Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 10

The Passage

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Decent episode. They finally killed off Kat and made some progress with Baltar helping the cylons.

    I've never really cared for the dynamic that was written between Kat and Starbuck. It just seems forced. In that respect I'm glad Kat is gone from the show. What I don't like is how out of character BSG was in this episode, namely the unconventional formula it used in killing off Kat. Her confrontation with Starbuck and challenge to be true to herself led her back into the arms of her old bad-guy boyfriend. While BSG is a different kind of show, this episode deviated a bit from its standard fare.

    What I really enjoyed was the digression of Baltar and his acceptance of his role in helping the cylons, if only at a minimum to sleep with as many of them as he can.