunt and the stakes are raised early on as the new Galactica deck-chief is taken out as he follows up on suspicious activity. One by one, the main cast is dealt with, starting with the Cylons and progressing down the chain to a full-blown mutiny. It's frightening to see just how easily a trusted communications officer can sabotage the entire Galactica by continually misdirecting any raised suspicions. One of the most welcome moments of the episode is the role played by Tyrol -- true to his will to fight for the rights of his workers in seasons past, even among the Cylon-hatred the former Chief has an entire network of communication throughout the ship that allows him to secure passage for many characters. He takes command of the situation naturally and without any unnecessary hubris, playing an integral role in the escape of President Roslin. It is a subtle, brilliant acknowledgment of the character's history intertwined with his latest progression.

    Watching Starbuck back in action is a treat, as are the weathered Adama and Tigh -- but the early segment of the episode is slow and ponderous, without any recognizable musical themes to guide the audience along. It's an exciting shoot-em-up that will culminate in a dramatic showdown in next week's episode... but it could have been far, far more.