Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 13

The Oath (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 30, 2009 on Syfy

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  • With some crazy action, a high body count, and a ridiculous amount of fanservice, The Oath is one of the best episodes of Galactica.

    Holy s***! The Oath was hands down one of the best, most action-packed, balls-to-the-wall episode of Battlestar Galactica. Ever. For the fans waiting for a big action episode, this is it! The mutiny goes full blown in this episode and drags in all of the characters from the show (and even some we haven't seen for a long time). I'll start with the star of this episode: the action. This is probably the most action-packed episode of Galactica. When I say that, I mean of the entire series. It's filled with gunshots and dead bodies, and it's even bigger than Valley of Darkness. Galactica doesn't do action very often, but I don't think anyone on television does it better. Not 24, not Terminator, not Burn Notice. Galactica is where it's at. The episode moves through only four hours at breakneck speeds and it never gets old. Traveling through the corridors of Galactica is always intense in this pulse-pounder, and the bodies definitely rack up in this episode. I would say that there were anywhere between 30 to 50 casualties from the mutiny, and that is very big for Galactica. Moving on to the characters, some of which I adore and some of which I despise. Oh, Zarek and Gaeta, how I loathe thee. I pretty much can't wait to see these two go out the airlock (which I know will happen sooner or later). However, both Richard Hatch and Alessandro Juliani turn in great performances in their respective roles. However, Juliani is of particular note, as even through all of the chaos, he still finds the right opportunities to portray Gaeta's conflicted feelings. But Racetrack, how said I was to see that you have turned to the dark side! Alas, one of my favorite Raptor pilots has indeed joined the evil mutiny. But I did say that I adored some of the characters in the episode. Special mention must be given to Starbuck, Adama, and Roslin. Starbuck is pretty much my favorite character on the show now. She is so crazy and so badass that it's not even funny. When she saved Lee from the corrupt marines, that was probably one of her best moments ever. Her stone-cold shooting of the marine and Skulls made me laugh with glee. Katee Sackhoff was great in the role, and she really jumped into the "they're the enemy!" deal very well. Adama gets to shoot people too! Adama's little speech in the CIC about the mutiny was definitely a highlight of the episode. Eddie Olmos was at the top of his game for the episode. Finally, I must give note to Madam President, Laura Roslin. If Mary McDonnell goes unnominated again for these Emmys, I will never watch them again. Her speech over the wireless was impassioned and moving, and it was a clear example of why she should be handed her Emmy award right now! Sorry, Patty Hewes, but Laura Roslin is cooler (I give props to the three of you who will get this reference). Something I definitely loved about the episode was the huge amount of fan service that was present throughout the whole episode. We see a ton of the supporting characters who we haven't seen for quite some time. Helo, Anders, Seelix, Hoshi, Racetrack, and Baltar's cult all get some screen time with an important role. But even better is the return of two-bit characters who I never thought I'd see again. People like Laird (former Pegasus deck chief whose wife was shot by Kendra Shaw), Skulls (Racetrack's ECO, and I frakkin' loved it when Starbuck shot him), Private Jaffee ("Jaffee brings me coffee" from "A Day in the Life"), Connor (resistance member who was on the jury in "Collaborators" and tried to kill Baltar), and even the intrepid Specialist Gage (one of the idiot rednecks from the Pegasus who helped gangrape Gina)! Most viewers don't get these references. But for the anal-retentive, obsessive types like me who watch every episode multiple times, this episode was an absolute goldmine of fanservice. Overall, it's obvious to me that this is one of the best episodes of the series. It's certainly the best of Season 4.5, and it showcases Galactica at its highest point. There's amazing action, a high body count, and a true ensemble act. The episodes that only feature specific characters are often weaker, but the ones that feature the ensemble are always the best. And this one was definitely one of the best. A 10/10. Perfect. P.S. Next week looks frakking insane! "I am coming for all of you!"