Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 13

The Oath (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 30, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Only one word: wow

    This episode left me speechless for sure. Last episode gave us the promise that there will be rebellion but no matter how much you think of it, you could not just dream what they are bring - and it was just amazing. The way they managed to bull this trough from Gaeta side - he sat behind com, did not let admiral know nothing and they got CIC without a problem.

    And the whole Zarek thing.. He is so in his element and just fits so well there. Some brilliant moves there - he is the mastermind behind it and Gaeta.. he.. all his anger, his disappointment now pouring out. But even more than those humans who took the stand against Adama, more I admire the storylines with those who fight against.

    Lee and Starbuck on their own element. The way she told she feels like alive again - she really had that fearless motion, no second thoughts when she needed to shoot. It seems like it is anger again talking inside her but it's so great to see her knowing what she does.

    And Adama and Tight.. The look on Adama's face when Gaeta ordered troops in CIC.. The speech he gave to Gaeta about the oath.. And to think - you are the most wanted man on the ship and they want you dead and all you can do is try to survive and end it. Just the thought - what they have come trough and now this - own against their own..

    And Roslin.. going to Baltar. I would have never imagined those two talking again after the trial but when there is a need. And again - the way she is a symbol and in such a danger.. just a woman and I am sure if they would get her... they would kill her.

    And the ending, that escape.. I do not even want to think with will happen next. They managed to have a full episode of action, stunning turns and such a brilliant developments. And so many unfinished ends for the episodes to come. It was a brilliant episode.
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