Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 10

The Passage

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2006 on Syfy

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  • So sad.

    After last week's tearjerker I thought the writers would let us off the hook for a while,but nah,obviously they enjoy us crying our eyes out.

    Kat shouldn't have died,it took some viewers a long time to actually like her(me included),but once we did we really enjoyed her presence.The show is scarce in well-written female characters;I'm a bit pissed off they let her go.

    Everyone was their usual selves this episode and that's good.Kara - tough on the outside,soft inside.Her interactions with Kat were engaging.

    Admiral Adama was really touching in that last scene;I love his character,his wisdom,empathy and big heart.

    Baltar was...well,I never know what to say about Gaius.He is a traitor and a selfish bastard,but James Callis does his work so well that I can't help but to be enchanted by this character.I hope Baltar chooses the right side in the end,and redeems himself.

    On the whole the episode had a clear storyline,good acting and was captivating.Just please make it a tad more cheerful next time.
  • Something icky happens in space and there's only one thing to do -- face it. Then face the music.

    The music, it seems, has quite a pedigree. Kevin Grazer, from JPL comes up with the story idea (or at least suggests as much or whatever), The writer is from Buffy I believe, and then there's the ass-kicking, take no prisoners Ron Moore, who is STILL under-rated. Not sure, but might be possible that Mister Moore had more to do with this one -- no slight to the writer -- because in places it just kind of took off like a gyser (agree w/ the Kara assessment from above. In other places, the bending over charts and food data and spoilage and finding a way to make it funny while pilots are burning up from the inside-out, well, everyone has their laughing gas, I suppose. Anyway, good show, really liked it
  • Something similiar to those westerns where the good guys have to cross the badlands or a raging river to get what they need. Okay, then...

    What a skitzo show. Side A: drama, loss, tension. Side B: comedy-comedy-comedy. Side A: action, tough decisions, sacrifice. Side B: So much exposition your head wants to explode. Side A: Kara becomes Karl Malden with breasts and a great body. Side B: Where the heck is The Presient of The Colonies when you need her?
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