Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 13

The Oath (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 30, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Oh my God!!!!!!!


    This was a great episode, one of the best in BSG history! The onl problem i found was that it was hard to watch. Not because of bad acting, special effects or story plot or anything like that, this was hard to watch for me because I hate charecters I care about (even the minor ones) and have followed throw out these past 4 seasons, turn evil and become the villians of the series.

    Now Tom Zarek was a shoe in for staring a mutiny, It just took the writers a season and a half to make him play a much bigger role as a bad guy other that being the shadey political vice-prez. And as for Gaeta I've had a feeling he'd do something like this since the last episode as well as from the websode 'Face of the Enemy'. But if you would have told me that he'd betray Adama back when the mini-season was aired, I would have called you crazy (I also would have done the same thing if you told me Tigh was a cylon). But if you go over every episode in which Gaeta has a higher role (andI know that will take quite awhile) you'll see sign's of him becomeing morejaded and less likethe good soilder that he was when all thisstarted. And it seems like he'sbeen able to convice a lotof crew mebers to join him, many of who I really liked.
    Racetrack, Skulls, Captain Kelly, Seelix and others.
    All of this shows how feed up the people are and how losing earth had such a big effect on them and how they now view life. Although what really started this was the alliance with the Rebal Cylons, and hopefully the Rebals will prove their worth to the human race by helping Adama. (By the way you think the people would get a kick out of a group of cylons practically begging for their help and having no clue how to survie on their own with limited supplies and the fear of death on their door steps.)

    On a lighter note (very rare in BSG now a days) Starbuck is finally acting like her good old kick ***, hot shot, loveable self. this is the first time I have seen her like this since the end of season 2. I guess it takes your friends becomeing your enemy and alot of gun fire to make Starbuck-- well StarBuck. And I am alos glad,(as other fans are) that she's taking a breack from her littleID crisses.

    But I have to rant about something that really iritated mein this episode,-- Lee Adama!
    Actually I take that back, I have to rant about something that really iritated mein this whole Series!,Lee Adama!Ok so near the end of this episode Starbuck, Bill Adama, Lee and Tigh are on the run and Lee desides to vent some feelings he has about cylons to Tigh. Basicly he's saying the same old thing we've been hearing 'we can pretend to be friends and put the past behind us but when you get right to it your people killed the human race' Lee is saying that Gaeta and Tom are right, Lee most likely would have joined them if they were'nt trying to over throw his father.
    Now if I wereTighI would lay it on him, Here is what I would say!
    "Well are'nt you a little Fracking-flip-floper, you going to kill me to like you tried to do back whenI tried to arrest the Prez and you pulleda gun on me, or the other time you were a about to flush me out a airlock that i fully agreed to by the way, but your undead lover stopped you to reveal the path to a nucked earth! You need to pick a sideand stick with it! Oh wait i forgot you have problems picking sides or making choices, so instead of picking them you just blame people, like you did with your father for two years before the fall, now I know he wasn't always their for you but he was still a good father, unlike you whoditched your child before it was even born and didn't bother to look for your knocked-up girlfriend untill the world ended! Yes my people nucked your world and i know what your people have been through, Because I've been dealing it with you! Oh but plese keep on telling me how right Zarekis, after all you are his puppet, I just assumed that since you've been doing what he's wanted ever since you ditched the military for politics! Yes if it wasn't for my robot race we wouldn't be in this mess, but we also wouldn't be in this mess if you had just killed Zarek backin prison (minseries)! Oh and FYI, when Starbuck slept with Baltar (miniseries) she was screaming your name, so if youhad'ent over reactied and stared a fight or if you had just got thelow down from Baltar you would have known she was in love with you before you screwed it up and she went back to Caprica and meet her future husband (and cylon) Sam Anders. So if you had'ent opened your big mouth Starbuck would have thought twice before hooking up with Anders, You wouldn't have fallen back on Dee, Dee would still be with Billy, Anders would have ended up with Jean and you could of ended up with Starbuck and had a few Crazy kids! So by all means contue with what you were saying."
    I apoligize to all Lee fans but I had to say it, I'm really hoping they make a point to Lee's strugels and use him more because he's starting to get on my nerves.

    The BSG cast gave it their all in this episode and that will make the next one even better.Bythe way the only pleasent moment in this wholeepisode(that didn't invole killing or any dark humor.) was when Tigh stepped into Adama's quarters and Roslin was thier in a robe with a happy glow. the reaction on Michael Hogan's face was priceless!

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