Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 5

The Road Less Traveled (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 02, 2008 on Syfy

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  • An episode that could have been much more than it was. Still no clues to Earth, Starbucks finally lost it altogether, no sign of the Adama's or Roslin, and all Sol gets to do these days is kick the other cylons up the ass.

    Here we go again! It really does seem like the writers of the show are struggling to find some plot to actually write about. Now at this point I should say that I know we are only five episodes into the season, but I seriously hope that these five shows are not indicative what's to come in terms of pace...

    I should also say that on its own, it wasn't a bad episode. However the last few episodes have seemed to blur together and I think the viewers deserve some payoffs. This is the last season, so I was hoping that every episode we would gain some payoffs, if only little one's. But it looks like everything is going to be crammed into last couple of episodes instead. Seeing as that the end of the season may not be shown until 2009 - I hope that it's worth the wait.

    First, my negative feedback;
    Baltar's still preaching, like he has been doing every episode. We get the point now and don't really need another half an episode devoting to it please. Perhaps this is going to turn out to be vitally important towards the end of the season, and it will all start to make sense. The writers of BSG examine every single word in the scripts to make sure that it's all relevant and leading up to something, so I have faith that it will all become clear. My biggest complaint is that we are not getting and idea of what that may actually be, and so it just seems so redundant now.

    There was no sign of Roslin or either of the Adama's, and the only time we see Sol is when he's coming to see the chief to tell him to "suck it up". Like every episode before. I was expecting much more interplay between Adama and Sol, as Sol struggles to hide his Cylon nature. Indeed, the best scene of the whole series so far is when Sol "Imagines" killing Adama in the first episode. That's more of the sort of stuff I want to see.

    Now to the good stuff,
    Starbuck going nuts, almost as if she is in withdrawal from the "feeling" that she had when she knew the way to Earth. It really comes across strongly, and I can feel the frustration of the crew as they struggle with her orders. The crew decide to act at the last minute and not follow her orders to jump to the damaged basestar and Helo relives her of command. The crew don't seem to react much to the news of the Cylon civil war, I would have expected more, but then again, they may simply not believe Leoban. After all, the crew has not seen what we as viewers have seen!

    Lastly, chief Tyroll and some superb acting. The chief is beginning to suspect that someone murdered Cally and he is going to find out what happened. I can't wait until he finds out that Tory was responsible for her death, and what he will do about it. I suspect he will go straight to Adama and spill everything.

    I wasn't overly convinced by the speed that the chief could accept Baltar, but I would rather that than have to watch several more episodes of Tyrol standing at the back of Baltars sermons then wondering off in a huff.

    So in conclusion:
    More Sol-Adama action needed,
    More emphasis on the search for Earth by both Adama and Starbuck, Something for the new Cylons to do except wander around consoling each other every week.
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