Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 5

The Road Less Traveled (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 02, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Yet another filler episode with the same retread story lines.

    Have I missed something? This is the LAST SEASON of BSG isn't it?
    'cause if it is, why isn't the story progressing?
    . Sick of seeing Crazy Starbuck - and I'd shoot 'soothsayer' Leoben myself if I had the chance! Either give Starbuck a break or lose her, it's painful watching her and has been for a long while.
    . Fed up with boring born-again Baltar. I've never really understood the purpose of this character past someone to blame for giving the cylons access to the humans computer system. If he's meant to be a metaphor for all that's reprehensible and weak in humanity then why did the writers need to make Starbuck a nutter, or Tigh a mean, alcoholic, misanthrop.
    . and have Adama and Roslin taken off in Galactica for a nice vacation? Where were they?

    If, as the blurb assures us, this IS the last season, why aren't we seeing more story.

    We've had consecutive filler eps - yes, killing Cally off may have been an advance of some kind - but what? To turn Tyrol over to Baltar's side? To what end? Tell us already!!!

    I think we've had quite enough character development over the last 3 years - now in the last year I'd like some payoff. I read something from Ron Moore before season 4 started that there weren't any filler eps in this season - well, I'd like to see the eps he's been watching, 'cause they sure aren't the ones I'm tuning in to.

    If we can't have some meaningful episodes, then I'll settle for someone - at this stage I don't care if it's Barney the dinosaur - show these twits how to get to earth and get it over already.

    I'd like someone to give us a hint about what happened to Starbuck while she was gone. Did she die? Is she a Cylon? Are there really gods out there watching out for them? Is it all a dream....or a nightmare!

    What's the story with the Final Four of Five? Do they have a purpose? Are they on the side of the humans or the cylons? Or are they going to spend all of season 4 roaming about looking painfully confused about their role in life?

    Would someone please find the episodes that actually give us some content and stop wasting our time with obscure filler.

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