Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 5

The Road Less Traveled (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 02, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Mutiny. Gaius beaten up in a silly jacket. Leoben's mind games. A possible Clyon alliance.

    Once again. Why are people so much against thoughtful episodes? Granted that this did not quite cut a "9" (thanks to too much fracking Gaius and Chief), but it did have its moments.

    Starbuck (resurrected) has lost her head, and is putting off seeing Adama for fear of what he might say. In this state, Leoben appears out of nowhere (how the heck did he know?!) and offers an olive branch. Finally *something* happens on the Demetrius. Also, when a (random) crew member dies inspecting Leoben's ship, Kara feels guilty about it.

    The crew's frustration has reached boiling point and made for seriously gripping viewing. Kara's ivory tower, make-no-sense approach to leadership leads to her own demise when even the near-perfect Helo (is he a cylon or something?) mutinies, after enforcing her rubbish orders for the entire mission. And this is *only* after she refuses to rendezvous with Galactica (as ordered), instead of jumping to an apparently damaged base star (and possibly an ambush). Finely deserved for a nut job who is off the rails.

    Gaius continues preaching, but now is wearing a stupid jacket. *yawn*. Chief is still moping. *double yawn*. He then attends a "sermon", but gets pissed and assaults Gaius when he asks Chief to hold his hand, because "Cally would have wanted it". Presumptuous frack. Don't worry, you Chief/Baltar fans - they kiss and make up at the end.

    Sol makes an appearance, and it seems like the whole ship knows of his exploits with 6. I'm gonna love what Adama says about that!

    The meaty stuff is in the contrast of the two "religion" styles. On one hand Gaius is preaching the "ignore out past, look to the future" crap as before - and see where it has gotten the USA today. Thankfully, Tori has alerted the President of this. Unfortunately, he is not a "big enough" player to be worth an intervention. *yet*. On the other hand, Kara is trying to follow the will of the Gods, and her "special destiny". Both discard consequences too easily and make for volatile and dangerous characters.

    Regarding the "alliance" that Leoben offers seemingly off the cuff, it will be interesting to see how the humans can exploit the seemingly-intractable cylon civil war. And what would make for even more compelling viewing would be to see if they break out with their own hostilities regarding the religion issue.

    But the preview: OMFG the preview! Next week's episode entitled "Faith" looks like a killer. Kara appears on a basestar and somebody says "the hybrid will want to see you". A pilot on the demetrius says "she just airlocked her cylon ass", while pointing a gun at something. Athena has Starbuck (resurrected) in a head lock. Helo says "Mr.Gaeta, order the marine guards to the control room". Anders shoots somebody in the calf (I think it looks like Gaeta, but it is hard to be sure). 6 (in a suit) looks like she is hitting somebody young. Roslin looks like she has another fantasy/flashback. Athena points a gun at somebody. And we end with the words of a basestar controller "You are the harbinger of death Kara thrace, you will lead them all to their end". *phew*.

    If they make Kara a fracking cylon I will fracking hurt something. I repeat: I will leave BSG and *never* return. Here's to hoping that she is dreaming, and that the cylons are mind-fracking their own (non-number5) creation.