Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 13

The Oath (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 30, 2009 on Syfy

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  • It's the best episode I've seen since Exodus part 2.

    We're told what's going to happen, but we could've never guessed that this is how it was going to play out. Perhaps, had Battlestar had an entire season left, this climax would've had episodes of setup to prepare for what we witnessed tonight, the boiling point. But even with one episode, we know how important this revolution really is.

    Now it doesn't take long for this mutiny to get way, we get three scenes putting our players frame of mind in perspective before the **** starts to hit the fan. We see Tigh informing our leaders about the state of the fleet, Zarek and Gaeta plotting one last time, and we see a beautiful scene between Laura and Bill, and the evidence of Laura's dwindling health (what's that stuff about Lee she started to mutter? Her health, or something more…) What came next was actually a bit of a surprise, Racetrack is one of those characters I just don't understand in this entire mutiny. She doesn't really fit in the entire context of all this, but the play goes on. Zarek busting in the old Pegasus deck hand was definitely a sign of things to come, and for Gaeta, it was the line he should've never crossed. Zarek also tells him some fascinating stuff, about how one hesitative slip can ruin a revolution, he says it far more elegantly than I did, but is this an omen to Gaeta? Did he hesitate at the end of the episode? More on that later. We also see one of Baltar's girls follow the entire action, who'll probably run off and tell their prophetic leader all about the impending revolution. This entire thing is pretty brilliant isn't it? We've all kind of underestimated how much Gaeta is responsible for, and at the same time, it's the reason why we respected him in the past. To see him fall so far, to lose his head, it's a tough thing to watch, especially on account he's helping Zarek. Next up, we see Lee trying to convince the quorum to see his way of thinking about the FTL drives, and the cylon alliance until his plan is shot with Zarek's entrance. On that note, the quorum has been full of **** since the very beginning, a group of men and women who are so far out of the conflict, they have no clue what's going on. It's very, very frustrating. Afterwards, we see Seelix play Anders right into a trap. I gotta say, I've always loved Anders, great character, so it was tough watching him get his ass handed to him. It's tough for a lot of reasons, but this show changed immensely since Dee offed herself. No one on this show is safe from death, and hopefully, it won't be Anders, but who knows.

    Gaeta plays the CIC a bit more, and we get to see Hot Dog and Starbuck chat a bit, before Starbuck throws her food away, and gives one creepy ass smile. Kara has always been a great character when she's been a badass, and it's damn good to see her being badass starbuck as opposed to crazy ass starbuck. So badass Starbuck goes off and finds out some civvies are arming themselves, calling Gaeta wasn't a great idea. Lee, same mistake man. Gaeta plays them all, and Zarek swoops in for the kill. Doesn't this all feel like a game to Gaeta? How far does this revolution go until Zarek gets rid of Gaeta, and takes his place on the throne? And then how real does it become to Gaeta? Anyways Lee heads off to Galactica in an effort to prove Zarek wrong, seems like a shoddy way to get him back to Galactica but oh well. Seeing Lee arrive on Galactica, **** hits the fan when Starbuck busts two bullets into two marines. Having Connor and Racetrack watch on, the reality of this revolution is looking more and more grim. What gets to me most is the next scene. Anyone remember the first episode this season? We had the despair and doom spread throughout the premiere, and then we got to see Helo and Sharon playing around with Hera, living life as though Earth wasn't even a care for them? For all the struggles these two have gone through, this scene hit home. Which is why it was all the more hard to watch them get taken away from Helo, who has played the most morally responsible character on this show. I can only hope that by the next episode comes, Helo goes ape ****, and pulls his best Captain America act to kick some rebel ass. Nice throwback by the way to that Pegasus fella punching Helo. Kara comes out of nowhere and gives Lee a nice smooch, throws a line about feeling fine for the first time in weeks. Sounds about right, Starbuck hasn't been the best written character, but ****, she sounds so much better when she's badass Starbuck. So again, nice to see her taking lead. Athena gets tossed into a cell, and we get to see what's going on to our heroes imprisoned (and six I guess), and things look even grimmer in here. Lee and Kara march on through Galactica, finding marines and civvies fighting one another throughout, it's a great scene, you can tell the disarray on the ship is going to be devastating to that overall human count.

    And here, Gaeta, makes his move, Adama growls, and he overtakes the CIC. Adama's been played from the beginning, a fella gets shot saving the admirals life, and we find our two old leaders in a very compromising position, and for the first time in ages, it finally feels like we're going to see both Adama's and Tigh's teeth. Adama's warning to the rebellers, well, he's telling them all, this is going to end with death. Yep, we're in the final few episodes alright. Again, like I mentioned earlier, since Dee's death, anything's possible. We've seen characters get kicked and punched in the face before, but never have they hurt as much as they have in this episode. I hope to God our heroes make it out unscathed, but there's still a lot of episode left. Suffice to say, I'm gonna say watch the episode yourself. I'm not going to ruin the last half of this episode (that's right, all this happens in one half). There's a fantastic cliffhanger, and some wonderful visuals at the very end of this episode, but however this conclusion comes about, people are going to die. A final tidbit, it's great to see Chief get out of his insane rut too, and to see Baltar return to his bumbling human ways.

    It's the best episode I've seen since Exodus part 2.
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